Long term Volkswagen ID.3 rental for 229 euros per month, good or bad deal?

Volkswagen ID.3 is the flagship electric model of the German firm, as is the Golf with thermal versions. After an early career plagued by software issues, the ID.3 seems to have finally found its place. The brand is currently offering an interesting offer from 229 euros per month. But is it really that interesting?

Volkswagen ID.3

At least 162,000 electric vehicles were sold in France last year, up 45.6% from 2020. 2022 should be even more successful for electric vehicles as more and more vehicles enter the market and the environmental bonus is still ahead. game even if the scale is set to change.

The podium of electric cars sold in France last year was taken by the Peugeot e-208 in third place with 17,858 registrations, behind only the Renault Zoé (23,573) and the Tesla Model 3 (24,911).

The Volkswagen ID.3 was the eighth best-selling connected car in France last year. The beginning of the German compact was quite difficult, in particular, with many problems with the software. The issues are now partially resolved. If you’re tempted to buy an electric car and this ID.3 catches your eye, Volkswagen has a pretty interesting financing offer.

Your sales consultant has probably already assessed the financing they offer, in particular LLD or LOA: long-term leases and leases with an option to purchase. It is very easy to distinguish them from each other: in both cases, you “rent” a car for a period determined when signing the lease agreement.

Long term Volkswagen ID.3 rental for 229 euros per month, good or bad deal?
Volkswagen ID.3 // Source Marius Khanin for Frandroid

The difference between these two rental offers comes at the end of the contract, after 3, 4 or 5 years. With a LOA (lease with option to purchase) you will have the choice between exercising the option to purchase (previously determined when signing the contract) or returning the vehicle. LLD (Long Term Lease) does not include the option to purchase at the end of the contract. In other words, you are returning the car.

This funding allows certain models to be billed at monthly rates that are psychologically more affordable. Upon closer examination of these proposals, several conditions must be met. What sometimes you leave empty-handed when the rent is displayed and posted on the Internet and doubles through all communication channels if all conditions are not met.

That’s why in this section we bring you a breakdown of the offers at the moment. We are going to take a closer look at the conditions that need to be met and whether, economically speaking, this financing may be suitable for your use of the vehicle.

And today, having deciphered the offer of Škoda Enyaq iV at a price of 299 euros per month, Kia EV6 at a price of 297 euros per month, MG ZS EV at a price of 99 euros per month, Peugeot e-208 at a price of 149 euros per month. month, from Renault Mégane E-Tech for 248 €/month we will be interested in Volkswagen ID.3 for 229 €/month.

What model Volkswagen ID.3 is offered at a price of 229 euros per month?

For this amount, you will be entitled to the only ID.3 model currently available in the catalog at the time of this writing. Volkswagen has drastically reduced its lineup in France, just leaving the most successful version. This is an ID.3 Pro Performance Active with a 58 kWh battery and a 204 horsepower electric motor. The Active comes standard with several pieces of equipment listed below:

  • Upholstery in fabric, artistic velor and artificial leather;

  • Leather front seats and heated steering wheel;

  • 10-inch center screen with “Discover Pro” navigation system;

  • Inductive charger and wireless “App-Connect”;

  • Adaptive and predictive cruise control (ACC);

  • ID.Light with voice control;

  • front and rear parking assistance “Park Pilot”;

  • Tinted rear windows.

The base color to benefit from the offer is very dull as it is a two tone shade “Gris Lunar Noir Uni”. If you want to add one or two options (including colors), you immediately withdraw from the offer and the monthly payments increase.

What are the conditions for participation in the Volkswagen ID.3 LLD offer?

This is a long-term rental offer for more than 36 months and a maximum of 30,000 kilometers. The website states that the offer for 229 € / month is subject to a contribution of 12,500 euros. This contribution does not include the deduction of the maximum environmental bonus of €6,000, eligible until 30 June 2022. The bonus is deducted from the deposit. Thus, it will fall to 6500 euros.

Added to this is a conversion bonus of 2,500 euros for scrapping an old car. As a result, the first rent drops to 4,000 euros. Together with LLD, Volkswagen includes a mandatory three-year warranty extension.

How much will the Volkswagen ID.3 LLD offer cost you?

For three years of rental with a contribution, your Volkswagen ID.3 will cost you 12,244 euros without maintenance, but with a warranty extension for the duration of the lease. Volkswagen lists its ID.3 on its website from 44,680 euros, the environmental bonus of 6,000 euros is non-deductible. Ultimately, this gives us a car with a list price of 38,680 euros.

The German firm includes as base the €1,500 discount purchased from the start to restore an old car, which brings the price down to €37,180, not including a €2,500 conversion surcharge, for a final invoice of €34,680.

Thus, starting from this price, for three years you will pay 35.3% of the value of your car. In general, this is small and corresponds to the depreciation of a new car after about three years of operation. Since the offer is not a LOA, there is no option to buy back the vehicle. It must be returned at the end of the lease.

Beware of repair costs, which are always expensive at the time of return. We advise you to do it earlier at the bodybuilder, it will cost you less than at the dealer. If you return the car to your dealer after LLD, they will also be less careful about repair costs.

Long term Volkswagen ID.3 rental for 229 euros per month, good or bad deal?
Volkswagen ID.3 // Source Marius Khanin for Frandroid

What are the benefits of the Volkswagen ID.3 LLD offer?

Due to the rather high residual value, the monthly payments for the car put up for sale are quite low, amounting to almost 45,000 euros. With 204 horsepower under the hood and a 58 kWh battery providing up to 415 km of autonomy, the ID.3 is a fairly versatile electric compact MPV, but one that will always suffer from an under-dense charging network for long trips.

The contribution is well absorbed by government assistance, which drastically reduces the first bill and monthly payments. As stated above, €229 per month is a pretty good deal considering the Tesla Model 3, its main competitor, starts at around €100 more in monthly payments. However, the benefits are not necessarily the same.

What are the disadvantages of the Renault Mégane E-Tech LLD proposal?

The Volkswagen ID.3 is a slightly rushed car that initially suffered from a lot of small problems, in particular related to the software. Today, most of these problems have been resolved, but the fact remains that there are some defects that cannot be fixed as simply as with an update. Among the main complaints are ergonomics and interior finish, which is clearly not at the level of what we used from the brand.

The downside of this offer is that it is subject to scrapping of the old car in order to be eligible for the €2,500 conversion bonus. This offer does not apply to customers who do not have an old car to return.

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