Jean Castex considers Emmanuel Macron’s re-election “necessary”

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22:43 : The news is accelerating, but let’s not forget to list the main content of the day:

A focus on what would change Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to allow cohabiting couples to file their taxes together;

This reportage is in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, where passers-by are accustomed to living as neighbors to a warring country for fear of being infected by the conflict;

And this report in Kyiv, in a team of volunteers and artists producing body armor.

20:49 : “Over the course of four years, we have done everything to get the Socialist Party back on track and ensure that we can come into this election with a level of confidence that allows us to be among the first.”

“Today there are real differences that justify supporting the candidacy of Anna Hidalgo”This is reported by Franceinfo Olivier Faure, First Secretary of the PS.

20:44 : TF1 news guest, Prime Minister Jean Castex, calling to vote for Emmanuel Macron, claims that the latter will carry out pension reform, “as soon as possible”in case of re-election.

19:08 : Do you plan not to vote in the presidential election? Your testimony interests us. If you are willing to explain the reasons for your refusal and to be photographed for franceinfo, please contact me at the following email address: and give me your contact details. Thanks.

19:04 : Emmanuel Macron, outgoing president, candidate for re-election, wishes “allow all couples living together to reduce their taxes as if they were married or in a civil partnership”. This would be tantamount to allowing civil law partners to jointly declare their taxes and be treated as a single tax household. What will this measure do? Fabienne Yannick-Cherbonnel summarizes for Franceinfo.

18:57 : “I won’t be cruel, I didn’t put it that way, but sometimes the President of the Republic shouldn’t have said that, I think about what he said about the unvaccinated, I think too [à ce qu’il a dit] for unemployment.

Almost a week after the interview “legitimacy” president, elected without a campaign, President of the Senate Gérard Larcher assured France Bleu Normandie that, given his position, he was in his “the responsibility to say that the election campaign is not just a kind of campaigning for elections, that it is an opportunity to raise topics, raise problems”.

18:21 : According to our daily poll, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally candidate is widening its lead. The MP is credited with 17% of the vote (+0.5 points), trailing outgoing President Emmanuel Macron with 30.5%. After Jean-Luc Mélenchon (13%), Eric Zemmour (10%, -1 points) and Valerie Pecresse (10%, stable result) are now on the same level. (THOMAS COEKS / AFP)

09:58 : “A few weeks ago, a debate began about whether Pétain saved the French Jews. It’s just stunning.” franceinfo guest, Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racisme, calls on candidates “the highest function of the French Republic” wear more “Equality Issues”.

09:13 : “I don’t have much admiration” for President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, says Marine Le Pen. “It is precisely because our own leaders do not always behave like heads of state that we find it wonderful when others do so.”she added. Look for all the news of the president in our direct.

08:56 : “In order to save on RSA, I propose to limit the RSA on foreigners to those who can show that they have worked 5 years of the daily equivalent in France”, represents Marine Le Pen on Franceinfo. Emmanuel Macron announced that he wants to condition this income on minimal activity.

08:45 : “My priority choice is the purchasing power of the French. We compensate [ce choix] with the cost of immigration, the cost of fraud, the cost of agencies like McKinsey.”

National Association candidate visiting Franceinfo. She wants to reduce VAT to 5.5% on petrol, gas and electricity.

07:53 : “Today we blame many members of the working class because of their lifestyle, because they still drive cars, because they use diesel (…) at some point, I say stop.”

At France Inter, the PCF candidate claims he wants to support the working class in the energy transition, not “type” their purchasing power.

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