Printemps du cinema: 10 favorites to watch during screenings for 4 euros

At 4 euros per session, you should take advantage of this. After two years of absence due to the pandemic, Printemps du Cinéma returns on March 20, 21 and 22 to all cinemas in France at a price of 4 euros per view. An opportunity for those who haven’t seen them yet to throw themselves at the big posters of the moment, such as Maigret with Gérard Depardieu, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s Notre Dame, Batman with Robert Pattinson. , Goliath with Gilles Lellouche, Nightmare Alley with Bradley Cooper or Nursing Home with Kev Adams… But this operation also exists to allow the public to discover works that have been released more privately. We have chosen ten.

“Three times nothing”: funny and touching

Three homeless people from the Bois de Vincennes won 200,000 euros in the lottery. But when you don’t have a bank account or proof of address, it’s hard to cash a check. And with money come… money problems! Nadège Loiseau excels in grand comedy with Philippe Rebbott, Com Levene and Antoine Bertrand. Each of them brings great emotion to the film between the comic scenes, and we come out of it shocked and full of gratitude for this infusion of generosity and friendship.

“Little Nature”: revelation

Johnny, 10, lives in Forbach (Moselle) with his younger sister, older brother and their mother who drinks too much and makes a parade of lovers. At home, Johnny is asked to take care of his sister and not be too “fragile”. When he meets a young teacher at school who believes in him, he becomes attached to her… Never once falling into a caricature, the film shows how a meeting can change fate. A bright drama where revelation shines, young Alekha Reinert.

“Real family”: masterfully

Anna, 34, lives with her husband, their two young sons and Simon, 6, who has been placed with them through social assistance since he was 18 months old. One day, Simon’s biological father asks for custody of his son back. Anna will have to gradually let go of this child who calls her “mom”. A wonderful film, often heartbreaking, but sometimes very funny. In the role of this all-consuming mother of love and self-denial, Melanie Thierry did a brilliant job.

“Ali and Ava”: a small miracle

Ali, a hyperactive bearded man of Indian descent, in a relationship crisis tries to forget his worries by listening to the electro upstairs. Ava, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed school assistant, widow of a violent man, mother, and now a grandmother. They intersect and hang. The beauty of the film lies in the way director Clio Barnard looks at them and how these two lost souls come to terms with each other.

Belfast: overwhelming

Buddy, 9, lives happy days in the arteries of his Belfast neighborhood, where there are so many playful places where everyone knows him. But in 1969, the outbreak of civil war will forever change the area: the erection of barricades, the arrival of British tanks, gunfire and explosions… As gripping as it is touching, this autobiographical chronicle of Kenneth Branagh touches the heart.

“Come I’ll Take You”: bittersweet

Quadra single without stories from Clermont-Ferrand, Mederic faces a terrorist attack that is taking place in the city center. One of the criminals escaped. And then a young bum, matching the profile, calls home … This is the beginning of this bittersweet film, with irritating humor, deceptively light, where we find a touch of Alain Guiraudis (“The Stranger from the Lake”).

“To hell”: a generation

When she’s not flying, Cassandra, a young budget airline stewardess, is partying in clubs, drinking heavily, flirting with the boys she meets whenever she goes. But often a veil appears in his eyes. Returning to her father and sister, she will have to face reality: the recent loss of her mother. Adele Exarchopoulos personifies in this Belgian nugget not only Cassandra, but also a whole generation that loves freedom and runs away from the intimate.

“The Story of My Wife”: Beautiful Melody

Jacob, a young captain, exhausted by loneliness on land and monotony at sea, swears to a friend in a cafe that he will marry the first woman who enters. This is Lizzy. They meet for a game of poker. Love at first sight or bluff… Formal beauty, dynamic and meaningful script, fresco, from Paris to Hamburg via cargo ships and luxurious ship, make “My Wife’s Story” a film that we no longer make. . A bitter melody like salt water.

“Reliable”: a shocking duet

“Reliable” is Gerard Depardieu, aka Georges, an old star actor who is bored and crashes on his scooter, a variation of himself, poetic and imaginary. But there’s a tougher one than him: Aissa, his bodyguard for a month, who works as a guard, competing as a semi-professional wrestler. Between them is a mixture of complicity, distance, physical confrontation, played with blinding grace. Deborah Lucumuena, revealed by The Deities, asserts herself there with striking evidence.

“Red Rocket”: Squeaky

Mickey, who left Texas to become a porn star in Hollywood, returns to the country after losing everything after several shenanigans. His return to this industrial corner of the Gulf of Mexico, devastated by the economic crisis, will ignite sparks … An ode to America’s outcasts, a hilarious chronicle of resourcefulness in which the marginalized take refuge outside the system, the destruction of the new moral order with spears-flames, “Red Rocket” it all.

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