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It is in the modern colors and high-end equipment of the Morning co-working space on Rue Royal in Paris that the Éclosion team welcomes us. Éclosion Association President Fabien de Castilla and Agnes and Pierre de Roglodre, director and director, present us with the outlines of a shock startup studio for which she and they have great ambitions.

Impact startup studio as a model

Unprecedented in the SSE sector, the startup studio concept comes from the world of technology, where it has established itself by duplicating the creation of startups. The co-founders of Éclosion are convinced that this model is destined to conquer the world of influence.

Fabien de Castilla, president of the Éclosion association, is convinced that now is the right time:

Studio Éclosion was born from two observations: today’s social problems require new solutions. The best solution is to develop social enterprises that quickly implement effective solutions. And speaking of startup nation and entrepreneurship, there is a culture of entrepreneurship among the younger generations today.

The startup studio is based on a clear model: identify a potential business, find entrepreneurs who have a profile for business development, match idea and profile, launch a startup, develop it and sell it,” Fabien from Castile describes in detail. For him, Éclosion was to be an association according to the law of 1901. It is a real project of general interest based on the social impact of the projects developed.

The rhythm of a startup studio is to create a promotion of three new projects every six months, in September and March.

Challenge: Launch ten impact startups in three years. Since last September, five entrepreneurs have received support for three projects, mainly related to employment. The new Entrepreneur Encouragement will be welcome in March 2022.

Impact Studio specifics

Each pair of entrepreneurs is accompanied by Agnès and Pierre de Roglodre, who are real mentors and accompany them through all stages of the project.

For Agnès de Roglodre, director of the Éclosion association: “The most important thing is to be close to the entrepreneurs from the very beginning of the project. They start from scratch, we put forward hypotheses, but nothing is certain. I often tell them that we are in the research dimension. What we know is what we do not know. »

For her, this is very different from the incubator, which will develop a support program and accept project managers who will or will not receive support from the incubator. “We are in the long run. In an incubator, this is limited to six, nine months or even a year of support. Another big difference:

We are co-founders together with an entrepreneur. In a traditional incubator, whether an entrepreneur succeeds or not, whether a company develops or not, is not its subject. This is very important for us because Éclosion will be acquiring shares in the companies that are being created. This is really the specifics of the startup studio model. In fact, Éclosion is in the real logic of the company’s success,” she elaborates.

“Define the right profiles of entrepreneurs”

The duo Agnès and Pierre de Roglodre work in parallel on recruitment and identification of new profiles of entrepreneurs, not necessarily the bearers of ideas, but having a desire to undertake as a priority. For Pierre de Roglodra, this echoes his entrepreneurial life. “We are looking for entrepreneurs with no ideas. It reminds me of my beginnings when I wanted to customize my box. In the beginning, we especially want to create a business without necessarily having any ideas. These are the people we are looking for. But in terms of impact. »

For Agnès de Roglodr, the very essence of the Éclosion studio lies in the impact and entrepreneurs should be imbued with this “The profiles of entrepreneurs who come to us are either people who initially want to start their professional life in a stroke, an undertaking, or those who have come out of their first professional life and are looking for meaning. »

Feedback from entrepreneurs

Jessica and Pierre testify.  1 credit

Jessica Weinreb has worked for a large group in the automotive sector for ten years. “I joined the On Purpose program, which is for people who want to redirect their influence into a meaningful career. When I left the program, I wanted to start my own business. I met Pierre de Roglodra who told me about the Éclosion impact studio.”

He was convinced by the destructive side of the model.

Coming from the world of classical economics, I found it important to have influence and financial stability in the company I wanted to create. Éclosion lets you find it in the middle. This is the strength of the model. »

Another advantage for a young woman is the fact that she is not alone in creating her professional project. “As an entrepreneur, I was afraid of being alone. I need other people to challenge me. It was very important that we were accompanied by people who had experience and who worked together to imagine the world of tomorrow. Everyone has their own place in the project, and we are all moving towards the same goal. This is the main reason why I applied to Éclosion and not to an incubator. »

Meanwhile, Pierre Deleforge already has a career as a social entrepreneur. Since 2008, he has been working in the Solidarity Project, and in 2013 he co-founded a social impact integration structure related to software development and support. “I increased the company’s staff to 30 people. I wanted to get back to building a business and building a project. This is what the Éclosion studio offers. »

They form a couple with Jessica and since September last year have been involved in the Au Carré project, an ESUS company that will offer digital professional solutions to companies using a no-code tool to make people work in exclusion situations. technical skills.

For Pierre, the startup studio represents a real difference from his previous experience:

The dynamics driven by Éclosion make it possible to have many resources available, mentors, people from communications, finance, the president’s professional network, and people from the board of directors. This is a very effective launching pad that will allow us to go very far. »

Another feature for him, the couple he creates with Jessica is entirely dedicated to creating influence through their project. “Every day we see that we think differently. We have very different backgrounds. The important thing is that we are really in the genetic code just to make an impact. In a classic startup studio, these are not the indicators that would allow us to say whether we are starting a business or not. , we’re in the DNA of social impact, it happens all the time, in exchange with the studio and all the actors. This affects all levels. »

For the two entrepreneurs, the first quarter of 2022 will be synonymous with life-size trials. “At the end of December, we will find a well-functioning business model and set up Au Carré right away. The effect should be from the very beginning. The first people will be followed from January. »

With two leitmotifs:

The social impact of the company and the financial sustainability of a business model that will endure,” conclude Jessica and Pierre.

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