Kirby, Story of Seasons spin-off… Nintendo Switch launches this week

Game news Kirby, Story of Seasons spin-off… Nintendo Switch launches this week

A new week begins, and with it new experiences for players around the world. If there are many independent games planned for the Nintendo console, then the next seven days will especially mark the arrival of Kirby and the Forgotten World. A highly anticipated game that will surely mark the start of the year for the Nintendo Switch.

A place for the unwilling

21… This is the number of days you have left to walk the streets of the Unwanted Place. After this time, the end will come. So your time counts. What to explore? Who to tell? It is up to you to make your choice, knowing that it may well affect the fate of the city and its inhabitants. The end will not be the same depending on the decisions made. Suffice it to say that with a hundred narrative events, A Place for the Unwilling has many areas to explore. Do you want to work? Take part in the city’s political scene? Or just help all its inhabitants in turn? It’s up to you to create your own adventure according to your desires. Please note that the game has already arrived on PC in 2019 and specifically on Nintendo Switch this week.

  • Release date: 03/22/2022

Kraken Academy!!

A special highlight was during the Guerrilla Collective last June, Kraken Academy!! available on PC from September 2021. A few months later, the school bell finally rang on the Nintendo Switch. The counter is still running. This time, not 21, but 3 days are left until the end. The Kraken Academy is really threatened by the Machiavellian plan of a traitor hiding in the school. Your aim? Wash it off. And for this you can count on the help of a magical kraken that can manipulate time. Use different timelines to take a fresh look at things and find out who the villain in this story is. all while making new friends and releasing the lost spirit of the establishment.

  • Release date: 03/22/2022

Airy – Quiet Mind 2

After Aery – Calm Mind, EpiXR Games UG does it again and gives us a sequel with a rather provocative title: Aery – Calm Mind 2. The principle remains the same: unwind through a brief but calm video game experience. In the skin of a small bird, you can fly over fifteen new landscapes in search of small crystals or just relax from the stress of everyday life. There is no enemy here, not even the slightest danger. There is only you and your thirst for peace and freedom. Each level can be completed quickly, but you can just as well get lost there for several tens of minutes, if your heart tells you. The idea is to be able to adapt to what you need. Whether it’s a short break or a long zenith moment, Aery – Calm Mind 2 is the little UFO in the video game of the week.

  • Release date: 03/24/2022

Andro Dunos 2

Thirty years after the first opus, Andro Dunos returns with Andro Dunos 2. We remind you that the game was released in 1992 exclusively on Neo-Geo MVS and Neo-Geo AES. It’s Picorinne Soft that has taken over the old school shooting game from Visco and invites us this week to find it, among others, on the Nintendo Switch. In a programme: epic space travel, hundreds of ships to blow up, a whole armada of different weapons and turn on to revive it a bit. Note that the music was written by Allister Brimble, a specialist in old school themes, who had previously put his paw on Alien Breed, in particular to Body Blows and Colonization. So on paper, the game meets all the requirements of side-scrolling arcade game lovers.

Buy Andro Dunos 2 for 29€ at Fnac

  • Release date: 03/24/2022

Rune Factory 5

We’re changing the atmosphere with the return of the spin-off Story of Seasons: Rune Factory. With Rune Factory 5, Marvelous takes us to the small frontier town of Rigbart. You embody the new guardian of SEED, responsible for maintaining peace and balance between humanity and nature. But the task is not easy. Strange events do affect the runes responsible for this great balance. Between magic fights, developing your farm and taming small creatures, you can find the familiar gameplay of the Rune Factory. Of course, you will also meet new characters with whom you will develop strong friendships and, who knows, you may find your soul mate with whom you can start a family.

Pre-order Rune Factory from €5 to €59 on Amazon.

  • Release date: 03/25/2022

Kirby and the Forgotten World

And we’re ending with a big release of the week (or even the month) on Nintendo Switch. This is a new opus from the Nintendo license Kirby: Kirby and the Forgotten World. If this series is not the strongest of the Big N, then this opus may well change things up a bit. Indeed, this marks the appearance of our little pink ball in the real three-dimensional world. With more open levels and a transmorph system, Nintendo is selling us a new era of licensing. and it’s intriguing. Never before has a Kirby game generated so much interest and anticipation. Especially since the many positive reviews of the demo promise only good things for Kirby and the Forgotten World. During our preview, we were able to discover more than the promising first levels. Unfortunately, the less open side than expected led us to describe it as promising rather than exciting.

Pre-order Kirby and the Forgotten World for €44 at E.Leclerc.

  • Release date: 03/25/2022

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