“Stop telling us you’re Mother Teresa!” »

At the court of Versailles

Football players often have a fauna of dishonorable individuals who are ready to do anything to get a little money. A perfect example are the four men who have been on trial since Wednesday in the Court of Versailles (Yvelines) for attempting to blackmail Mathieu Valbuena. One of them, Axel Ango, recovered a video of the former French midfielder having sex in 2014 and told himself it could be used to pay off a €25,000 debt. At the time, this 45-year-old from Marseille was a sort of luxury concierge for the players. He claims that up to 200 customers called him to book plane tickets or fix computer problems. Among them is Valbuena, whom he knows from his days at OM, trusts him and contacts him one day to transfer data from a BlackBerry to a new device.

Upon discovering a video showing him in full adultery, Angot decided to keep it, knowing that one day it could “definitely” be useful to him. Especially since with one of his friends, Mustafa Zuawi, nicknamed “Sata”, he owes money to another player, Nicolas Marin. The latter entrusted them with the sale of luxury watches. But the duo lost them, and now the two men are forced to pay for it. They have an idea: if Valbuena finds out about its existence, he will definitely ask Angot, “his confidant”, to do whatever is necessary to restore this video. The player, sedated, could then give him a “reward”. Isn’t that what blackmail is, the prosecutor asks? “Indirectly, it’s the same thing,” he admits. But it was not I who contacted Mathieu, and no amount of money was demanded from him. »

“Football and luxury, it makes sense”

“Sata” tells Younes Huass, one of his acquaintances, whom he met at Commandery, a training center for OM players, about this. The latter is responsible for the anonymous contact with the 37-year-old, who is currently playing in Greece, at Olympiacos. Which he will do repeatedly. The defendant says he didn’t do it for the money. According to him, this “football lover” just wanted to help Valbuena save his career and save his family. “Stop telling us you’re Mother Teresa!” “Starts President Christoph Morgan, annoyed by the four men’s often confused explanations.

But Valbuena doesn’t take Younes Huass seriously. We must find something else. Zuaoui then becomes attached to Karim Zenati, a childhood friend of fellow French international Karim Benzema. During a meeting with them in Madrid, he quickly mentions the existence of this video. But, he says, it’s mostly about a Vuitton custom-made pillow business that he intended to launch. “Gorgeous, high quality and all”… and above all, very kitschy. He hopes that the Real Madrid striker, to whom he offered one of his creations, will help him offer them to other players or club presidents. Zuaui convinces Zenati to join him. “Football and luxury make sense,” explains one who presents himself as Benzema’s “brother.” “He had a product, and I had potential future customers. »

“You were very funny, this conversation”

But very quickly, Sata talks to him again about Valbuena’s video and asks him for a “favor”: Benzema should talk to his Blues teammate to let him know that the video is serious. And that his friend can help him deal with the situation. This is what he will be doing in the privacy of his room in Clairefontaine on October 6, 2015. Soon after, the attacker calls Karim Zenati to question him. “He doesn’t take us seriously,” KB9 told him. The two men laugh and make fun of Valbuena. “You were very amused by this conversation,” the president notes. Benzema is also on trial for being an accessory to a blackmail attempt. But the footballer, who played a match in Ukraine on Tuesday evening, was absent from Versailles this Wednesday. The trial is due to end on Friday.

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