10 anecdotes about the cult saga of French cinema that you need to know

Bronze is one of the most popular sagas of French cinema. Consists of three films, including the mythical Les Bronzés skiing, she hides several anecdotes and other filming secrets that even her fans may still not know about. Don’t worry, the Seriely editors are here to tell you everything!

Jean Rochefort and Jean-Pierre Mariel in place of the Bronze?

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Can you imagine the saga Bronze with other actors in the lead roles? We, too. Yet producer Yves Rousset-Roire, who is also Christian Clavier’s uncle, originally envisioned Jean Rochefort and Jean-Pierre Mariel as the headliners for this adaptation of the play. Love, shellfish and crustaceans. But Christian Clavier made it clear to him that actors other than those in Spendida were out of the question to bring these characters to life on the big screen. At the same time, the troupe asked Patrice Leconte to direct the film, despite various offers of names for the position…

Coluche could make a movie Bronze

collush inspector burr

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Yves Rousset-Roir did not want Patrice Lecomte to direct the film. Bronze, because of his little experience. So, instead of him, he proposed Edouard Molinaro, Claude Zidi or even Jean-Jacques Annaud, but the Splendid troupe categorically wanted it to be Patrice Lecomte. A certain Kolyush even offered himself for this job, but in vain. “They were afraid that Kolush would deprive them of what they wanted to do” remembers Patrice Lecomte, as reported TV 7 days.

The actors didn’t like the title of the movie

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What if the saga Bronze Was it called something else? Patrice Leconte recalls that the title was not initially unanimous within the team. “We didn’t like this name. The title of the play was hard to remember. But Les Bronzés annoyed us a lot. We didn’t like the name, we didn’t like the poster, we didn’t like anything… Like what! » says the director of Allociné. Gerard Junho even saw it as racist, as he explains: “We didn’t like the term ‘tanned’. For us it was racist but we couldn’t find better! ». By the way, did you know that the Friends as well as Grey’s Anatomy Did they also have a slightly different title?

Significant salary increase for Les Bronzés skiing

tanned people go skiing

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After the success of the first film Bronze and its 2.3 million views, producer Yves Rousset-Roir immediately conceived a sequel. But director Patrice Leconte, like the Splendid troupe, did not want this. In particular, he convinced them with a significant salary increase: if the actors would receive 10,000 francs for the first film, then up to 650,000 francs for the second.

Bad atmosphere on the set of the second film?

Michel Blanc tanned people skiing

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If he agrees to return to the role of Jean-Claude Dusset in the second part sunburnt, Michel Blanc, however, this time refused to participate in writing the script. This affected the atmosphere in the Splendid troupe, recalls the main stakeholder: “From the moment I stopped being a co-writer, I felt that I should discuss not with my classmates how to play my text, but with the director, as I became just a simple performer. And the rest took it as if I was playing personally. They wondered if I was trying to pull the blanket over me when I went straight to Patrice Leconte to get his opinion. There was a relatively cheesy atmosphere between us. Once we even argued, Thierry Lhermitte and I. He was very cold, but there was no anger. Despite everything, we made the film to the end.”.

The toad liquor scene was difficult to film.

bronze-to-ski liquor

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Among the mythical scenes of the film Les Bronzés skiingobviously tasting “toad liquor”. And filming this iconic piece was no easy task… The team had to do it 20 times before filming this episode, because cinematographer Jean-Francois Robin laughed insanely every time he had to frame Michel’s grimaces. Blanc and Gerard Junio. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the actors said their mouths were on fire while filming that scene because they were tasting real liquor.

Mixed success for Les Bronzés skiing when he left

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Surprisingly, Les Bronzés skiing this is a movie Bronze which drew the fewest viewers when it was released in theaters. In 1979, it registered only 1.5 million visits, while the first part had 2.3 million visits the previous year. This is nothing compared to the more than 10 million views of the third film in the saga. Les Bronzés 3: Friends for Life in 2006, which then took a place in the top ten French films that had the most success at the box office.

fromAsterix in Spain to Tanned 3

bronzes-3-friends-for life

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The idea to make the third part of the saga Bronze born after abandoning a film project Asterix in Spain. While Gerard Junho was acting director of the feature film, he gathered his friends from Splendid for the occasion. But Albert Underzo eventually spoke out against making the film. Asterix in SpainAnd this is after several months of preparation.

Christian Clavier tells the magazine Cinema live : “While Gerard was writing the script, I suggested that he meet all of us for the filming of the film. He thought the idea was good, but it didn’t work. And then one day, when I was going to see him at the theater, he told me the news: the film simply failed. He was very annoyed and sad, the evening didn’t go well and I asked him why don’t we do something together. It was just an excuse that started it all.”. Thus the project was born. Les Bronzés 3: Friends for Life.

Marie-Anne Chazelle spent 3 hours in makeup to Bronze 3

Marie-Anne Chazelle Michel Blanc Tanned 3

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IN Les Bronzés 3: Friends for LifeGigi is flaunting her new breasts since she resorted to breast augmentation. However, in order to put herself in the shoes of her heroine, Marie-Anne Chazelle had to spend at least three hours a day on make-up to install a breast prosthesis. Question asked DX Sport+actress says: “Every evening we made a new prosthesis the next day. She had to stay six hours in the oven. And it took two hours to pose. It was absolutely necessary to change daily for it to be perfect.”.

Tanned 4 “will never”

bronze 3 friends for life

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If you are waiting for the fourth part of the saga Bronze, no need to hold your breath anymore: this will not happen. While he was invited to the set of the show we are not in bed on France 2 in 2017, Patrice Lecomte was very clear on this point, returning in particular to the bitter taste left by the third film.

“Les Bronzés 3 is a strange memory. There was crazy pressure, everyone was waiting for this film, like everyone is waiting for Bronze 4, which will never be made. The pressure has had a little effect on our sloppiness.” he said, in part, on a talk show hosted by Laurent Rouquier. Secondary actors, it’s a bit of the same story.

Answering a question at the César ceremony in 2021, Michel Blanc confessed to the magazine. Gala : “None of us have an idea worthy of creating Bronzés 4. It’s not easy to come up with a good story in which we all have equal roles. And then it would be warm.

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