Top 10 Dumbest News Champions of the Week #370

Hello my homemade cannelloni with bolognese, how are you this melodious Sunday when we would like to take a country walk along the banks of the Loire? It’s not that bad for us, on the one hand, because Sunday is always good, and on the other hand, because it’s time for the champions of the week, a compilation of the most stupid miscellaneous facts of the week that we manage to do every time, partly thanks to @adjustedtitle, an anonymous internet hero. Without further ado, I suggest you look through the most beautiful events of the week.

1. To find love, he treats himself to two huge advertisements on the subway.

Topito analysis: There are people who are frankly original in their methods of finding love, it took a small budget to do this, but we can applaud the ingenuity. As for the good news, it worked as it had dozens of replies.

2 USA: He tries to get through customs with dozens of snakes and lizards in his pants

Topito analysis: It didn’t have any chance of working, it was very stupid of him as it’s pretty easy to spot super loose pants with animals in them, but you can still see a certain form of courage, stuffing snakes in your pants was something to try…

3. Toulouse: She invites a stranger she met on the Internet, he steals her car.

Topito analysis: To reiterate for those who don’t understand yet, don’t do anything to strangers you meet online. I hope it wasn’t a Fiat Multipla, otherwise this story would have been even sadder.

4. A drunk woman from Toulouse shouts out her card code in a bar in the Landes and is robbed.

Topito analysis: And at the same time, could it have ended differently? When you shout out your credit card code, don’t be surprised when people use it. The saddest thing about this is that it was one of his friends who stole 1000 bucks from him, not even a stranger.

5. Turkey. Snowball fight escalates, 7 hit by bullets

Topito analysis: This is more or less a good definition of the term “degenerate” because a snowball fight that ends in exchange for shots is illegal. Even when they are having fun, Turkey is not idle.

When a small group of participants competed in a snowball fight in an Istanbul park, a man pulled out a gun.

Published by Ouest France on Sunday 13 March 2022

6. Faced with rising fuel prices, he decides to drive to work.

Topito analysis: Great diseases, great medicines, you can say what you like, but riding is really better than driving. After that, the price of hay should not increase, otherwise the project will fail.

7. In Mayenne, a completely naked man tries to drive a train.

Topito analysis: Why is it that every time this news comes out, it’s about someone completely naked? Is there some kind of competition for the most unusual things that naked people try to do?

8. Nantes: Wanting to escape from the police, he finds himself … in the barracks of the gendarmerie.

Topito analysis: Hurry, panic, tiles… Karma has funny ways to stick your nose in your shit when you screw up.

9. PSG’s historic goal in 1993 will be sold as an NFT.

Topito analysis: Is this whole NFT story going too far? Because selling the football goal might be the signal to end it all, don’t you think?

10. A Frenchman breaks into Putin’s daughter’s villa, changes the locks and offers to take in Ukrainians there.

Topito analysis: Here’s a good idea, we call it low resistance, smart and smart revenge. Well, Putin can bombard us when he hears the news, but at least we’ll have a laugh.

And while you wait for the next week, you can go see you weeks, it’s also very funny.

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