The end of the mask, the end of the series for AJA, aid to Ukraine, radar vehicles on the roads of Yonne… Top news of the week

Prefect of Yonne on departure, the end of mask wearing in shops, Yonne’s best baguette in Sens… Here are the main things to remember for the department of Yonne, this week from 14 to March. 20, 2022.

End of mandatory mask

Monday, March 14, 2022 marked a new phase in the easing of health protection measures with the removal of the mandatory wearing of a mask. For several months, they were not allowed to go to shops or businesses without a mask. However, the return to normal life in the center of Auxerre has been timid.

premium Increase in positive cases, new sub-option … Where are we with the Covid epidemic in France and Europe?

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Two AJA matches this week

Heading to Nimes Field, AJA took their fifth consecutive league win on Tuesday 15 March during Ligue 2 Day 29.

Notebook AJA-Toulouse: Leon and Charbonnier fell in love with each other

But that winning streak stopped at five this Saturday. In the clash of the 30th day, Auxerrois lost to the leader Toulouse with a score of 2:1. The decision was made within eight minutes. First a penalty that Leon conceded and van den Boomen converted, then a red card from Charbonnier and finally a brace from the Toulouse midfielder.

Notebook AJA-Toulouse: Leon and Charbonnier fell in love with each other

About fifty citizens of Ukraine will arrive in Yonne next week

On the 23rd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the reception of Ukrainian citizens increased in Yonne. The prefecture announces this Friday, March 18, 2022, that “more than 96” people who arrived in small groups are under the care of “individuals or communities”. In the coming days, this number should increase, as about fifty Ukrainian citizens are due to arrive in Yonne next week. First announced for this Saturday, March 19, the “bus from Ukraine through Germany” for the first time used “the first reception in the Île-de-France region,” the prefectural services specified this Saturday.

One hundred people mobilized against racism and xenophobia in Auxerre

The first private cars with radar are already driving on the roads of Yonne.

The prefecture of Yonne announced that the first radar-equipped vehicles will be on the roads of Yonne from Tuesday. Throughout the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, 24 cars driven by employees of a private company will be put into operation..

Suspected of rape in nursing home

Confused by DNA, a 39-year-old resident of Paron was charged on Thursday, March 10, 2022 with the rape of vulnerable people. He is alleged to have posed as a health worker in order to abuse three women living in nursing homes in Cenon.

Leaving the highway on the A6, a motorist flaunts in front of firefighters

While responding to a traffic accident on the A6 motorway near Jou-la-Ville on the evening of Monday, March 14, 2022, firefighters witnessed a scene that was at least surreal. Around 9:30 pm, the 44-year-old driver left the road while driving in the direction of Paris-Lyon. And for some unknown reason. His car got stuck in a field. When help arrived, the motorist, stark naked, was masturbating in his car and refused to open for help.

Auxerre, the first city in Yonne covered by Orange 5G.

Auxerre, the first city in Yonne covered by Orange 5G.

At a press conference organized this Friday, March 18, 2022, at the Stade Abbe-Deschamps, Orange Grand-Nord-Est director Ludovic Guilche announced the activation of his 5G network in Auxerre. Three sites have been covered since March 3rd.

icaunaise Ycare wishes to continue flying by staying at AuxRparc.

At the moment, this is a business park that is far from being at full capacity. Of AuxRparc’s 50 hectares of land, only two companies are today located at the foot of the A6 junction in Apuagni.

Ycare (for Yonne Carrière Recyclage) left Legny, near Toucy, to settle there in early 2022 to secure a location and be able to develop their operations. The family business specializes in large machines, which are mainly used in quarries, but also in sorting centers. They are capable of sifting, grinding, washing or processing.

Prefect of Yonne away

Arriving in Yonne on January 6, 2020, the prefect of Yonne, Henri Prévost, is about to leave. It will join the prefecture of the Marne in the coming months. The appointment was announced on Wednesday 16 March 2022 in the Council of Ministers. At the suggestion of the Minister of the Interior, he will be replaced by University Professor Pascal Jan. Henri Prévost’s transition will be marked above all by the management of the health crisis and the vaccination campaign he piloted.

Carlos Cordova passed the trip as a legacy

Here is the portrait of the week: a meeting with Carlos Cordova, a native of Peru, who today teaches at the School of Management and Commerce in Sens. Fate brought him from Lima to Madrid and then to Sens. The path that her daughter Audrey then took in the opposite direction.

In Yonne they are transgender and live in the countryside.

Four transgender people assigned male at birth, from or living in Yonne, agreed to tell us how they changed their sex. Issues that often appear from childhood, physical changes through their “going out” on their loved ones, their families. Four stories of rural transition.

Based in Yonne, Inter-rurali-T supports transgender people in rural areas.

“Your most beautiful market”: the launch of the operation in Burgundy

TF1 in partnership with Journal du Center and L’Yonne Républicaine launches the 5th edition of Operation Your Most Beautiful Bazaar. You have until April 8th to determine the market that will represent the region of Burgundy in the national final.

The arrival of Saint Patrick in Auxerre remains a mystery.

Since Saint Patrick’s Day was celebrated this Thursday, the city of Auxerre organized a festive evening in the Place de la Cordeliers. Festivities commemorating the arrival of Ireland’s patron saint to meet Saint Germain at Auxerre. However, there is still uncertainty about the veracity of this legend. Two specialists from Auxerre discussed this on occasion.

War in Ukraine: humanitarian convoy en route to Poland, departing from Sens

This Friday, March 18, 2022, several dozen boxes of medicines, medical and surgical equipment collected in Sens set off for Poland to be transported to Ukraine. The convoy is driven by an elected official from Senone, two agents from the city of Senone, and a doctor determined to repatriate the refugees.

Post-Benteler is on the way with the activation of the “Industrial Shock” device at the Yonne Center.

If the authorities have not abandoned the idea of ​​finding a buyer for the Benteler industrial site in Migennes, after the departure of the German car supplier in 2022, they have been experimenting with the Industrial Shock device for a week now. . The approach aims to bring innovative, sustainable and job-creating industrial projects out of the Yonne centre.

Post-Benteler is on the way with device activation at the Yonne Centre. "industrial shock"

Covid-19: ARS sees a “clear rebound in the epidemic” in Yonne and the region.

Covid-19: ARS is watching "outbreak of an epidemic" in and around YonneAfter several weeks of a decline in the epidemic, the Regional Health Agency of Burgundy Franche-Comté warns again this Friday, March 18, 2022, of a “sharp rebound” of the coronavirus epidemic. Covid-19 circulation is “on the rise again,” the health authority says with confirming figures. However, the incidence rate in Iqaun is increasing significantly, from 385 from 1 to 7 March to 476 from 8 to 14 March 2022. The rate of positive test results is also increasing, from 20.4% in Yonne to 23.5%.

The Council of the Department of Yonne adopts the first “mandate for action” budget for 2022.

Five weeks after discussing the budget orientation, the elected representatives of the Yonne departmental council adopted the initial budget for the current year on this Friday, March 18, 2022. The first of the “action mandates” defended by President Patrick Gendreau (LR), with “newfound investment potential” justified by a €90 million envelope this year.

Perrichon’s traditional baguette In Sens is recognized as the best in Yonne in 2022.

Perrichon's traditional baguette In Sens is recognized as the best in Yonne in 2022.

The first prize in the competition for the best traditional baguette 2022 in the department of Sénonais Mickaël Perrichon will represent Yonne at the regional level on March 22, 2022.

The Wolf Pyramid nature site will reopen its doors on April 1st with some new features.

The Wolf Pyramid nature site will reopen its doors on April 1st with some new features.

The Pyramid of the Wolf will reopen its doors on Friday, April 1, 2022. During the season, visitors will discover new play and educational outdoor spaces offered by the association Sur les traces du loup to promote biodiversity. In the spring, an educational trail dedicated to sensory awakening will begin to appear. Purpose: to appeal to the five senses and identify animal species with extraordinary abilities.


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