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*Tunisia: Shooting at barracks in Kairouan (AA)

At dawn on Sunday at the headquarters of the security brigade of the National Guard in Kairouan (central Tunisia), shooting was carried out from an unknown vehicle, which fled.

The General Union of the National Guard in Kairouan said the attack did not cause any damage.

In this regard, the local Sabra FM radio reported that the National Guard barracks in Kairouan came under fire at the main entrance. After that, the attackers fled. The same source believes that “the perpetrators of this crime belong to one of the terrorist cells.”

For its part, on the official Facebook page of the central union of the Central Regiment of Intervention of Kairouan (part of the National Guard), photos were published showing bullet marks on the door of the barracks. The Interior Ministry did not comment on the incident.

* Blinken: “We support the aspirations of the Tunisian people for a democratic government” (AA)

The United States of America reiterated its support for the desire of the Tunisian people to form a “democratic government” capable of meeting their needs, protecting human rights and providing security.

“The United States supports the Tunisian people’s aspirations for an effective democratic government that meets their needs, protects universal human rights, enhances security, and expands economic opportunities,” Blinken said.

He congratulated “the Tunisian people on the 66th anniversary of Tunisian independence and the 11th anniversary of the Tunisian revolution.”

“The bonds that unite our two countries are based on the values ​​of democracy and human rights, values ​​that we share and consider the foundation of a free society, as well as long-standing economic and cultural ties. that exist between us,” he added.

And Blinken continues: “We recall here the historic role of Tunisian civil society, which received the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for its contribution to building a pluralistic democracy that highlights the true nature of the Tunisian people.”

*Tunisia: Thousands of demonstrations celebrating independence and rejecting the “coup” (AA)

Thousands of people demonstrated in Tunisia on Sunday to mark the 66th anniversary of independence and demand the overthrow of what they called the “coup”.

Anadolu news agency reported that thousands of people marched from the Bab Saadoun area of ​​the capital to Bardo Square (seat of Parliament) in response to the Citizens Against Rebellion call.

Citizens Against the Coup is a popular initiative that has presented a proposed roadmap to end the political crisis in Tunisia, including holding early presidential and parliamentary elections in the second half of 2022.

The demonstrators held slogans such as “Down with the coup”, “Freedom, freedom, end the police state”, “The judiciary is independent” and “Removing the president is a duty”.

Authorities have banned vehicles from passing along March 20 Street leading to the parliament building in the suburb of Bardo, and have also banned the subway from stopping at stations where protesters have passed.

*Tunisia: Presidential Decree for the return of loot (AA)

Tunisian President Cais Said announced on Sunday the publication of a presidential decree to return funds stolen by those he called “guilty of stealing the money of the Tunisian people.”

“We chose this day to consider an ambitious project, and I wanted it to be Independence Day to present a number of decrees, including, in particular, a draft decree-law on the reconciliation of criminals,” Said said.

And explain: “So that people can return the money stolen from them, instead of being content with court cases that are in court, and which did not give our people much to return.”

“Criminal conciliation is a procedure enshrined in law, so instead of putting the accused in jail, he returns the money that he misappropriated,” he added.

And the President of Tunisia specified: “These funds that we will return, we will donate them to poor and disadvantaged regions, and this is in order of priority, going from the most disadvantaged to the least disadvantaged.” Saeed stressed that “measures have been taken and some precautions have been taken to ensure that these funds benefit those who deserve them.”

He announced “a second decree regarding the establishment of a new type of company, namely civil companies, so that Tunisians can start projects in every delegation (sub-prefecture) and so that young people can create wealth.” The President of Tunisia also announced “the third decree concerning the fight against illegal profiteering, so that all who want to starve the people to take over all their duties to the people and justice.”

On July 28, Saeed stated that “the value of the stolen money is estimated at 13.5 billion dinars (about $5 billion) and that it should be returned in exchange for a criminal reconciliation” with the businessmen responsible for these crimes.

*Tunisia/Saïd: More than half a million Tunisians participated in the “Conference of the People” (AA).

Tunisian President Kais Syed announced that more than half a million Tunisians had participated in the popular e-consultations, which concluded on Sunday.

This is what follows from his speech delivered to the Tunisians on the occasion of the celebration of independence late Sunday evening after a lengthy meeting of the Council of Ministers in the Palace of Carthage, broadcast on official television.

“More than half a million people have participated in the e-consultations up to this evening (Sunday), despite campaigns of contempt, disinformation and obstruction by (without naming) parties. Participation in this unique process was interrupted by those who wanted to interfere with the will of the people. They (without naming them) have not found any arguments or evidence, so how can they despise this unprecedented historical effort (meaning electronic consultation),” he explained.

The President indicated that “on July 25, a nationwide referendum will be held in which everyone will take part to express their opinion on the nature of the political system, and then the commission will begin to formalize the results of the referendum in law, which preserves rights and freedoms. Thus, the people will have their say in organizing the elections on December 17.”

“We want a new Tunisia and a new republic. It cannot be denied that the Tunisian people have begun to move steadily towards this,” he added.

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