#Puteaux Cinema: programming – Puteaux Town Hall

Find from Wednesday at the cinema Le Central the latest films with Maigret, Investigation of a State Scandal, Batman, Hopper and the Hamster of Darkness, Notre Dame is on fire, Vaillante, Hooray, it’s Wednesday, Rigoletto.

In a programme:
– Maigret
— State Scandal Investigation
– Batman,
– Hopper and dark hamster
– Notre Dame is on fire
– Valiant
– Hooray, today is Wednesday.
– Rigoletto



Directed by Jérôme Tonnerre, Patrice Leconte
Gerard Depardieu, Jade Labest, Melanie Bernier
Genre: Police

Maigret investigates the death of a young girl. There is nothing that would point to her, it seems that no one knew her and did not remember. He meets a perpetrator who looks oddly like the victim, and awakens in him the memory of another disappearance, more ancient and intimate…



Implemented Thierry de Peretti, Jeanne Aptekman
Roshdi Zem, Pio Marmay, Vincent Lindon
Genre: Biopic, Drama, Thriller

October 2015. French customs confiscated seven tons of cannabis in the center of the capital. On the same day, ex-drug agent Hubert Antoine contacted Stéphane Vilner, a young Liberation journalist. He claims he can demonstrate the existence of state trafficking under the leadership of Jacques Billard, a high-ranking French police officer. Initially suspicious of Stefan, he embarks on an investigation that will take him into the darkest corners of the Republic.



Implemented Matt Reeves, Peter Craig
Starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano.
Genre: action, crime, drama

Two years of walking the streets as Batman and instilling fear in criminals have brought Bruce Wayne to the heart of the darkness of Gotham City. With only a few reliable allies – Alfred Pennyworth, Lieutenant James Gordon – among the corrupt network of city officials and figures, the lone avenger has established himself as the only embodiment of revenge among his fellow citizens. When a killer preys on Gotham’s elite through a series of sadistic schemes, a trail of mysterious clues sends the world’s greatest detective to investigate the underworld, where he meets characters like Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin. , Carmine Falcone and Edward Nashton, aka the Riddler. As the evidence piles up and the scope of the criminal’s plans become clear, Batman must forge new relationships, unmask the criminal, and restore some semblance of justice amid the abuse of power and corruption that has plagued Gotham City for a long time.



Implemented Dave Collard, Chris Green
Ben Stassen, Benjamin Muske
Thomas Soliveres, Chloe Jouanne, Nicolas Maury
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family

Welcome to the Kingdom of Feathers! Young Hopper Chickenson is the adopted son of King Arthur, a famous rabbit lover. Half chicken, half rabbit, our young hero is adventurous himself, but his clumsiness often plays tricks on him.
When Harold, King Arthur’s brother, escapes prison to find the Dark Hamster Scepter and overthrow his brother, Hopper decides to go after him.
With the help of his faithful servant Archie, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a martial arts expert skunk, he embarks on an epic adventure. Together, this fun trio will face numerous obstacles, and Hopper will try to come to terms with their differences in order to become a real adventurer.



Implemented Jean-Jacques Annaud, Thomas Bidegen
Samuel Labarthe, Jean-Paul Bordes, Mikael Shirinyan
Genre: Drama

Jean-Jacques Annaud’s feature film hour by hour reconstructs the incredible reality of the events of April 15, 2019, when the cathedral suffered the biggest catastrophe in its history. And how women and men risk their lives in an incredible and heroic rescue.



5th week
Implemented Laurent Zeitoun, Theodor Tay
Alice Paul, Vincent Cassel, Valerie Lemercier
Duration: 1h33
Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy

Since childhood, Georgia Nolan had only one goal: to become a firefighter like her father! Alas, in New York in 1932, women were not allowed to practice this profession. When the city’s firefighters disappear one by one in mysterious fires at Broadway theaters, Georgia sees a golden opportunity: she disguises herself as a man and joins a team of rookie firefighters tasked with stopping an arsonist! This is the start of an adventure that is as fun as it is breathtaking!



Implemented Jan Wiert, Dave Ingham
Siri Melchior
Duration: 40 minutes
Genre: Animation

When you are a child, Wednesday is the best day of the week. We can go to the movies, to the swimming pool, we occupy this free day with a thousand and one inventions to spend time with friends and have fun. And when you have Rita’s fantasy and Crocodile’s patience, you have a wonderful environment full of surprises, friendship and mischief… and you can say “Hurrah, it’s Wednesday!” “.



Implemented Bartlett Sher
Quinn Kelsey, Rosa Feola, Petr Bechala
Duration: 3h26
Genre: Opera

During a fancy-dress ball, the jester Rigoletto humiliates the guests, who have become victims of the maneuvers of the Duke of Mantua, an unscrupulous seducer. In order to make him pay for the ridicule, Rigoletto’s enemies undertake to capture his daughter Gilda, who they consider to be his mistress. When the jester realizes that he has become the victim of a bad joke, he decides to take revenge with the help of the robber Sparafucile.


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