Ukraine: 16 Reliable Sources to Follow the War, Not Fake News

This war in Ukraine is also an information war. Fake videos taken in reality during past conflicts, screenshots of allegedly authentic SMS, shocking covers of popular magazines that never existed, or even photographs in which dead soldiers are presented from one side or the other … Nothing is more difficult. than to go through the mountains of information, rumors and images that keep coming to us. All this passes through social networks and is transmitted without verification to relatives and friends via WhatsApp, email or group text messages.

But then how do you get the information? In order not to fall into the trap of this war for influence, the first rule is distrust. Regardless of who conveys the information, be it an article, a tweet, a TikTok or Instagram video, etc., it must be assumed that everything can be fake news or intoxication in French. So it’s worth clicking on an article to check the reliability of the site it comes from, or doing a reverse image search on Google to make sure it’s not a cliché referring to a completely different conflict a few years earlier. In addition, it is desirable to obtain information on reliable information sites.

Ukraine: 5 Reliable Websites Providing Information in English

  • This site monitors the events taking place in Ukraine in real time. It also highlights attempts by the Russian enemy to misinform by pointing the finger at fake news, fake multimedia documents and arguments put forward to justify the war.
  • Interfax-Ukraine. This is a very authoritative Ukrainian news agency. You will find there all published dispatches concerning the conflict, as well as, for example, negotiations in Europe.
  • Kyiv independent. This site is another reliable source of information about the war in Ukraine. The site is largely funded by the European Endowment for Democracy. To follow also to be closer to the news, them twitter account who has seen the number of his followers increase tenfold in recent days.
  • Euromaidan Press. This Ukrainian news and analytical site is dedicated not only to raw information, but also to the analysis of the conflict. The NGO-owned website also lists reliable channels of support for Ukraine during this war.
  • Ukrinform. This is reported by the National News Agency of Ukraine. Here, priority is given to photos and videos, as well as real-time monitoring of various attacks and responses in different cities of the country and at the front. Ukrinform also regularly provides numerical balances.

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9 journalists’ Twitter accounts to follow

  • Timothy Butry. Journalist in Parisian, Timothy Butry is currently in Ukraine. He transmits his reports as close to the population as possible.
  • Vanessa Descouro. Now in Kyiv (Ukrainian for Kyiv, which is the Russian spelling), this journalist from France Inter reveals daily life in the capital on her Twitter account, remembering to add a touch of humor or poetry when appropriate. , which is noticeable.
  • Benoit Witkin. This correspondent Peace is not in Ukraine, but in Moscow. Albert London Award, he is the author of the book Donbass, published by Les Arènes. An excellent source of information about the decisions of Vladimir Putin and Russia.
  • Stefan Siohan. Correspondent ReleaseRFI, but Weather (Switzerland) and Evening (Belgium), author of a documentary film about a young Ukrainian footballer, broadcast by Netflix, Home games. Currently in Kyiv, he testifies in detail about what is happening there through his Twitter account.
  • Clara Marcheau. She is a correspondent in Ukraine for Le Figaro and Mediapart in particular. She not only testifies to what she observes in Kyiv, but also transmits verified photos and videos.
  • wolf office. This journalist and director spent the first days of the war in Ukraine. This Tuesday, March 1, he decided to leave Kyiv and join Western Europe, but intends to continue sorting information on his Twitter account.
  • Luke Matthew. This foreign service correspondent Release offers new reports every day about the situation on site.
  • Camilla Lopez. This independent journalist from Quebec regularly exposes fake news around Ukraine. It is useful to check whether this or that information is really intoxication.
  • Alexander Gagne. This independent journalist collects a large number of French and international sources of information to give a fairly complete picture of the news of the war in Ukraine.

2 TikTok accounts to learn about Ukraine

  • HugoDecrypt. Also present on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, Hugo Travers aka HugoDecrypte has made it his mission to make the news accessible to everyone. Including on TikTok and including on the conflict in Ukraine.
  • MayMoiNews. This account, initiated by Radio-Canada, aims to spread the news among the youngest. Here is an account to recommend to young people who want to understand what is happening at the gates of Europe right now.

Do you know of any particularly reliable and well-informed website or account about the conflict in Ukraine? Feel free to let us know.

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