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For his first year in the N1, Baptiste Weisstroffer started the season well. “Everything is going well, at first this is a discovery, this will be my first full season on the road, and even more so at this level, since last year I was 2nd category. Physically I’m fine, but tactically and technically I still need to improve. . I like it, that’s the main thing”, the VC Pays de Loudéac driver rejoices. Last weekend at the Louison-Bobet circuit and then at the Circuit du Morbihan, he showed that he was comfortable racing. “I was ahead for two days. On Sunday it was a bit more difficult, because of the wind and the track, it was quite nervous. so I said I was going to try and weigh the guys.”.

Oppressed by the trail of WB-Fybolia Morbihan, in wide domination, the Loudéaciens did what they could. Baptiste Weisstroffer gave his man away to try and stop Morbianne. “I did the work of Killian (Verschuren). We missed a shot up front, I changed the rhythm a bit to break it up and get a better place, it was hard because it doesn’t necessarily suit me. My size does not favor me on these steep slopes”. The property of the Bretons is to push the pedals as hard as possible. “Race where nervous, where strength is needed, and send gear. It suits me better than racing, where it’s cool, I don’t really like it, even if I overtake a lot. Toddler boots, I don’t have much explosive power since I’m from triathlon”.


Baptiste Weisstroffer really has a lot of experience in long distance triathlon. As evidenced by his 3as well as seat at Emeraude Event – “one of the largest long-distance triathlons in France” – fiveas well as in the championship of Brittany and victories in local triathlons. “I couldn’t prove anything with Covid”. But the Energy Management License student at Lorient had to put that discipline aside in order to devote himself more to his studies. “Triathlon is quite laborious, you need to train a lot in three different disciplines. It consists of two or three workouts per day. It was incompatible with study. that I was driving and doing kilometers. So I took it, I said to myself why not take the chance and I love it”.

If he planned to postpone the triathlon, the 21-year-old runner still has a goal “two or three triathlons, one or two long distances, and [s]we are Quimper Triathlon club”. Even if his training is mostly about cycling, despite running a little in parallel. “I wanted to specialize to see what I’m worth, he responds well. There is a way to have fun and prove that I have a good level. All these pushes forward will inevitably pay off. But I still need to progress as I can’t run”laughs Fouesnantais. The COVID crisis has also played a role in this transition. “Triathlons are open to the public, so the prefects didn’t allow triathlon, but cycling – yes, that’s why I got my license from UCK Vannes, went shopping, and that’s how I got noticed.”.


After that stint at UCK Vannes and several finalists last year like his 12as well as place in Nantes Segré, Baptiste Weisstroffer moved to the side of VC Pays de Loudéac this season. “I had several contacts with the teams. But I know Florian Dauphine well, he told me that they are looking for people of my type with this triathlete profile.”. This collective dimension in cycling interests him. “I don’t have any particular dream other than winning. But also the division of effort, when we communicate emotions as a team, it’s very useful, like we’re winning, I find that interesting.”. So he will bring his luggage brought to him by his discipline. “I have a big triathlon drum, I ate a lot of terminals. Last year I did a little more than 23,000 km, not counting running, etc., there are a lot of volumes”.

But he still has a lot of work to do to fully become a racing cyclist. “The weak point is that it limits my explosive power. In triathlon we are smooth, we are regular, so at first pushing was very fun for me.he smiles. I like long effort, long lap times. I did a 3rd Hope in Chrono Brittany with a triathlon the day before on my feet because I was a little mixed up last year.”. Hope 4 will take on the pros this week at the Tour de Normandy. “This is the first big goal, the first big multi-day race. I can’t wait to see what I’m up to, I’m happy with the profiles because they’re for riders.”. Then there will be dates with his age category. “France in time also interests me. The rest of the calendar needs to be opened, I arrive without knowing the race.. Baptiste Weisstroffer retired from swimming, but in cycling he is ready to step into the thick of it.

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