Parisian trophies for the social economy and

91 projects presented. That is how many SSE structures responded to the call for projects launched at the beginning of the year. There were 83 last year, 67 in 2019 and 53 in 2018. The evolution of these numbers reflects the viability of this ecosystem in Paris. It also accounts for about 10% of Parisian employment, to which is added employment created by commercial companies that do not cooperate but are nevertheless considered to be of public benefit.

This year the jury decided to award 11 trophies. These awards provide support at two different stages in the development of their structure: support at the stage of emergence and support during expansion.

The winners were received at the city hall on Tuesday, November 23, for the presentation of the prize.

La Corvée is an association that proposes to open a cultural and solidarity third place in the heart of the city of Charles Ermite, in the 18th arrondissement, characterized by a lack of meeting places, a lack of services and shops nearby. It will be a place for meetings and services, offering a cafe-dining room (operating on the principle of selected prices), an art gallery, a solidarity laundry and a free and collaborative second-hand store, as well as various workshops. .

A cooperative society with simplified actions Legicoop is a law firm in a cooperative form, dedicated to the subjects of the social and solidarity economy, as well as environmental and social transformation. This initiative was motivated by the observation that these entities often have difficulty finding specialized legal advice. In addition to its advisory activities, Legicoop runs a pro bono training program aimed at the Parisian SSE ecosystem, in particular in partnership with Les Canaux or Start’in ESS.

The Base Commune Cooperative is a social impact land company that combats the phenomenon of unemployment and land speculation by buying buildings to rent at low prices and organizing activities with social impact and local benefit. He wants to make commercial spaces accessible for a variety of activities such as shops, services, crafts, culture, small facilities (nurseries, shared workspaces, etc.) and associations. It also supports tenants in developing their business. His desire is to develop territorial coherence and create ecosystems between merchants, residents and associations in the same area.

The Tirelires d’Avenir Association supports young people in times of family breakdown. This support initially takes the form of financial assistance covering transport, telephone, food and, more recently, housing costs. This support is funded through a restaurant micro-donation system, corporate donations and online banking. Secondly, the association creates couples consisting of a beneficiary and a young volunteer of the same age, including employees of the company. This support in pairs lasts from three to six months. The test phase of the program was launched in October 2020 for 6 couples, followed by the second phase for 10 couples in March 2021.

Envie Autonomie proposes to open a shop for the collection and distribution of refurbished medical equipment (wheelchairs, medical beds, etc.) at solidarity prices, which will allow people with disabilities and the elderly who cannot arm themselves for economic reasons to find an affordable and responsible sentence. . Opening next to the Envie federation premises located in the 20th arrondissement is scheduled for September/October 2022.

Created by the Wake Up Café association, which specializes in the reintegration of people leaving prison, La Table de Wu opened in 2020 an association restaurant, Quai Liberté, on the banks of the Seine, which hires and trains those released from prison. . This restaurant is the first link on the road to stable employment. This activity should enable the recruitment and training of people within two months of their release from prison, in particular beneficiaries of the support offered by the Wake Up Café association. 30% of the working time of people in the process of reintegration is devoted to training (customer relations, kitchen work, work with short circuit suppliers, entrepreneurship) to help them in their professional reintegration.

SCIC Telecoop is the first cooperative telecom operator with an environmental and solidarity vocation. It helps users reclaim their digital lives and use digital technology more intelligently. This support is provided in two ways: on the one hand, through the service department, and on the other hand, through training and technical seminars (training in equipment repair, partnership with repair cafes for training). The phone package is based on consumption pro rata billing. Telecoop wants to perpetuate and structure its activities by organizing training courses for future employees and a group of 500 Parisian families to familiarize them with the sober use of digital technologies.

The Benenova Association gives citizens the opportunity to participate on an ad hoc basis in associations as volunteers. Requests to form partnerships with new associations have tripled and the number of dedicated volunteers has doubled, the association would like to increase its support for Parisian associations that operate on the ground and support this surge of solidarity among Parisians.

SAS ESUS Artil develops mapping and GPS guidance solutions for pedestrians and in particular for all so-called vulnerable people (persons with disabilities, people with limited mobility, the elderly). In this regard, Artil has developed Streetco, a GPS application that ensures safety and facilitates the movement of all pedestrians, especially people with disabilities. Streetco is also a tool to raise awareness among able-bodied people about accessibility issues in public spaces for people with reduced mobility. The project presented consists of organizing an event in Paris in the form of a challenge to raise awareness of disability, develop the community, and improve data reliability by reporting barriers. Participants in this challenge will be able to report obstacles or available locations to enrich the GPS app.

Since 2017, Désirée has been aiming to promote the French horticultural sector through three activities: the sale of flowers in two stores or online, events and the coffee business. The presented project consists of the opening of a third florist cafe and the development of educational activities.

The purpose of the association Du Pain et des Roses is to educate women who are far from work and face social difficulties. This is part of a solidarity approach that supports these women, often from accommodation centers, beneficiaries of the RSA, upon their return to work, by training in the profession of a florist, working with French flowers in season. The association brings together the environmental dimension, raising student and public awareness of the responsible consumption of plants grown in France. To increase its solidarity and public influence, Du Pain & des Roses is committed to admitting more women to the session and issuing a Certificate of Professional Qualification (CQP) recognized by the profession. The association wants to gradually increase the number of trainees from 15 per year to 45 in two years.

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