6 capital ambitions for a more responsible economy

The Responsible Economy Forum was held on February 24 in Nantes. This made it possible to present the ambitions of the mandate in terms of economic development, employment and innovation to an audience of professionals. This metropolitan strategy, largely coordinated with economic partners, aims to promote the employment of residents and the success of businesses in the area. As never before, the challenge is to facilitate the transition to a more responsible economy that responds to the social and environmental challenges of the area… Here are 6 main goals among those presented. Watch live video:

3.2 billion euros of investment to stimulate the economy

Engaging local and responsible companies to work on ambitious projects: this is the flagship strategy of Métropole, which will invest 3.2 billion euros between 2020 and 2026. On the program: modernization of the Cité des Congrès, transfer of the railway station to the Grand Blottereau. , car sharing lanes, beautification of the Beaujoire stadium… Public works will fundamentally transform the area. Métropole must remain vigilant about the balance between costs, environmental and social impacts in doing this work!

Facilitate access to employment in the territory

Supporting job seekers to regain their position in the world of work is a major challenge. Moreover, many areas of activity are recruited both in the metropolis and in the region. That is why there are several devices in the territory that facilitate these connections, and they will be strengthened in the coming years. Among them are structures such as 8 employment centers (resource and training centers for job seekers), as well as job search operations (especially for young people from the political districts of the city), individual integration or even social integration provisions.

Stimulate 6 high-potential sectors of the territory

Did you know ? The metropolis is an attractive territory for 6 strategic sectors: healthcare, maritime, manufacturing (manufacturing), food processing, digital industry, and creative and cultural industries. There are so many sectors bringing innovation and change that Métropole wants to work in synergy by developing “totem places” such as Agropolia, Les Halles 6 Est/Ouest, The Brick, Station S, etc. All these places (locations of companies, research labs, etc.) bring together talent and gray matter from different sectors, encourage creativity, and remain at the center of the metropolitan economic strategy.

Accelerating the transition to a responsible economy

With 30% of companies committed to a CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach, the metropolitan area is the leading area in this area. This commitment brings development, social innovation and quality jobs… but it is also a response to the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century.as well as century. That is why the Metropolis wishes to perpetuate and hasten this virtuous circle. Today, about sixty networks help businesses in the region, and local authorities have been using the CSR platform with Audencia since 2011.

Support for trade transformation

Faced with omnipotent commercial platforms, protecting local shops in and around the city center remains a mandate priority. There are several solutions available for merchants: join groups such as UNACOD or associations such as Plein-Centre, and offer new services to your customers (digital services, unique frames, special offers). At the same time, Métropole is working to increase the attractiveness of commercial routes, in particular through free public transport on weekends or cultural events such as Voyage à Nantes. Finally, in areas such as Bellevue, Nantes Nord, Château de Rézey, etc., projects of “commercial polarity” (new generation commercial premises: greener, friendlier, more open to neighbors) are beginning to flourish.

Create a resource center: Maison de l’Entreprise

Nantes Métropole, CCI and CMA join forces to create a new resource space: Maison de l’Entreprise. The aim is to bring together all the support offerings offered to companies in the area (such as Nantes entreprise dans ma poche or RSE Platform) to support them in their transition to a new responsible economic model. In this way, professionals will be able to receive valuable advice on financing, personnel support, as well as corporate social responsibility, energy transition or mobility…

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