Rising petrol and diesel prices: here’s the help you’re eligible for

A discount of 15 cents per liter of fuel should protect the wallets of the French from the jump in fuel prices that has been observed for several months. (©Illustration/Actu Nantes/Julien Shuro)

It is “the most effective measure in the shortest possible time”: this Monday, March 14, 2022, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire defended discount 15 cents per liter announced for April 1st by Jean Castex.

The purpose of this discount is to protect French portfolio in the context of a sharp increase in fuel prices observed for several months. As of March 14, 2022, the price of diesel fuel even exceeds the price of gasoline, by about €2.14 pay per liter of fuel when a liter of SP95 costs 2.08 euros and SP8 costs 2.12 euros.

But this enhancement is not the only one. Several other benefits were introduced by the government to limit damage. They are here.

Discount 15 centimes per liter

It must last four months and extends to wide choice of fuelincluding automotive natural gas and LPG, emphasized Jean Castex during the presentation of the sustainability plan on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

Pump Discount 15 cents per liter will be introduced from April 1, 2022. This applies to all individuals and professionals on the French mainland and abroad, by no means a test.

How will she be? Specifically, it will first be carried out upstream “between oil companies and distributors”, which will have a direct impact on gas station prices.

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The government will ensure that these “15-cent rebates made to marketers are fully transferred to pumps, to all pumps in France,” Economics Minister Bruno Le Maire added on Wednesday.

Mileage compensation scale

Prime Minister Jean Castex introduced it on 25 January 2022: mileage bonus scale increased by 10% income tax for 2021.

Recall that the mileage allowance is paid to employees who get to work on their vehicle (car, motorcycle, moped, scooter).

Thirteen people were arrested on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, near Toulouse, for a mass movement of car meters.
The mileage allowance is paid to employees who get to work on their vehicle (car, motorcycle, moped, scooter). (©Illustration/Pixabay)

It is calculated depending on the power of the car (from less than 3 hp to 7 hp and more) and the number of kilometers traveled (from less than 5,000 km to more than 20,000 km per year). Information about scales can be found on the website of the Civil Service.

In general, this re-evaluation of the scale is aimed 2.5 million households, calculated by Jean Castex. This will save about 150 euros per person and tax return..

Inflation premium

Another measure presented by Jean Castex, this time in autumn 2021: inflation premium. Designed for 38 million French people, this bonus 100 euro paid automatically to eligible households in the context of rising prices – so not just for fuel.

The inflation allowance was granted between December 2021 and February 2022. In other words, you should have already received it.

However, if you haven’t seen anything in your bank account yet and are eligible, you may be one of the few 1.3 million forgotten listed by the Ministry of Economy. The website also needs to see the light of day to sort out its issues around March 21, 2022.

Macron Bonus

Some have already received, others can still touch: an exceptional purchasing power bonus, known as the Macron bonus. » This is not a fuel-related aid, but rather a more general purchasing power support measure.

The Macron Prize, already offered in 2019 in the wake of the yellow vest movement, returned in March 2021. It can be distributed among several million employees by agreement with the company – in fact, your employer is not obliged to pay you.

This impulse can achieve 2000 euro accrued from June 1, 2021 and can be paid until March 31, 2022. If you meet the criteria set by the government but haven’t received it yet, just have a little more patience!

And if you really don’t get anything, don’t hesitate to contact your supervisor, HR, or staff representative bodies directly to see if the company plans to do so.

Targeted assistance

In addition to the already existing aid, the government introduced new more targeted support measures.

  • For “big rinks”

These allowances include for “large rollers” and from those “who can’t do without their car”said Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili at the microphone from right to left Monday 14 March. In other words, carriers, construction and public works. Not to mention farmers who use diesel for off-road use.

This beefed-up device will replace “this summer” the 15 cents per liter discount, which remains an “emergency measure” and therefore temporary.

On Friday, March 18, 2022, road carriers were informed that they were going to receive direct assistance from the government in the amount of 400 million euros.

The surcharge ranges from 1300 euros for tractors and 300 euros for ambulances.

For support fishermen faced with rising prices, the government announced a bailout of up to 35 centimes per liter of diesel fuel for fishing.

The system was opened on Thursday, March 17, the date Jean Castex announced the day before, and will apply until July 31, 2022.

Gesture for fuel via TotalEnergie

The boost this time comes directly from Total Energy (formerly Total). On February 9, the company announced assistance to “support the purchasing power” of the most insecure households. Among them is a discount on fuel.

More specifically, TotalEnergies offers a five euro discount on a full 50 liter tank (i.e. 10 cents per liter of fuel) at over 1,100 TotalEnergies service stations throughout France. An online interactive map to see which stations are affected.

“The offer is valid from 1 liter of fuel and without limiting the maximum amount,” TotalEnergies clarifies on its website. This operation should take three months from February 14, i.e. until May 15, 2022

Fuel check soon?

After energy checklaunched in mid-September 2021 to help 5.8 million French people pay their electricity bills, can we see a “fuel bill” coming?

This could be one of the lines of the “response” the government wishes to provide “to all the French most affected by the crisis,” Bruno Le Maire said in early March, without giving details on the form in which this aid would take. .

More announcements may come in the coming days as the first round of the presidential election quickly approaches…

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