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What not to miss this weekend.


Ten million people fled Ukraine. After a Saturday afternoon marked by clashes centered in the north of Donbass, in Mariupol (southeast) and around Mykolaiv (southwest), Ukrainian authorities reported a lull this Sunday. “The forehead is almost frozen“, eat “practically no rocket fire on cities” and “Russian aviation is practically not active”, – said Alexei Arestovich, presidential adviser. On Sunday, for the second day in a row, the Russian Defense Ministry also announced the use of the Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. As for the civilian population, according to the UN, ten million people have fled their homes since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read the report of our special correspondent in Zaporozhye, northwest of Mariupol.

Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Knesset. On Sunday, standing in front of the Israeli parliament, the President of Ukraine addressed Israel with a request “make a choicesupporting Ukraine against Russia. “Ukraine made its choice eighty years ago, and we have the Righteous who hid the Jews, it’s time for Israel to make its choice. […]indifference killsbegan the Ukrainian president in a speech in Ukrainian, translated into Hebrew. “We have the same threat. Total destruction of our people, our state, our culture and our name. Ukraine and Israel. I want you to know about this date February 24, the start of this Russian invasion of Ukraine. This day has gone down in history. It was a tragedy for Ukrainians, for Jews, for Europe, for the world.” Find our live here.

Mélenchon marches in Paris and calls for a “social referendum” against Macron. In a speech delivered this Sunday to tens of thousands of people gathered in the Place de la République in Paris, the La France insoumise candidate called on left-wing voters to be “responsible” April 10th: “Every person has a key to the second round.” The rebel, who had a strange five-year time limit – one day high, another very low – is back in the race for the second round. He is slowly rising to the third step of the podium – according to all polls, he is gaining from 11% to 14%. Read our report.

Federico Martín Aramburu, former Argentina national rugby player, killed in an altercation in Paris. Former French Championship winner with Biarritz dies after being shot several times after “dispute” in a bar on the Boulevard Saint-Germain in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. According to the publication, two suspects in the execution of the victim are still at large. command. According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, a criminal case has been opened in connection with the murder, which was entrusted to the criminal brigade. The Argentine had 22 appearances for the Pumas jersey. At the club, Aramburu played in France from 2004 to 2010 under the colors of Biarritz, Perpignan and Dax. More information here.

France marks the tenth anniversary of the Toulouse and Montauban attacks. In the presence of François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy and Israeli President Isaac Duke Emmanuel Macron spoke this Sunday to almost 2,000 guests to commemorate the seven victims of the terrorist Mohammed Merah. “Ten years have passed. Ten years that will never be forgotten in March 2012, when explosions of hatred and fire hit Montauban and Toulouse. Two righteous cities among the nations. said the head of state. In the Jewish community, the attacks in Toulouse take place in a context of tension and great anxiety and create a new divide. The stunned French Jewish circles do not feel supported by French society, and the 2015 attacks only reinforced this feeling. Read our survey.

Temperatures are 40°C above normal in Antarctica this weekend. Scientists are not yet “never seen anything like it in Antarctica”. On Friday, several weather stations recorded record temperatures there. Concordia station, located at an altitude of more than 3000 meters above sea level, thus showed 12.2°C, or about 40°C above normal. Never before has such a high rating been raised. Some models suggest that in some parts of the continent, temperatures may even have risen as much as 50°C above normal. As for Terra Nova Bay, between Cape Washington and Drygalski’s ice tongue, the temperature was well above zero, 7°C. More information here.

XV representative of France, master of Europe and winner of the tournament of six nations. The French rugby team did not flinch. The men of Fabien Galtier and Rafael Ibáñez beat England 25-13 on Saturday night to win the 2022 Six Nations and also signed their tenth Grand Slam (five wins in as many games) in their history. The French XV with a young and promising team climbed to second place in the international rankings a year before the World Cup, which was to be held in France. Galtier, he has been extended at the head of the Blues until 2027. Read our article.

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The Evian Accords are a gable peace for Algeria. The texts, initialed sixty years ago on the shores of Lake Geneva, marked the end of a complex and bloody history of one hundred and thirty years of colonization and almost eight years of war. From the return of de Gaulle in 1958 to the ceasefire of 19 March 1962 an account of the negotiations that ended the conflict. Read our story.

Iodine tablets and a good dose of psychosis. With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, interest in capsules that protect the thyroid gland from radioactivity has increased dramatically. If experts are rather encouraging about the state of reserves owned by the state, then distribution imperatives raise questions. Thanks to the alarming news, specific searches on Google are drawing an exponential curve, as are drugstore searches. For pharmacists, there is almost a small side revival since the beginning of Covid, when the French were desperately looking for masks and hydro-alcoholic gel. The March 2022 version, the Grail is an iodine tablet. Read our survey.

“It was from the Orange Revolution that the Jews began to feel like a part of Ukraine.” According to Sorbonne lecturer Delfina Bechtel, the Jews of Ukraine, who paid a very high price during the Holocaust, accelerated their exodus to the west of the country and abroad with the beginning of the invasion of Russian troops. Read our interview.

In Belgium, a car crashed into a crowd during a carnival. At least six people were killed when a car collided with a crowd early Sunday morning in La Louviere in southern Belgium. The driver and passenger have been arrested. Another 26 people hit by a car were injured, including “ten people whose lives are now in danger”, authorities said. The drama took place at 5 am in Strepi-Braquegny, a former autonomous municipality that became part of La Louviere. “I’m afraid we’ll have to mourn other deaths” said Jacques Gobert, mayor of La Louviere. A murder case was opened, and the investigating judge was arrested. Read our article.

The winners of the festival in Angouleme between war and technology. very beautiful Listen, pretty Marcia, Brazilian Marcello Quintanilla won the Fauve Award for Best Album, topping a very tight list of winners at the 2022 Comic Book Festival marked by the specter of war in Ukraine. We’re also happy to see Michael DeForge dedicated to the wild beast of audacity for Familiar face (atrabile). A major artist on the Canadian scene in the 2010s, DeForge signs one of his most successful works with this Orwellian fable, a brilliant search for the meaning of insult in a pamphlet about all-consuming technology. Read our article.

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