Movie: Crazy Batman Figures

Batman has become the new superhero of world cinema. The latest opus about the adventures of the masked vigilante took first place at the box office when it was released.

It’s the best launch of the year in several countries, including the US and France, even if Batman doesn’t defeat Superman. Overview of the phenomenon in four key figures.

. 250 million worldwide, the best start to the year

The Batman generated $250 million worldwide from Friday to Sunday. Thus, according to Comscore, this is the best start of the year and the best launch since Superman, when it hit the screens in December.

However, the bat does not get close to Spider-Man’s ankle. Spider-Man: No Way Home brought in approximately $420 million in revenue worldwide from its launch, including over $250 million in the United States (in three days). “Batman made a great start, but Spider-Man was a phenomenon. It’s one of the best box office hits of all time,” recalls Eric Marty, director of Comscore France.

The latest Spider-Man has grossed almost $1.9 billion worldwide since December, according to Box Office Mojo.

. $128.5 million in America

In the United States, from Friday to Sunday alone, Batman grossed $128.5 million, with production costs estimated to be around $200 million. It is also the best overseas start of the year.

Film by Warner Bros. relegated Uncharted, Sony’s adaptation of the successful video game, to second place. The film, which stars Tom Holland as a treasure hunter, once again brought in $11 million in weekend earnings, according to AFP, and made about $100 million in three weeks. In third place is the canine feature film “Dog”.

The success of The Batman prompted WarnerMedia (the parent company of Warner Bros.) to make cinema one of its priorities again. During the height of the health crisis, the studio decided to offer several films on both the small and big screen. Thus, at the end of 2020, he drew the ire of exhibitors by declaring that he wanted to release all of his films scheduled for 2021 (including the latest The Matrix) in darkrooms and on the band’s HBO Max platform. .

. More than a million hospitalizations since Wednesday in France

This part, where British actor Robert Pattinson plays Batman, has received more than a million views since its release last Wednesday in France. This is again the strongest launch in 2022, even if Spider-Man also did better in France (around 2 million for his debut in December).

The new Batman installment, which deals with the hunt for a serial killer in Gotham City, is thus doing far better than Uncharted in France (280,000 views since Wednesday, 1.8 million since debut) and House on pensions” (250,000 views). receipts; 1.3 million) within five days. In this way, the man-bat contributes to the resumption of visits to darkrooms, still recovering from the Covid crisis.

. More than a third of cinema visits in France since Wednesday

The Batman has accounted for over 35% of cinema attendance since last Wednesday in France. Thanks to this superhero, the number of cinema visits is about 2.7 million visits, which exceeds the 2020 figure for the equivalent week (in 2021, cinemas were closed at this time).

First of all, for the first time since the beginning of January, attendance exceeded its minimum for the period 2015-2019, that is, before the health crisis. “The film represents 35% of viewing in France versus 80% in the United States, which is a sign that Batman is a powerhouse for everyone else in France without overshadowing them,” welcomes Eric Marty.

Despite The Batman’s growth, weekly attendance is still lower than in 2019, a record year for movies.

Similarly, appetite for darkrooms has remained limited since the beginning of the year, with cinemas recording 29 million visits, up from 35 million in the same period in 2020 (before theaters closed) and 45 million in 2019.

Therefore, Batman supports French cinemas without breaking the trend. Like an echo at the beginning of the movie where the vigilante confesses, “I can’t be everywhere.”

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