10 Worst Things Rachel Ever Did on TV

What if Rachel was the worst friend among the six friends of the cult series? Seriously presents you with a selection of 10 terrible things that Jennifer Aniston has done in 10 seasons.

Re-uploaded article from June 2020. But know that we still love you, Rachel!

She was very angry with Julie

At the end of season 1 FriendsRachel – with the help of her other friends – realizes she has feelings for Ross and goes to meet him at the airport after his time in China. Unfortunately for her, he returns to the arms of another woman, Julie. From there, Rachel’s jealousy will push her into being mean to her, while Julie does everything to please Ross’ friends, including Jennifer Aniston’s character.

She convinced Bonnie to shave her head to win Ross back.

Friends of Bonnie Rachel

This is another time Rachel tried to sabotage Ross’ relationship. After they dated and broke up, Rachel realizes that she still loves him and can’t stand his relationship with Bonnie. The young woman even comes on vacation with six Friends, and Rachel comes up with a plan: convince Bonnie to shave her head, like she did years ago. A haircut that Ross doesn’t like very much, who then finds out that Rachel still loves him. You know the rest: an 18-page letter… TWO-SIDED.

She flew to London to crash Ross’s wedding.

Rachel Ross London Friends

Decidedly, stories about Ross’s heart don’t please Rachel AT ALL. Even when he is about to get married, she cannot resist crossing the whole ocean to confess her feelings to him. And here, too, we know the rest: Ross got confused during the ceremony and said the name Rachel, not Emily. Well, that’s his fault too. We’ll say that the two are responsible for the situation that follows the marriage, but Rachel’s tendency to ruin Ross’s relationship continues to be felt. And then she annoyed Dr. House during the trip, and we can’t forgive that.

She only hired Thug because he’s a BG.

rachel tag friends

Although he doesn’t have the qualifications and although Rachel needs a real assistant to help her in her dream job, she decides to hire Thug over another much better candidate for the position. Reason? Because he’s handsome and she wants to date him. She even goes so far as to make one of her co-workers believe he is gay so they don’t approach him.

She pretended her boss wanted to buy her baby

Rachel is the boss of Little Joey's friends

For this point, let’s put things in context. Joey discovers feelings for Rachel, and although he is hurt, he feels compelled to confess them to her. She does not share them, but in no way wants to break their friendship. From there, awkwardness will settle between them, and no conversation can take place when they are alone in the room. To counter this bad tension, a pregnant Rachel decides to make up a completely delusional story and reveals to Joey that her boss wants to buy her baby as soon as it sees the light of day. WTF

She stole Emma’s name from Monica.

Rachel baby Monica's name is Friends

Ross and Rachel struggled to come up with a name even after giving birth, as the new mom couldn’t name her daughter. Her friends’ suggestions do not please her until Monica mentions the name Emma, ​​which she always dreamed of giving her own child … But Rachel falls in love with this name and wants it for her daughter. Monica is then forced to leave him, reluctantly.

She lied about the night she spent with Ross.

ross rachel video friends

Rachel’s pregnancy and father’s identity is one of the little mysteries of season 8 of the series Friendsand when everyone finds out it’s Ross, Rachel lies to Monica, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler about the events of the famous night between the two characters… She tells them that it was Ross who jumped on her and I seduced them into sleeping together, and the video of their antics proves otherwise. .. She told him the famous story of Joey, who works every time.

She asked Ross not to have relationships with other women while she was pregnant.

Ross Rachel Friends

Ross has never been successful with women, in part because he’s not good at flirting. And even when he has a good story, he always manages to sabotage it (hey Mona). And, as we’ve seen, other times Rachel steps in to ruin everything. At the end of season 8 FriendsWhen he is picked up by a toy store clerk – Katie – and decides to go on a date with her, Rachel asks him not to see her again because she needs him. He should be by her side all the time with the baby. He runs away, but that doesn’t stop Rachel in season 9 from giving her number to a guy at a bar or kissing her new colleague.

Her history with Joey

Rachel Joey Friends


All fans will agree: Rachel and Joey’s story is one of the biggest mistakes Friends. And she comes back several times, first with Joey, who develops feelings, then a season later with Rachel, who realizes that she has them too … When everyone left. Once and for all: no one wants to see a couple of Joey and Rachel.

Rachel's friends diplomat

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Do I need to say why? Okay, Joey liked it, but… Beef, peas and onions with cream and banana? No thanks. And then, as Ross so well said, it sure smells like feet in here.

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