7 Unmissable Indie Games of the Week (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One)

Game news 7 Unmissable Indie Games of the Week (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One)

March is coming to an end, but the last full week of the month will not be stingy with indie game releases. While there aren’t as many headliners as last week, there are several titles worth checking out across a wide range of genres, from platformers to narrative games to real tower defense.


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It is worth taking a look at Itorah if only for its aesthetic qualities. This 2.5D platformer will make you progress in a hand-drawn environment, and this painstaking work is felt as soon as you look at the title. But its plastic charms are not the only virtues of the game. which is already being compared to Dead Cells when it comes to its approach to modern platforming.. Boss battles, puzzles to solve, and jump phases will all be included in the Itora program, which we hope will live up to its promises.

A place for the unwilling


With its rather prominent aesthetic, A Place for the Unwanted was supposed to offer an atypical plot, and it seems to be. The title actually places you in the very heart of a strange world doomed to perish 21 days after the start of the adventure. Basically, it’s your choice that will determine how things turn out, as at least 100 events will depend on your decisions.. The multi-choice scenario should change the world in which you develop, as well as the different endings of the game. Unburdened by puzzles, A Place for the Unwilling will bet on immersion and decision making. Already released on PC, the game is coming to Switch this week.

Pet shelter

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You’re probably familiar with the existential question that comes up in every game involving four-legged animals: can you pet them? With Animal Shelter all the answers are found as your goal will be to take control of the animal shelter and take care of them. Therefore, you will have to collect, care for and shelter your hairballs. make them happy and subsequently find them owners whose aspirations must complement the aspirations of the chosen animal. A wide range of activities must be available to make your shelter a benchmark for collecting animals in need.


Blue’s Memoirs

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If you like contemplative and poetic escapades in the spirit of Journey, then most likely you will be interested in A Memoir Blue. The Cloisters Interactive teams have developed a game that invites you to relive childhood memories of Miriam, a champion swimmer, and appreciate the difficult relationship she had with her mother. Combination of 3D and traditional drawing, Memoir Blue is advertised as an interactive poem.where the gameplay should be scrapped in favor of a storytelling that will force you to progress in notoriously beautiful environments.

Planet Crafter

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Astroneer, No Man’s Sky, and many more have made their mark on the sci-fi open-world survival game for quite some time now. Planet Crafter, which will be released in Early Access this week, will be in line with the mentioned games, offering you a very specific mission – to make a hostile planet habitable. Therefore, it will be necessary to collect material to create your first base, and then try to bring enough oxygen for life. Please note that the demo is already available on Steam if you want to get an idea of ​​what this adventure will offer.

History of game developers

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“Work hard to try and reach the top of the video game industry! “. This is how the developers of Game Dev Story lay out the principle of their game in a simple line. You get it, you will take on the head of a video game company within which you will be able to develop your own console and games that you will hopefully break sales records. Having achieved this success on mobile devices the game is finally coming to PC and should therefore allow you to wake up the manager that is slumbering in you.

Now there will be goblins

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Virtual reality is far from having its last word, and Now There Be Goblins is determined to prove it. As the name suggests, this VR game will let you take on hordes of goblins in a mix of hand-to-hand combat and tower defense.. Thus, placing traps and building structures will be essential to your survival. The environment should also be highly interactive, and you can use that to your advantage to chase those pesky creatures off your territory. It will serve as a pretty cartoonish design and clearly nervous gameplay. Will be judged with VR controllers on March 28th.

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