Gerard Lanvin returns to the screen with “Children of the Righteous”: “History returns to the loop”

“Children of the Righteous”, Wednesday, March 23, France 2, cinema, music, family. The actor gives up.

You play “Children of the Righteous” by Virgil, a carpenter who accompanies his white wife on a journey of heroism by sheltering Jewish children during the war. What does this character evoke for you?

Sometimes circumstances decide for you and subject you to trials that transform you, open you up. He is asked to transfer Jewish children to the other side of the demarcation line, this is to join the resistance and defend the ideal, freedom. This is what Virgil and Blanche are going to do, with all the consequences that entails.

More than 27,000 Righteous have been recognized in this way, France recently paid tribute to Hubert Germain, the last companion of the Liberation. Glorifying the heroes, offers the country and its youth standards and models?

Yes, History is back in full swing, leaders who play with our lives as if we are pawns, there are always wars about which we do not know all the ins and outs. We must pass on this memory. Young people are worried and will face it. Instead, some deserve to consider playing Nintendo or consider themselves Marseilles while remodeling their boobs.

The youth must know where they stand. But next to us is adversity, suffering, they oblige us.

This fiction takes on another resonance with current events in Ukraine, reminding us what war is like in all its horror.

They were survived from Iraq live on television. War is the worst. That’s why you have to choose your words, we are not at war with the coronavirus, as has been said. Ukraine is going through a war, and we are all alarmed by the dramatic development of the situation and this threat hanging over the planet. He does not spare civilians, and “Children of the Righteous” also reminds of this.

Special evening, Wednesday, March 23, France 2

Children of the righteous. On Wednesday, March 23, France 2 offers a special edition dedicated to one of the darkest pages of our history, the occupation of France by Nazi Germany and collaborationism. The evening starts at 21:10 with a screening of Les enfants des Justes, adapted from a book by Christian Signol and directed by Fabien Ontiniente, with Gérard Lanvin, Mathilde Seigner and Philippe Torreton. A wonderful fiction that celebrates the courage of ordinary French people who helped save Jewish families.

Celebrity summary. The evening will continue at 22:45 with the new Infrarouge: La rafle des notables, adapted from the book of the same name by Anna Sinclair. This documentary tells the little-known story of the first Jewish deportation convoy from France during World War II, which departed from Le Bourget Drancy station on March 27, 1942, to Auschwitz with hundreds of intellectual elite on board. founded.

You rarely act in films made for television. Was the reunion with Fabien Ontiniente and Mathilde Seigner decisive?

Yes, I called Fabien because I saw his squad with Samuel Le Bian on Laurent Fignon, which touched me. And it was he who came up with this idea.

You haven’t been together since Camping, which was a huge success…

A film that no one wanted to produce, like the one in the cinema!

What inspires you about how cinema uses you?

I just did a comedy with Philippe Guillard (I love what you do), I would also like to make more complex films, directors need to wake up a bit! But I have no problem with that, if they need you, they will come for you, and I already have a lot of work to do.

Platforms expand your horizons. Olivier Marshal’s “The Bronx” was a hit on Netflix in the US.

The numbers are crazy, it’s good for Olivier, he’s a director that I’m very close to and works with all the time. This is his therapy, his way of being.

You said you, your desire to make a success of your exit. What did you mean?

I remain available for film, television, but I don’t want to do rubbish. I have just recorded the second single under the direction of Sylvie Testud (“Mother, don’t let me sleep”), also of excellent quality. That’s what I’m looking forward to today. I’m quite happy with that, the shooting time is twenty-five days, compared to two months for the film, and the roles are much more interesting, and in films we sometimes go in circles.

I don’t want to do it too much anyway, unless there are stronger roles and scenarios than what’s presented there, there’s a point where I’ll stop. Nothing, I lack nothing, my life depends not only on this. And I don’t have to go on for another ten or fifteen or twenty years.

You’ve always kept essentially your life off the set.

I am lucky to do what I love, that it lasts so long, but it is thanks to the public that we hold on, the movie is not a family one and it will never thank you. Life is not easy, there is a time when you must take responsibility. I am very close with my sons, I have a wife that I would like to find again, she brings brightness, intensity, strength to my life.

When I finish the film, I go home. I look forward to rediscovering this family life and this complicity.

You share the same connections in the movies, you are marked by the disappearance of fellow traveler Jean-Pierre Bacri.

Yes, time passes, and we lose friends whom we loved, with whom we laughed a lot. Jean-Pierre was not a workaholic, he was someone who took the time to live and opened his mouth. But you can pass as a complainer when you die, everyone adore you…

Music now takes a place in your life. What does it bring you?

That’s a plus, my son Manu is a great bluesman who has worked with Quincy Jones, B.B. King, my other son Leo is a DJ, I write lyrics and it all makes a very gypsy family! We released an album (Ici-bas), and today we get on the tour bus together, we go with the musicians to the roads to move from gala to gala. We live in something sublime.

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