this is a cheeky confession from a reviewer that will anger Fata, his fiancée…

Gilles Verdes has been a member of the TPMP review team since 2013. Therefore, he is used to surprises and funny situations. Since there is never a shortage of twists and turns in Cyril Hanuna’s show. Both for the public and for chroniclers elsewhere. C8’s stellar program oscillates between seriousness and entertainment, leaving no topical topics in the closet. But every once in a while, instead of talking about politics or the news, TPMP teams go out of their way to entertain viewers. Gilles Verdes, despite his reputation as an avid complainer, is also not averse to contributing to the entertainment of the public.

However, this March 15, he risks paying for his enthusiasm. Indeed, it was a return “Knock-Knock” on the Cyril Hanuna show. In the disco mode, the reviewers paraded in costumes and danced like hellish beauties. And it must be assumed that the performance of Gilles Verdes did not leave indifferent any of his colleagues. Thus, like some colleagues, in particular from the magazine Pure people, object there is every reason to believe that Fatu, the bride of the columnist, could be annoyed by the words of Daniel Moreau …

Gilles Verdes jokes with Daniel Moreau on set TPMP ?

Return “Knock-Knock” did not fail to respond to Internet users. Indeed, it is not often that the public can discover a whole team of disguised and unleashed columnists. All of them were given to the game to entertain the audience. Geraldine Maillet, for example, had an excellent costume. Her dance was not particularly memorable, unlike the dance of Gilles Verdes, but no one can blame her for not putting her mind to it.

In the end, his performance was sure to motivate Cyril Hanoun to promote the song. He, too, felt his wings grow and yelled at Claude François. Thus, the TPMP public once again bowed to laughter. But he did not yet know that he would laugh even harder when he discovered the performance of Gilles Verdes.

The arrival of the columnist, the fiance of the beautiful Fatu, passed with pomp. The TPMP teams have personally stated that Gilles Verdes is completely insane. As well as object agree, the public must have been happy to be able to entertain in this way, disconnecting for a few dances from the current news. Be that as it may, this entertaining sequence will lead to an exchange of opinions, which will thus become an excuse for creating tension.

When dance gives inappropriate ideas…

Everyone applauded and laughed at the wild dance of Gilles Verdes. The entire TPMP suite was his. Who knows, maybe the columnist was training to aspire to the title of disco king? His teammates on set were pleasantly surprised by his enthusiasm. But Danielle Moreau seemed the most excited. “Swinging there, a meter away… I felt the heat. »she said with a wide smile.

Surprising words from which Kirill Khanuna hurried to recover. object I won’t tell you that TPMP’s host and producer is a living expert. His instinct never deceives him, he has the gift to feel when the situation can get out of hand. Thus, he will definitely bring them out. To calm them down when needed, or to emphasize them to entertain an audience. And our readers must have understood, here he chose the second option. Put Gilles Verdes in an awkward position.

So Daniella Moreau responded to Cyril Hanouna, explaining to him that his colleague’s influence had given him ideas. That if they were alone to spend the night, he would still have to guide her so she wouldn’t do anything wrong. Completely irrelevant topic and statement at the end. And most importantly, if Fatu discovers Danielle Moreau’s alleged intentions towards Gilles Verdes, the tone is likely to rise! Indeed, the columnist is engaged and preparing for the wedding. Like our colleagues in Pure peopleDanielle Moreau may have just turned down her invitation.

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