“Competitiveness and ETI” intern at the Department of Economics


As an expert and forward-thinking body on major social and economic issues, accountable to the Prime Minister, France Strategie makes recommendations to the executive branch, organizes debates, consults and contributes to ex-post public policy evaluation.

Its organization revolves around 4 thematic departments: economics; Work, labor skills; Society and social policy; Sustainable and digital development.

The work of France Strategy is carried out by a team of more than 40 permanent experts (economists, lawyers, engineers, sociologists, political scientists, etc.), supplemented by 15 scientific consultants.


The main task of the Department of Economics is to analyze and make proposals on medium-term and long-term growth factors. It also plays a cross-cutting role in monitoring short-term economic issues and providing support on various topics addressed by France’s strategy. Thus, the team is primarily interested in structural growth policies (productivity, innovation policy, market regulation and taxation, competition policy, support for competitiveness, conditions for company growth) and their evaluation. With this in mind, the department combines macro- and microeconomic approaches. He mobilizes academic work, modeling, economic actors’ perspectives to support his analysis and recommendations.


The trainee puts into practice the skills acquired during the training. Its role is to support the implementation of projects, in particular through missions of empirical analysis and drafting notes and deliverables. The main theme of the post concerns the competitiveness of the French economy. France Strategie has several databases on the subject. The officer will be responsible for:

  • Process and reconcile macro-sector and individual company data.
  • Implement a big data management and analytics strategy.
  • Conduct an analysis of the links between R&D investment and France’s competitiveness relative to OECD countries.
  • Study the dynamics of the French industrial structure, in particular through the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The current staff member is also likely to be mobilized in areas other than those listed above to meet the needs of the service.

The work will result in publications by France Stratégie (working papers and policy notes) to be used to develop proposals to improve the competitiveness of France. This staff member will carry out this work using statistical and econometric tools by mobilizing data available from France Stratégie as well as individual company data provided remotely by manufacturers through the Secure Data Access Center (CASD).


A holder of a second or third cycle degree in public policy, economic and social sciences or public policy assessment, the incumbent must have strong management and quantitative data processing skills, as well as an excellent command of SAS software (DATA steps, procedures). , macro language and SQL) and STATA.

He/she has a strong interest in issues related to the competitiveness of the French economy, as well as policies in favor of research and development and business innovation. He/she has excellent analytical and synthesizing abilities and combines an interest in theoretical and empirical work. He/she is able to work in an interdisciplinary environment and has a sense of teamwork and networking. Concerned about the quality of his written and oral expression, strict, he can intervene at all stages of the project.

Internships are open to citizens of the European Union and to any foreigner with a work permit.


20 avenue de Segur, 75007 PARIS

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to:


As part of its policy of diversity and professional equality, France Strategy treats all applications with equal skill without discrimination.

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