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Burning of Notre Dame, Jean-Jacques Annaud

Samuel Labarthe, Jean-Paul Bordes, Mikael Shirinyan…

What is it about ? The feature film hour by hour reconstructs the incredible reality of the events of April 15, 2019, when the cathedral suffered the biggest disaster in its history. And how women and men risk their lives in an incredible and heroic rescue.

Did you know ? At the end of December 2019, Pathé President Jérôme Seydoux approached Jean-Jacques Annaud to make a big archival montage film (with immersive) about the Notre Dame fire. The director recalls: “My first impulse is to fear that the variety of images is not enough to make a 90-minute film, but I’m listening. I’m leaving with a pocket of documentation … “

Medusa by Anita Rocha da Silveira

Marie Oliveira, Lara Tremuru, Bruna Linzmeier…

What is it about ? 21-year-old Mariana lives in a world where she should be a pious and perfect woman. To resist temptation, she sets out to control everything and everyone. As night falls, she reunites with her band of girls and together, hidden behind masks, they hunt and lynch those who have gone astray.

Son of the South

Did you know ? Anita Rocha da Silveira has been fueled by both the significant growth of the evangelical bench in the Brazilian Congress and the birth of a new type of influencer who advocates an ultra-conservative lifestyle. She also relied on the paramilitary group Gladiators, whose photos and videos surfaced online in 2015.

Three times nothing, Nadezh Loiseau

With Philippe Rebbott, Antoine Bertrand, Com Levine…

What is it about ? Brindil, Cap and La Fleche live from day to day. But their precarious position must change completely the day they win the lottery. You still need to be able to collect the money, because without a house, without a valid identity card and without a bank account, there is no payment!

Did you know ? While writing another script, Nadège Loiseau came up with the idea for one night that these three homeless people would win the lottery. However, the director has long had the topic of the homeless in mind: “When I arrived in Paris twenty years ago, I, like everyone, unfortunately, was faced with the banality of the situation.”

Moneyboys C.B. Yi

Kai Ko, Zeng Meihuizi, Bai Yufan…

What is it about ? To support his family, young Fei, who hails from a small village in China, works as a prostitute in a big city. Moneyboys is dealing with a very specific situation, the emigration of a young man from a Chinese village.

Did you know ? But for CB Yi, this is first and foremost a universal story about interpersonal relationships that can take place in many places around the world.

So we dance Michel Laroque

With Isabelle Nanti, Michel Laroque, Thierry Lhermitte…

What is it about ? Determined to take control of her life after learning of her husband’s infidelity, Sandra takes refuge with her sister Dani. Opposite each other, they find themselves around their common passion: dance.

Did you know ? So We Dance is a loose adaptation of the British feature film Finding Legs (2017) directed by Richard Loncraine. Maxime Delaunay and Romain Russo, producers of the Nolita company who worked on Brillantissim (directed by Laroque), spoke about the film by Michel Laroque.

Full Time Eric Gravel

Laure Calami, Ann Suarez, Genevieve Mnich…

What is it about ? Julie struggles alone to raise her two children in the countryside and keep her job at a Parisian palace. When she finally gets an interview for a position that matches her aspirations, a general strike breaks out, paralyzing traffic.

Did you know ? Eric Gravel wanted Julie to be in constant action. Therefore, he made sure that she was engaged in a service profession that does not stop even if there are general strikes. What also interested the director was the idea of ​​redundancy in everyday life. He elaborates: “The job of the first palace maid is not easy. You need to know many things, observe precise gestures and codes. Their work must be perfect.”

Between the Waves Anais Volpe

Suheila Yacoub, Deborah Loukumuena, Mathieu Longatt…

What is it about ? Dream, dare, fall, start again, dream again and start again. They have the energy of youth, its joy, its audacity, its carelessness. Two best friends, the desire to discover the world. Margot and Alma are irresistible, inseparable.

Did you know ? In Between the Waves, Anaïs Volpe wanted to talk about these great friendships we can have when we are going through hard times. The director also aimed to create a strong, iconic duo of two young 27-year-old women willing to do anything to live life to the fullest.

Five stories from the brain of Jean-Stephan Bron

What is it about ? As researchers gradually unravel the mysteries of the human brain, a race between human intelligence and artificial intelligence begins. Jean-Stephan Bron takes us to the heart of modern science by discovering the work of five scientists.

Ilan Clipper’s tightrope walkers

With Don Martin, Marcus, Camille Chamu…

What is it about ? How thick is the wall that separates us from madness? Nobody knows what it’s made of. No one knows how much he resists. Oh, Ioan, Marcus crossed the threshold. They live on the other side of the mirror.

Family History(s) JB Braud, Marie Cogné, Sanja Milardovic…

Saki Asamiya, Maximilian Severin, Kentez Asaka…

What is it about ? Five films and five short stories in very different styles, depicting bonds broken or strengthened: Mother and father corroded by shame, a couple who struggle to exist in the eyes of society and have children, a mother and her daughter who meet again, a father and son who finally met…

Southern Son by Barry Alexander Brown

Starring Lucas Till, Lucy Hale, Lex Scott Davis…

What is it about ? In 1961, Bob Zellner, the grandson of a Ku Klux Klan member from Montgomery, Alabama, comes face to face with racism in his own culture. Influenced by the thoughts of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks, he defied his family and Southern norms and joined the civil rights struggle in the United States.

Did you know ? Director Barry Alexander Brown met Bob Zellner in New York in 1983 through friend, director and cinematographer Judy Irola. “Bob Zellner told me dozens of stories about the civil rights movement. He’s been in jail seventeen times… all of those stories were already terribly cinematic. At the same time, I always wanted to make a film about the South that I grew up so I could say something about the South at that time, make it real, with authentic characters.”

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