What does the economic program of Valerie Pekress contain?

Wage increase by 10%, restart of nuclear energy, exemption from taxes for overtime work… Overview of the economic program of the candidate of the Republic of Lithuania in the presidential elections.

“Purchasing power shock”, a return to “work more to earn more” and raising the retirement age. A few weeks before the presidential election, Valerie Pecresse had already outlined the main directions of her economic program.

Wages/purchasing power

> 10% salary increase

If she wins the presidential election, Valerie Pecresse promises a “purchasing power shock” by raising her net salary by 10% over five years for everyone who earns less than 2,800 euros a month. According to the RL-backed candidate, the reduction in old-age contributions will allow for a 3% increase in wages from July 2022, then a “policy of lower fees and lower standards” will take over the “mobilization” of companies and achieve the goal of 10% by 2027.

> Exemption from taxes for overtime work

Valerie Pecresse follows Nicolas Sarkozy’s famous slogan: “Work harder to earn more.” The right-wing candidate wants to completely tax-free overtime hours without any cap or cap. He also wants to allow employees to convert more RTT days into wages, “unlimited” but also exempt from employer fees, to encourage companies to buy them out.

The current president of the Île-de-France region also wants to “develop profit sharing and participation, especially in companies with fewer than 50 employees” and keep paying tax-free bonuses.

> Young income 670 euros

Valerie Pekress intends to cancel the Young Engagement Contract, which will enter into force on March 1. Elected by the president, she will replace this measure, described as a “young RSA” disguised as a “young active income” of €670 earmarked for those under 25 years old who will be trained full-time in busy jobs.

She also wants to set up a “National Youth Bank” to help fund projects and studies by guaranteeing a loan “that will be repaid only after the personal project is completed and the beneficiary receives sufficient income from it.” in his program.

> Bonus at birth

Valerie Pekress wants to introduce a “birth bonus” of 900 euros per month for parents who have their first child. His payment would be interrupted with most of the latter. In addition, he wants to “restore universality” of family benefits for all families without income conditions, thereby ending the modulation introduced by the Waltz government in 2015. These family benefits will also be increased by 15% for the second as well as the third child.

To “support single-parent families,” the candidate also intends to tax single parent support.


> Develop learning

Valerie Pekress wants to push the development of apprenticeships by exempting companies with fewer than 10 employees from all employer fees that will support apprenticeships. In addition, in order to “better prepare for the world of work” and “bring vocational high schools closer to companies,” the candidate wants to entrust these institutions to the regions and sets a goal of achieving 100% work and study by 2027.

> Reducing unemployment benefits from 6 months

The GOP candidate wants to step up recent unemployment insurance reform by introducing a reduction in benefits paid from six months from today’s seven months. In addition, the unemployed will be “encouraged to train in professions that are recruiting to keep their benefits,” his program clarifies.


> Combine booklet A and LDDS

Valerie Pecresse proposes to combine Livret A funds with those of the Sustainability and Solidarity Booklet (LDDS) to create a “Green Book” allowing the Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC) to fund 120 billion loans for companies and the ecological transition.

> Eliminate inheritance tax for 95% of the French

Valerie Pecresse promises to “abolish the inheritance tax for 95% of the French”, allowing each child to inherit 200,000 tax-free euros, double the 100,000 euros that are tax-free today. This allowance will also be increased to 100,000 euros in case of an indirect transfer (brother, sister, nephew, niece, etc.).

In addition, the candidate advocates a “transmission shock” with €100,000 tax-free donations every six years, up from fifteen years today, for parents to their children, and grandparents to their grandchildren. This tax-free amount will be €50,000 for uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters.


> 500,000 new homes every year

Valerie Pekress wants to “build more” housing by “lifting the restrictions”. To this end, he wants to introduce a “single procedure” for major development work and reduce the time for consideration of urban planning applications from 18 months to 6 months. He also wants to restart social housing construction by lowering construction VAT from 10% to 5.5% and making it easier to convert vacant offices into housing.

The candidate also advocates easing “barriers” to building in rural areas and wants to allow mayors to adapt the national goal of “zero net artificiality” to local conditions and encourage them to use the wastelands to free up land.

> Generalize loan with zero interest rate

In order to “build a France of owners”, Valerie Pecresse wants to keep the interest-free loan, which expires in December 2022, and extend it to the entire territory, “strengthening it in the countryside”. She also wants to restore APL affiliation, which allowed low-income households to pay a portion of monthly home loan payments, and introduce a “solidarity deposit” to allow fixed-term or temporary contract workers to access bank loans. . . .

> Priority access for frontline workers

Valerie Pekress wants to give priority access to “frontline” workers in the city where they live. She also wants to “create a real estate solidarity guarantee to cancel the extra insurance premiums incurred by high risk people who want credit” and end “lifetime social housing” with renewable six-year leases for new tenants to ensure greater mobility within social housing.


> Raising the retirement age to 65

Valerie Pecresse wants to gradually raise the statutory retirement age to reach 65 in 2030, thus fully extending to people born in 1965 and later. The reform will begin upon his arrival at the Elysee Palace. However, the candidate guarantees that hardship and long career will always be taken into account in order to allow an earlier departure.

> Increasing survivors’ pensions

Valerie Pekress assures that “those who have worked all their lives” by 2030 will receive an old-age pension “in the amount of at least one net minimum wage per month.” She also wants to increase the survivor’s pension from 54% to 75%. spouse who “has not acquired a personal right to a pension” – we recall that the survivor’s pension is part of the pension used by the deceased spouse and which is transferred, under certain conditions, to the surviving spouse.


> Lower taxes on production

To “restore competitiveness”, Valerie Pecresse wants to reduce taxes on production by 10 billion euros, starting with the abolition of the social solidarity contribution for companies (C3S). He also intends to abolish the social package for employee participation, profit sharing and savings, as well as a 20 percent fee for a free offering of shares.

> Encourage business creation

With her “axe committee”, Valerie Pecresse wants to take on all the standards and streamline procedures to make it easier to start or create industrial companies. In addition, business creators will be exempted from fees during the first three years of their company’s existence, and in rural areas, “proximity investment assistance” will be implemented in the form of a 50% tax credit on investments up to 20,000 euros.

> Coordinate working hours

The LR candidate, if he is elected in April next year, promises “an exit for 35 hours” through negotiations. Companies will be able to negotiate, by agreement with a branch or company, a reference work time that best suits their needs and the needs of their employees. In addition, “all hours worked in excess of 35 hours will be fully exempt from social contributions and exempt from income tax,” the program assures him.


> Disposal of vehicles

Valerie Pekress has yet to reveal her transport offerings. During the Republican primaries, the candidate campaigned for the replacement of diesel-powered public transport with environmentally friendly transport, the elimination of new vehicles using fossil fuels by 2035, and the development of charging stations for electric vehicles. She also mentioned the simplification of railway project laws to avoid the cancellation of large projects.


> Support for employment in agriculture

To “support agricultural employment,” Valerie Pekress wants to perpetuate employer pay cuts for employers of seasonal workers, due to end in 2022. She also wants to make these agricultural occupations female by developing childcare services and expanding aid. future mothers. He also intends to remove taxation on capital gains when farms are passed on to a young farmer to ensure generational renewal.

> Adapt to climate change

Faced with climate change set to destroy French agriculture in the coming years, Valerie Pécresse wants to further develop water storage systems that are “still over-regulated” and “reward farmers at the price of the services they provide to the environment.” loans”. He also intends to encourage genetic innovation through new breeding techniques (NBT) and “invest in new technologies.”

Moreover, in the absence of an alternative, Valerie Pekress will abandon the “zero phyto” strategy.

> Set local preference

Valerie Pekress wants to “reform public procurement rules to establish preference and greater use of local products in schools, hospitals and administrative catering”, as well as to establish “full traceability” of agricultural and agri-food products and “generalized labeling”. origin of products.


> Reduce electricity bill

In order to reduce the electricity bill of the French, the LR candidate intends to reduce VAT on taxes that put pressure on electricity from 20% to 5%. In addition, mileage surcharges will be automatically indexed to fuel prices, and the upper limit on the distance between home and work will be removed.

> Restart nuclear power

Valerie Pekress has stated that she is in favor of nuclear energy and calls for a “Gaulrian renaissance” of nuclear energy. He intends, as Emmanuel Macron suggests, “to immediately launch the first series of six EPRs and prepare the program for the next series.” She also wants to continue operating existing reactors, “which are irresponsible to shut down as long as they meet safety standards.”

> Respect public opinion about wind projects

Along with nuclear power, Valerie Pekress wants to encourage the development of renewable energy sources in all their forms: hydraulic, solar, wind, geothermal, as well as biofuels, methanization or biomass. However, in order to “not deceive the public and elected officials,” no wind project will be implemented “against their will,” and “unapproved projects will be reviewed onshore and offshore,” she promises.

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