News in and around Barousse / Neste / Montrejeau

From Monday 21 to Sunday 27 March


Gargas caves

Visit to the Gargas caves

During the year, come and discover paintings and engravings made 27,000 years ago by Stone Age hunters. The Gargas site is open every day from 10:00 to 17:30. Several sightseeing flights are offered and reservations are required.


On Friday, March 25, at 18:30, Jacques Jaubert will hold a conference dedicated to the Cussac Cave. Discovered on September 30, 2000 by caver Mark Delluc, Cussac Cave, along with Cosker and Chauvet, is part of the last great discoveries celebrated by the general public. This unique modern site of Gargas (gravetian period -28-30,000 years) overturned our ideas of decorated caves due to its immensity, the monumentality of some engraved panels and the presence of human remains. Jacques Jaubert is professor of prehistory at the University of Bordeaux, member of the PACEA laboratory and head of the Cussac Cave Science Project.

in-depth visit

Saturday, March 26 from 9:00 to 11:00, in-depth visit to the caves. This 1 hour 30 minute visit (instead of the usual 50 minutes) is for backstory enthusiasts, specialists, or
lovers of Garga who want to know more about the cave. Children from 16 years old. Visitation is limited to twenty people. Mandatory reservation.

Contact: 05 62 98 81 50

Tapas and sangria evening in Paleo

Friday, March 25, 7:45 pm, tapas and sangria evening. 30€/person Booking by phone: 05 62 39 79 60.


Simorias art at the casino

Until Thursday, March 31, the casino hosts the Arts Symorias exhibition.

Free admission. Contact: Contact: 05 62 00 70 60

Activity Idea is in the shed

Read, try, play

– Reading: In the refurbished zero waste facility, you can borrow books and read them there or at home.

– Tasting: arrival of oysters from Bouzig on Friday, caught the same morning. Tasting on site or takeaway.

– Play: every Saturday night from 18:00 to 22:00 come and share a friendly moment over a board game. If you are a little hungry, soups, oysters, meats, cheeses, pancakes are waiting for you.

well-being : Every Friday we rest in the barn. Friday, March 25, Barbazen with Emeline Rodriguez, psychoenergetic. Guide or drawing from the oracle, optional. Duration 30 min. 15 € By appointment (from 18:00).


Blot contest

Saturday March 26 at 21.00 in the village council belote competition. Heated room. Lots of prizes. Treats and pancakes. Organized by the festival committee 06 18 80 09 32.



Saturday, March 26, at 20:30 in the Francvielle Church, concert of the Tarbes Pyrenean singers. The program includes: Pyrenean songs, French songs, traditional and modern songs, religious songs, Christmas carols, excerpts from opera arias, patriotic songs. Free admission, free participation. Contact: 06 03 63 38 54.

Gourdan Polignane

Fisherman’s Morning

AAPPMA Montrejo e Haute Comminge organizes morning fishing on the lake on Saturday, March 26, from 8:00 to 12:00. Brown trout. Snack: 5 euros. Contact person: JP Stefani on 06 77 69 73 12.

General Assembly of Tasto-Mounjétos

The next general meeting of Tasto-Mounjetos, Mount Royal’s office, will take place on Saturday, March 26 at 3:00 pm at the Maison des Associations. Contact: 06 03 95 54 16.


Sound travel, meditation

Thursday, March 24 at 18:45 in the village council. The sound bath is a sound vibration massage that will take you on a journey to the sound of Tibetan bowls. Contraindicated in people with a pacemaker, heart problems, broken bones or recent surgery, psychiatric disorders, epilepsy, pregnant women under 4 months and over 8 months. Come with a rug, a blanket and a small pillow. Price: 15€. Contact: 06 79 69 88 03.


garage sales

La boule louraise organizes on Sunday, March 27, from 9:00 to 18:00, a garage sale in the town hall and in the public park.

Fast food in place. Indoor/outdoor space €2.50 per metre. Mounting exhibitors from 7 am. In accordance with current sanitary regulations. Contact: 06 70 60 08 57 / 05 62 99 29 04.


garage sales

L’APPEL Sainte Germaine organizes on Sunday, March 27, from 8:00, a garage sale at the City Hall. Access to vendors at 7am. 3 euros per ml, 3.5 euros with a table. Heated room. Health passport. Exhibitors require an identity document. Food truck catering. Information and booking: 07 81 87 71 18 /

/ Facebook page.

Ponta Tailebur

Concert with Laura Barrier and Sign Enough

Our singer Laura Barrière is delighted to be back on stage and waiting for many, many of you on Saturday, April 2 at 21:00 at Ponla Town Hall.

This is a benefit evening organized by the Laura Barrière Association and Tatiana Fernandez Boisson, Studio LP Saint Plancard. The profits will go to students at Sainte-Thérèse (Saint-Gaudens) to fund a year-end internship on a musical theme.

The first part is provided by Laura. Among other things, she will sing the titles of her new album La valse du temps. In the second part, Il suffira d’un signe will perform on stage under the direction of Herve Boisson.

Entrance 5 euros. Buffet, heated room, seating.

Saint Laurent de Neste


All screenings take place at the Maison du savoir.

Tuesday, March 22, 18:00, screening of Michel Seifou’s Shen. At 20:30 Notre Dame is burned down by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Thursday, March 24, 18:00, screening of Samuel Theis’ film “Little Nature”. At 20:30 Nicholas Pleskof’s murder party.


From March 8 to May 14, the Maison du savoir cultural center hosts an exhibition of Claude Roussin. A collector of photo and sound archives, he manipulates images and sounds to create a unique universe.


Tuesday 22 March at 10:00 am at the Maison du savoir, Suzanne Lebeau’s original reading of Gretel and Hansel. Price for one time: 5€.

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