Marc Sarro: “The end of the galley” – News

Finally ! So it was necessary to wait until spring to see Marc Sarro deliver the AG2R Citroën team and present them with the first bouquet of the season. After a cutting attack from his young teammate and neo-professional Paul Lapeyra, the sprinter did not miss the opportunity to open his own personal counterattack, and thus the Savoyard WorldTeam, showing himself the fastest at the finish line. Cholet Pays de la Loire (see rating). A huge relief for a runner who has been struggling for a long time. “This is my second Cholet win, but above all my first win of the season after two and a half years of struggle. It’s good for morals. We can say that from today a new start begins for me and, I hope, the end of the galley. Finally, I raise my head above the water. I’m not 100% yet, but I hope it comes back soon.”.

Speaking of this long period of hardship, Marc Sarro is of course thinking of the terrible fall that happened during the Tour of Poland 2020, which could have cost Fabio Jacobsen his life. The tricolor sprinter was also badly hurt. “There was also Covid, a knee problem and a fall on the Tour of Poitou-Charentes. Everything has accumulated. Once I started getting into shape, there was always a problem.”he breathes. A series of adventures that will be hard to live with. “When we win we get a lot of messages, but when we fight we are quickly forgotten. This is the law of elite sport. I worked silently, as do many runners. And when you have a chance to come back, that’s good.”.


Especially since, on top of these various glitches, Marc Sarro has had to deal with new pressures by changing teams in the 2020-2021 off-season. “It was extra pressure. When you join a new group, you want to show that you exist and know how to win, but, unfortunately, I did not succeed right away. It was hard, there were ups and downs, but I stuck to it every time I went up to the podium … Then, finally, every time a new problem appeared. I couldn’t find a good speaker. This win will do me good, that’s for sure. It’s a definite cross on the past and I hope to prove my worth this year.”he insists on DirectVeloquite proud of the fact that he was able to raise his head forever.

In recent days, Marc Sarro felt he was on the right track, especially when he finished 5th at the Grand Prix de De Nain midweek. He still knew he would need time. “I only have ten days of racing in my legs when I stopped my 2021 season at the Tour of Poitou Charentes. At Denan I felt like I had legs but after six months without racing we don’t know if we can be stable. But I did a very good job this winter, and I have feelings that I rarely have. I hope that with the sequence of races it will improve even more.”.


Having already won at the same Cholet circuit in 2019, he knew he would have the perfect opportunity to open his stance this Sunday. And he didn’t miss. “These races are definitely for me, so I kept that in mind. Even if it’s a notch below the other races, a win is still a win, and that’s always good for morale. Many runners would like to win at least one race a year.”. This success is also rewarding, in addition to his tenacity, his mental work and real “interrogation” which he considers important in his recent journey. “In sprints, I manage to keep my cool. I used to let myself go. There I manage to rub well without leaving extra strength on the sidelines … “.

Although the AG2R Citroën group is primarily made up of “neoprofessionals and young climbers” around him he could count on great teamwork and the support of Clément Venturini in the final. “We got lost when we joined the breakaways, because he was interfered with. I decided to go outside and then waited the last 250 meters. I didn’t want to be locked up, but I launched at the right time”. Now, having rid himself of his problems and returning to the forefront, the 28-year-old athlete can again look forward to the upcoming races with confidence and the will to win. “This must go on! The season will be long and busy. I want to win as many races as possible, including at the highest level. I hope to catch a good one in the season”. He is clearly on the right track.

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