Is GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series for PC? Our verdict in the video!

Eight years after its original release, GTA V is offering a launch on ninth generation consoles to take advantage of the technical capabilities of these machines. 4K, 60 fps, ray tracing… The game is undergoing changes to bring rendering closer than ever to PC, but on consoles. But aside from these technical aspects, are the additions of these next generation versions enough to justify a chargeback?


  • A question of price
  • Next generation graphics?
  • Reduced loading time for better gaming experience
  • Is GTA Online more accessible than before?

A question of price

Before we talk about the new features of the PS5 and Xbox Series versions, let’s first go back to the conditions for purchasing the game. While free or paid bets are getting more and more democratic with the ninth generation of consoles, Rockstar is definitely not. like everyone else. As a result, If you have GTA V on PS4 or Xbox One, you will need to purchase the game a second time on PS5 and Xbox Series if you want to use the add-ons for those versions.. However, rest assured, you can still transfer your save from GTA V and GTA Online through your Rockstar Social Club account, but only once, which is quite limited.

Is GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series for PC?  Our verdict in the video!

Well aware that players would be unhappy about having to pay for the game a fourth time, Rockstar still wanted to make a commercial gesture. Until June 14, the full version of GTA V, that is, the story mode and GTA Online, is sold for 20 euros on the Microsoft store and 10 euros on the PlayStation store. If you only want to get your hands on GTA Online, the latter is sold separately for €10 on the Microsoft store, and it’s free for all PS5 owners. After June 14, prices will return to normal, and therefore GTA V will be sold at a price of 40 euros, and GTA Online only at 20 euros in the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. Thus, the price is half that of games for these consoles, but it is quite logical for a game released eight years ago. As for the physical editions, don’t look for them now as the game won’t be available in a box until April.

Next generation graphics?

Now that the price point has been settled, it’s time to turn to the main innovation of these PS5 and Xbox Series versions: graphical improvements. As usual for consoles of this generation, we are offered several different display modes.. But while we’re used to choosing between two rendering types, this time players can choose between three different graphic renderings.

Is GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series for PC?  Our verdict in the video!

First of all, we have the Fidelity mode, which offers native 4K resolution, ray tracing, but at the cost of a lower frame rate of thirty frames per second on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series S has to be content with 4K, which called upscaling, that is, stretched, and therefore, of less quality than native 4K. After this type of display that contributes to the resolution of the image, we find a performance mode that emphasizes the smoothness of the action. So on PS5 and Xbox Series X we are entitled to a consistent 60fps to the detriment of extended 4K resolution, which sadly becomes 1080p on Xbox Series S. Finally, the latter display mode is exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series. X, as it is particularly resource intensive. As a result, Performance RT rendering offers the best of both worlds: 60fps frame rates, improved 4K resolution, and even ray tracing.. To see the result, please know that all clips from this test video were filmed in Performance RT to take full advantage of next generation consoles.

With these PS5 and Xbox Series versions, it’s clear that GTA V has never looked so good on consoles to offer rendering close to high-end PCs.. Finally, if you do not take into account all the mods that have since tried to embellish the game, which was released back in 2013, we remember. What’s more, even if the experience is much smoother and clearer than before, the title still shows the number of years for certain elements, such as facial animations. But hey, nothing too shocking to ruin the game experience.

Reduced loading time for better gaming experience

Is GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series for PC?  Our verdict in the video!

In addition to a more pleasing visual aspect, GTA V also uses the technical capabilities of the PS5 and Xbox Series to provide a smoother gaming experience. One of the strengths of these new versions is, above all, the drastic reduction in boot time.. Remember that on PS4 and Xbox One you had to wait almost two minutes before you could join Los Santos and start playing. Now that initial load drops below 30 seconds, which means it’s four times faster to boot thanks to the power of these machines’ SSDs.

Is GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series for PC?  Our verdict in the video!

But, when it comes to switching between characters, loading times remain the same as on previous generation consoles., or about ten seconds. Finally, these new versions also use technologies specific to each of the consoles, such as Xbox Series 3D spatial audio or PS5 Tempest 3D Audio technology for more immersion. As for the Sony console, we can also note that the title supports adaptive triggers and Dual Sense haptic feedback to improve the driving and shooting experience.

Is GTA Online more accessible than before?

Is GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series for PC?  Our verdict in the video!

In addition to the graphic part, the arrival of GTA V on PS5 and Xbox Series also brings some changes to the multiplayer mode: Grand Theft Auto Online. First, the online experience obviously benefits from all the technical improvements we’ve mentioned so far: 4K resolution, 60fps frame rate, ray tracing, and so on. But like the main campaign, the most handy improvement on these next-gen releases is loading times, which are much shorter than before. After these technical moments We understand that GTA Online is now entitled to a menu that allows you to select an action, such as a race or a heist, before you even set foot in Los Santos.. A clever way from the developers to save players even more time to avoid long bootstrap times before performing an action.

Is GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series for PC?  Our verdict in the video!

Once in the game, we were pleasantly surprised to see that these PS5 and Xbox Series versions GTA Online has a new tutorial, allowing everyone to start the online experience in good conditions.. In the career editor, new players must first select one of four criminal professions: White Collar, Arms Dealing Expert, Nightclub Boss, or Biker. They are then given 4 million dollars to spend in several mandatory categories: headquarters to host their more or less legal activities, elements to improve the place, vehicle, weapons, etc. missions to show him various activities. that can be completed in GTA Online

It’s a big evolution from the game’s launch where players were completely thrown out at the airport with guns in their pockets, not knowing where to go next. But once the learning phase is over, there’s something that makes one feel a little overwhelmed with all the content GTA Online now has to offer since the pinnacle of its eight-year existence.. If the impressive amount of activity that GTA Online offers today is its main strength, we can blame Rockstar for not continuing to gain momentum, leaving the player a little on their own.

Is GTA 5 PS5 Xbox Series for PC?  Our verdict in the video!

Finally, in addition to the new menu and tutorial, you should know that these PS5 and Xbox Series versions are also eligible for exclusive content, at least for now. At the Los Santos Auto Show, you can meet Hao and his Hao’s Special Works store, which allows you to buy upgrades for his cars and make some tweaks. After making these changes, you will be able to participate in new races, including time trials. Finally, keep in mind that premium test vehicles are also available to test on a weekly basis so players can get an opinion before purchasing them. Content that is not revolutionary, but that will appeal to driving enthusiasts. While the GTA Online experience on PS5 and Xbox Series seems to be the most enjoyable on consoles, we can blame the title for the fact that, eight years after its release, it still doesn’t offer cross-play.. The absence is all the more unfortunate as access to these consoles is still difficult today, reducing the number of players to be found online.

With this third release for PS5 and Xbox Series, Grand Theft Auto V has never looked so good on consoles. 4K resolution, 60fps frame rate, ray tracing… This port leverages the technical capabilities of next-generation consoles to provide the best possible experience while significantly reducing load times. Other than that, GTA V remains what it is, namely an incredible open world filled with action, but dating back to 2013 and therefore showing the number of years in certain moments, such as facial animations. But more than single player mode, it’s first and foremost GTA Online, which stands out as the winner of this PS5 and Xbox Series appearance with the addition of new player tutorials, exclusive content, and all the game’s graphical and technical improvements. . Thus, the port is intended for players of the online mode, and not for those who ended the adventure of Michael, Franklin and Trevor many years ago due to the lack of serious novelties.

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