Challenges Reveals Top 50 Influencers

Influencer: The term was clearly not born with the advent of social media. No definition of his role. But the power of digital technology has multiplied its influence tenfold and turned the hierarchy on its head. This is the digital translation of Warhol’s quarter of an hour: today anyone can claim this status. For better and for worse. “Influence, which is a healthy and ethical way to change minds,” is never far from being manipulated,” recalls Benjamin Grange, founder and senior partner of Mascaret, the new name of Dentsu Consulting, with whom trials has joined forces to compile this Top 50 Influencers* list, which will be revealed every Friday from this week, domain by domain.

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It is difficult to navigate in this large and heterogeneous population. “If we target accounts with over 5,000 followers, there will be 150,000 influencers in France and over 7 million in the world,” calculates Guillaume Doki-Thonon, founder of specialist agency Reech. So you can’t put everyone in one basket. “Initially, there were candidates for reality shows — dropshipping, product placement — and others, from social media,” says Reuben Cohen, founder of Follow, an agency that runs a talent stable. Then we saw influencers in lifestyle, then, with the advent of new formats, others in travel, cars, food. Finally, experts have arrived, those who spread knowledge.” .

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