E.Leclerc is cutting prices and selling its high-tech department this week!

News good deal E.Leclerc is cutting prices and selling its high-tech department this week!

We can say that this week started off well with E.Leclerc, which offers a range of discounts in its high-tech section. Smartphones, smart TVs, connected watches, soundbars, laptops – it’s all there! And with low prices that risk hurting competitors!

E.Leclerc is embarking on a very special operation, because one of the French leaders in mass distribution has decided to reduce prices for literally 7 days! E.Leclerc even decided to call this period “7 exceptional days” and, above all, exclusive to the brand.

Smartphones, smart TVs, connected objects, soundbars, everything is on sale at E.Leclerc, within 7 days.


  • E.Leclerc Launches “7 Exceptional Days” and Launches Promotions!
  • Best promotions in E.Leclerc for “7 Days of Exceptions”!

One of the largest distributors in France, E.Leclerc, launched today almost all shelves, and especially high-tech ones. There are a lot of goods on sale, and it can be said that it is timely! During this somewhat sluggish period when there are no sales, such an operation may well allow you to save money on the next big screen.

Take advantage of 7 exceptional days at E.Leclerc

E. Leclerc is an ultra-famous player in the field of mass distribution. With a presence in many French cities, this is the weekend’s meeting point for refueling and shopping.

But E.Leclerc is also an online site that offers many promotions on an extensive product catalog. And high-tech is no exception. Indeed, among smartphones, connected objects, tablets and smart TVs, E.Leclerc has an offer that would be a shame to miss when you want to arm yourself.

And that’s not counting pre-orders for video games, which remain particularly relevant in the sense that they often sell for the best price on the market.

With 7 exceptional days, E.Leclerc wants to celebrate this event and get ahead of all its competitors. In this way, E.Leclerc will be able to secure sales more easily.

Sounds like a very Machiavellian plan, but it’s not. On the contrary, it allows, from the point of view of consumers, significant savings on many means of production.

So, if you are currently looking for a great affordable smart TV, with E.Leclerc offer you will be able to invest in established brands and save money on top of that.

But be careful, this period is short. 7 exceptional days last only this week. The operation starts this Monday, March 21st and ends on Sunday, March 27th, so you’ll have to decide quickly so you don’t run out of stock.

Take advantage of 7 exceptional days at E.Leclerc

The E.Leclerc Exclusive 7 Days is a special period during which most of the products featured in the store will be discounted. However, given the number of products to be cut, one can quickly feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that needs to be processed.

That’s why we bring you the best of the best promotions you can find at E.Leclerc during these 7 exceptional days. However, don’t delay getting the offers that interest you the most. After all, this operation, performed at E.Leclerc, lasts only once and will end on Sunday, March 20!

So, among all the proposals proposed by E.Leclerc, we offer you those that seem to us the most interesting and relevant!

  • Huawei GT3 smart watch under 230 euros with exceptional 7-day E.Leclerc! With the ability to sync with most smartphones, it’s a great alternative to Apple Watch and Samsung Watch4 at a competitive price.
  • Assassin’s Creed The Rebel Edition for Nintendo Switch for less than 30 euros! In one Nintendo Switch cartridge we find two games that marked the Assassin’s Creed saga: the 4th episode called Black Flag and the 5th episode called “Rogue”.
  • Philips OLED 55″ smart TV loses over 250 euros!. Here is a 4K screen that will allow you to save a lot and also take advantage of Ambilight.
  • A great alternative to the big brands, this 4K TV from TCL is available for less than 500 euros.. How to get cheap 4K? Just by turning to this TCL TV that can satisfy you and save your wallet!
  • The LG SN5R soundbar costs less than 200 euros!. With it, you will be able to enjoy sound that is both realistic and, above all, immersive with DTS Virtual:X.
  • 449 euros is the price of Samsung S20 FE for 7 exceptional days at E.Leclerc!. Still relevant, the Samsung S20 FE is offered in a 4G version with a nice discount that brings the price down to under 450€!
  • Samsung A12 costs less than 170 euros at E.Leclerc!. The excellent value for money Samsung A12 is one of the entry-level smartphones that has everything you need at a very affordable price.
  • 16-inch HP Victus with RTX 3060 loses 100 euros. With a solid configuration, this gaming-focused laptop will be able to run all the latest games, all for less than 900 euros!

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