snow in movies

From “Fargo” to “Blow Out” through “Ice Age”, “The Shining”, “Gold Rush”, “Dersu Uzala” or even “Bronze” – let’s dive into this natural element, full of paradoxes and its soundtracks. inspired.

FIP listens to a movie every Sunday and invites listeners to take a stroll through the musical imagination of a director, genre or film score composer. Program hosted by Susana Poveda, music by Florent Beauvalle and producer Denis Sula.

Captivating and reassuring to some, hostile to others, snow offers endless backdrops and narrative possibilities for filmmakers. A difficult contrast of light for the film, it is nonetheless ubiquitous in the 7th art because it evokes sweetness, melancholy, mystery and symbolizes another world. Ephemeral in nature, it eludes all control. While some enjoy white powder during their winter break, we invite you to a musical ballad in the footsteps of snowy filmography.

Shine Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of horror master Stephen King’s novel has been haunting our nightmares since the 1980s. It’s a movie of all possibilities, with smooth steadicam (portable camera) movements, like a spirit watching over the characters. Wendy Carlos signs the music she had to work on remotely according to the book, not the images. Cut by the director to use pieces from the repertoire, his score was reduced to just pieces. Irae is dying and magnificent hilly area what we hear at the beginning of the movie. Shine ends with the death of Jack Torrance, the deranged writer played by Jack Nicholson, who gets lost under the snow in the labyrinth of the hotel:

Fargo, North Dakota, a little gem of black humor from the Coen Brothers, takes us deep into Minnesota and North Dakota with a desperate car dealer whose wife has been kidnapped, two kidnappers, and a police chief who leads an “investigation.” Composer Carter Burwell began his film career with the debut film of the Coen brothers. Blood is simple (1984), he signs the soundtrack of the film Fargo performed by the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s a tune from Norwegian folklore Den Bortcomme Sauenwhich became the anthem lost sheep and is revised by Carter Burwell, who opens the film:

Thing John Carpenter with the director’s favorite actor Kurt Russell plunges us into the Antarctic station, where a mysterious polymorphic creature kills the expedition members, taking on a human form. Immersion in the base in the middle of the white desert highlights the longing generated by the appearance of the creature. The composer of the original music is Ennio Morricone and we also find in the soundtrack: Superstition Stevie Wonder and don’t explain Arthur Herzog played by Billie Holiday.

We also walk on the soundtrack Jeremiah Johnson Sydney Pollack with Robert Redford. There is little dialogue in the film, so much so that Pollak gladly called it his silent film. Thus, the American music of John Rubinstein and Tim McIntyre occupies a special place and emphasizes the atmosphere of the fantastic landscapes of Utah, sung by Tim McIntyre himself:

The wild lands of Siberia are also sung in Akira Kurosawa’s forgotten masterpiece, an adaptation of the autobiography of Russian explorer Vladimir Arseniev. Dersu Uzala. From the autumn colors of the forest to the huge frozen lakes in winter, the director pays homage to nature through the music of Isaac Schwartz. The FIP score will also lead you to he is a great silence Sergio Corbucci, who finds his compatriot Morricone to illustrate the images of his new Western, as well as for the song I got you baby Sonny and Cher, iconic title endless dayor even the frozen world of a great documentary Emperor’s walk Lucas Jacquet to the music of the author, composer and trip-hop artist Emily Simon. There is no artificial snow on this beautiful winter walk of our programmer, which is a sign of a violation of our relationship to the world.

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