Five good reasons to check out PolarLens this weekend


Because it was a long time ago!

2019. The three years we haven’t seen PolarLens has gone from postponement to cancellation due to Covid. ” Three blows with a sword on the water, especially since each time I had to start from scratch ”, asks Helene Corret, cultural assistant at Lensoise. The 2022 edition, the 24th in a row, will have the flavor of a long-awaited reunion. penetration theme. This issue is sponsored by Olivier Mas, a former DGSE (Directorate General of External Services) spy: sorry for the little one!

Olivier Mas, formerly of the DGSE, is sponsoring this year’s festival.

The simple and at the same time immense goal of this small salon, which has become big: to give a taste for reading and authors. Recall that the first edition of 1997 was devoted to children’s books. Dark romance only appeared in 1999.

An exhibition of original PolarLens posters can be seen at the Colosseum.
An exhibition of original PolarLens posters can be seen at the Colosseum.


For meetings

PolarLens drew close to 6,000 visitors during its last edition in 2019. For the weekend, it’s a smart mix of headliners that the audience rips off to create a rock star frenzy (look at the queues at some of the booths!) and nugget writers in the making. From the region, but not only. A total of sixty-three noir novelists will be present, including Frank Tillies.

PolarLens also features a number of less visible events on the college student agenda through Lens Hospital and APEI throughout the year. If Bertinchamp Hall is the nerve center, other events are taking place elsewhere: Inquiry rally downtown, Saturday, 2:00 pm(1); an exhibition prepared by students of the school of plastic arts and schoolchildren from Lens in the Colosseum, among others.


For the escape game

In the Bertinchamps room, Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 6pm non-stop, we’ll find an impressive alignment of authors’ tables, but this year – and this is a novelty – there will be a mystery booth of sorts going on. Sonic escape game based on the TV series Nightmare Brigade, Frank Tilliez. This is one of the highlights of the weekend. It is organized by the social and cultural centers of Lens. But… we let you discover and keep silent!


For Agatha Christie

This is an opportunity to try on the role of Commissioner Annie Greco and Inspector Max Beretta by visiting the studios The Little Murders of Agatha Christie installed in the Duro pavilion of the Lens hospital. You will need to act quickly: visits are popular! The meeting is scheduled for Saturday, from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00. Departure by tractor from the Bertinchamps Hall (first departure at 9:45) thanks to the collectors of the association La traction Universelle. On pre-order. On Sunday it will be from 10:00 to 17:00. Free visits by reservation via email

If you haven't been to the studio yet
If you haven’t been to Little Murders yet, now is the time!


For the killer dictation

Trap lovers (one or two “p’s”?), here’s a killer dictation, always masterfully crafted by Julien Soulier, author Spelling for dummies. Forget the dictation by levels. Family this year. Formula: one adult – one child (8-15 years old) in partnership with Furet du Nord. We will continue to sweat profusely, trying to avoid mistakes, but as a family. Sunday, 10:30 am, Bertinsham Hall.

1. Registration at the Lens-Liévin Tourist Office on 03 21 67 66 66.

Sofa bed Cou2com

As part of PolarLens, in partnership with the Lens City Hall and the Cou2com association of the former Bank of France, the public is invited to play the stars of the polar world. The idea is simple and no special talents are required: Cou2Com invites you to take a photo alone or with your family for free on Wednesday, March 23, from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Embassy from Cou2com, rue de la Paix. You will then pick up your photos on Sunday at Bertinchamps.

List of secret agents

Christophe Arnault, Lakhdar Belaid, Ludovic Bertin, Jean-Pierre Bokke, Didier Bonnet, Daniel Bourdon, Dominique Catto, Marie Compagne, Christel Colpard-Soufflet, Thierry Declerc, Angelina Delcroix, Amelie De Lima, Jean-Marc Demetz, Jeanne Desaubri, Sandrine Destombes, François-Xavier Dillar, Eric Dupuy, Jacques Expert, Marc Falvo, Claire Favan, Denis Fourier, Bob Garcia, Celine Gies, Mark Fernandez, Ghislaine Gilberty, Victor Gilbert, Johanna Gustavsson, Herve Nernu, Jess Caan, Gaylord Kemp, Ingrid Klupsch, Rosalie Lowy, Alexis Leipsker, Sophie Laroche, Nicolas Lebel, Sophie Loubière, Jérôme Loubry, Jean-Christophe Maquet, Emily Malaquin Lapava, Olivier Mas, Marc Masse, Philippe Masselot, Salvatore Minni, Mikael Moslonka, Jean-Hughes Oppel, Clarence Pitz, Jean-Christophe Portes, Sophie Rigal Goulard, Petronil Rotagna, Barbara Abel, Jacques Saussy, Catherine Seck, Anouk Schutterberg, Virginie Sinjo-Fabre, Nico Takian, Danielle Teri, Frank Thilies, Christine Vosch l, Patrick Vast, Magali Vanhoutt, Celine Walkowiak, Greg Vaden, Luke Watteau.

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