Macron punished for using Twitter, fight between Zemmour and Pekress… Campaign news this Friday

Sparring partner. Lively, not to say tense, exchanges this Thursday night on the set of the network IZHS. Valerie Pecress clashed with Erik Zemmour over a clash between right-wing rivals in an election.

A palpable tension in the electrical context as two candidates have recently lost positions in the polls. If most observers agree that we were closer to a boxing fight than a debate, none of them managed to come out clearly.

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On the program for this big hour of confrontation is obviously the conflict in Ukraine, as well as the recurring themes of this campaign on the right: immigration, the fight against Islamism, and a hint at the economy and purchasing power.

This confrontation, left back to back, will also force Eric Zemmour to be more careful in the coming days. Information about France. Indeed, a candidate for the Reconquista! has already used up his speaking time in the month of March as he prepares to attend a major meeting in Paris on the 27th, which he hopes will be “broadcast as often as possible”.

Agenda Reminder

Mix of genres. Emmanuel Macron was hit on the fingers this Friday by the National Commission for the Control of the Presidential Campaign (CNCCEP).

She criticizes the outgoing president for publishing a letter to the French announcing his candidacy on the official Twitter account of the head of state. Abuse of an account intended only to spread information about his activities as president.

Thus, the commission considers that “such a message is associated with election propaganda and that, given the nature of the use of this Twitter account, it was used for a long time and mainly for messages related to the performance of his duties as president. It is advisable for the Republic not to use this account to distribute such messages.”

Following this call to order, the message was removed from Emmanuel Macron’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Enough to give some food for thought to some of its competitors who regularly criticize this mixture of genres.

Resale right of the day

Suspicion. We talked about it when the article came out. MediapartCommunist presidential candidate Fabien Roussel was today under investigation for suspected fictitious employment after a net player accused him of receiving a salary as an aide to parliament between 2009 and 2014 without actually working. we learned on Friday from a source familiar with the matter.

This investigation was entrusted to the General Directorate for Combating Corruption and Financial and Tax Offenses (OCCIFF) of the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (NFP). Following accusations from the Internet media, Fabien Roussel, also the first member of the PCF, confirmed that he had “documents” confirming his activities as a parliamentary assistant to Jean-Jacques Candelier (ex-deputy for the North). To be continued…

Deal of the day

News. Jean-Luc Mélenchon will present new tax measures this Friday. Echo. A “fiscal revolution” project already outlined during the 2017 presidential campaign.

Main measure: reform of the income tax scale. Thus, the France Insoumise candidate wants to tax the highest incomes of 90%, i.e. from 400,000 euros per year (33,000 euros per month). ISF will also be restored.

Another innovation is the reduction to 5.5% VAT on basic necessities, the definition of which will be revised. The new rate of 33% will apply, as opposed to luxury items such as yachts or high-end cars.

According to him, these reforms will bring more than 150 billion euros to the state treasury.

Transcription of the day

Inheritance. Macron spender, Zemmour’s head in the air? We have submitted the property declarations of the candidates, identified by the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life, to the scanner with the former Socialist MP En René Dozière at the initiative of the measure. Declarations for each candidate can be found on our website.

Thus we learn that Emmanuel Macron is very wasteful. He declared “only” 238,000 euros more than his 2017 inheritance. However, during his term, the president received 900,000 euros of net taxable income.

Other remarks from Eric Zemmour, the reward does not appear under CNewschannel on which the candidate was a columnist for two years from 2019 to 2021. There is also no trace of copyright on his book, released in 2021. “It’s curious, we are talking about an amount that can reach several million euros, there should be an advance,” René Dozier assures.

Find the full transcript in our article to read here.

Boost of the day

Support. In an increasingly difficult campaign, Anne Hidalgo will be able to count on the strengthening of François Hollande. PS candidate confirmed, this Friday on Southern radiothat the former President of the Republic will be present at her side at the meeting she will hold on 22 March in Limoges.

Thus, she tried to secure her candidacy in local issues, recalling that she also enjoys the support of Bernard Cazenev and Martine Aubry, and explaining: “The Left is in a very bad state, the Socialist Party has suffered a lot, it has not succeeded in the last five years, except for the regions , as we are very widely represented everywhere, in cities, in regions.”

Quiz of the day

“Abracadabrantesk”, “I understand you”, “by all means”… What makes the sentence enter the story or not? Journalist and history scholar Jean-Baptiste Pattier listened extensively to the presidents of the Fifth Republic and listed their most symbolic statements, collected in a book: Did you say mister president? published by Armand Colin.

However, it is also easy to think that the short spontaneous phrases of the past are “certainly more calculated today”, less improvised to meet the challenges of social networks and continuous news.

Why will one sentence enter the collective memory and another not? The researcher puts forward a hypothesis about the successful coincidence of the context in which it is pronounced, the atmosphere of society and the media echo.

Come and test your knowledge with our quiz.

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