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Building permit from Eric Fraticelli

Didier Bourdon, Eric Fraticelli, Anne Consigny…

What is it about ? A dentist in Paris, Romain has just lost his father, whom he has not seen for many years. To his great surprise, the latter left him a piece of land as a legacy, as well as his last wish: to build a house where he would like to end his days. The only problem: this land is in Corsica.

Did you know ? After receiving a building permit, actor Eric Fraticelli (who plays Tony Campana in the TV series Mafiosa) is making his first feature film. He explains: “It all started with Romain, Vivienne and Marco. They told me: “Eric, you are the one who writes the script for the film, you act in it, you make the mainlanders laugh with Corsica for 30 years: who is better than you? can you make this story come true?

Murder Party Nicholas Pleskoff

With Alice Paul, Miu Miu, Eddie Mitchell…

What is it about ? Jeanne Chardon-Spitzer, a brilliant architect, is tasked with restoring the opulent estate of the Daguers, a strange family at the head of a board game empire. When Caesar, the patriarch, is killed, Jeanne is drawn into a life-size investigative game…

Did you know ? With Murder Party, Nicholas Pleskof wanted to do a “detective” paired with a pop-thrash comedy about family. The director, who is making his first feature film for the occasion after three shorts, admits: “The family is an exciting fictional territory for everything related to neurosis! It is both a place of love, a cocoon that soothes, and at the same time an original neurotic space that combines restrained desires, cruel and inexpressible secrets.

Goliath Frederic Tellier

With Gilles Lelouch, Pierre Ninet, Emmanuelle Bercot…

What is it about ? France, a gym teacher by day, a worker by night, is actively opposed to the use of pesticides. Patrick, an obscure and lonely Parisian environmental lawyer. Matthias, a brilliant lobbyist and haste, advocates for the interests of the agrichemical giant.

Did you know ? When he was writing L’Affaire SK1 (2014), Frédéric Tellier came across a small book of results that was not just about pesticides, but more broadly about a warning about the agricultural environment and what we eat. The director then began an investigation that lasted five years…

Housewife by Yukiko Mishima

With Kaho, Tasuku Emoto, Shotaro Mamiya…

What is it about ? It is when she meets her former college lover, Toko, who has been a housewife for a long time, suddenly sees in her a renewed desire to work and resume her work as an architect. But can you ever reinvent your life?

Did you know ? “Housewife” brings to the screen the novel “Redhead” by writer Ryo Shimamoto. Yukiko Mishima was fascinated by the way the book dealt with the alienation of women, especially in marriage. As such, The Housewife is a love story for all ages and a Japanese version of Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 play A Doll’s House.she explains.

The Best of Marion Dessen-Ravel

Lina El-Araby, Esther Berne-Rolland, Mahia Zruki…

What is it about ? On a wall in my neighborhood, we wrote: “First fell in love lost. It’s true.” Because then everyone is talking about you, and you are in power. I lost. I’m in love with a girl, I don’t know what to do…

Did you know ? The issue of territorial division is central to The Best, and Marion Dessen-Ravel explains that she intended the film to be a women’s western! “You might think, if you stick with it, that The Best is a social film, but I wanted to move away from that dimension.”

My Night by Antoinette Bula

Lou Lampros, Tom Mercier, Carmen Kassovitz…

What is it about ? Eighteen-year-old Marion lives on in memory of her sister, who died too soon. One night she crosses paths with Alex, a spontaneous and free young man. They join their loneliness and cross Paris before dawn.

Did you know ? In Manui, Antoinette Boulat wanted to film the youth of today, who, she says, mourn their innocence: “She is mature, knowledgeable about the world and almost philosophical about her surroundings. She has to ask herself questions and make commitments. Like Marion, she doesn’t evolve in a world that looks like her. or get rid of it. But the path to this is cruel, because the world is cruel.

Kung Fu Zohra Mabrouk el Mehri

Sabrina Ouazani, Ramzi Bedia, Ai Haidara…

What is it about ? Convinced that the breakup will break her granddaughter’s heart, Zohra is unable to leave her husband Omar despite the abuse she is subjected to. It was then that she met a kung fu master who was supposed to teach her how to defend herself and fight back from now on!

Did you know ? Mabrouk el Mehri was inspired by his mother Zohra and her 8 year old daughter: “When I was my daughter’s age, Rocky was my role model and I wanted my daughter to have her own Rocky. In addition, the film also tells the story of my mother, although the idea is that it expresses a universal feeling. » In Kung Fu Zohra, he wanted to talk about cultural and systemic violence against women.

Soy Libre by Laure Portier

With Arnaud Gomez, Jacqueline Puigrenier

What is it about ? Arno is my younger brother. One day I realized that he was already big. He was born where no one chooses and is looking for who he was supposed to be. Is free.

Did you know ? The moment of Laura Portier’s admission to INSAS (Institut Supérieur des Arts) coincides with the admission of her brother Arno to a closed educational center. In the relationship between the older sister and the younger brother, the director felt the need and duty to share with him the education she had received.

Words that remain, Nuit Aviv

What is it about ? Six people call to mind the languages ​​that rocked their childhoods, Judeo-Spanish or Judeo-Arabic and Judeo-Persian.

Theo and the Metamorphoses of Damien Odul

Theo Kermel, Pierre Meunier, Ayumi Ru…

What is it about ? Theo, a 27-year-old boy with Down syndrome, lives with his father in a secluded house in the middle of the forest. They coexist in harmony with nature and animals, but one day the father leaves, leaving his son alone with his visions. Initially, Theo was supposed to play a certain Kostya Botkin, a boy with Down syndrome.

Did you know ? In the end, he was unable to take part in the film, but created drawings illustrating the titles of the chapters. Then Damien Odul met Theo Kermel, who also has Down syndrome: “He is an actor. He plays in the theater. He got into it. He likes it”.the director says.

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