Mathis Le Berret: “What am I doing here” – News

Having started his season in earnest ten days ago by winning the Souvenir Louison-Bobet, Mathis Le Berre confirms that he is in the game. This Monday, on the first stage of the Tour de Normandy (2.2), the rider from the Côte d’Armor-Marie Maurin-Yu slipped into the morning gap. To finally win a solo in Vimoutiersee rating). Enough to finally forget about his personal problems that spoiled the beginning of the season (read here). “It puts things in place, obviously, a month or two ago I was definitely at the bottom, so this is important. I’m running to win now, more to do 2 like last year”. This is a sure relief rider who was able to enjoy that first Class 2 success. “It’s great, I’ve never won class 2, it’s weird, plus I’m taking the jersey. I’ve never been in that situation, it’s good to know.”.


Mathis Le Berre did not plan his move at all, coming to the fore I followed the wave, I told myself. ” What am I doing here ? “, it was not my place, everything was oncoming, and in the end I stayed in front. I told myself that I would do bonuses and GPM if there was a way. I managed everything. It was a bit suicidal, there were only five of us. On the other hand, I planned to put my attack, it was thought out. I knew that during the descent, 5-6 seconds could be enough, I did it very quickly, I took all the risks”. A player, even too much given the outcome of the day, the peloton left a significant lead to the top five and then to the top four when Killian Hawk let go. “On the last lap I knew that I would go all the way. We were well organized when we saw that he was coming from behind, Florian (Rapiteo) attacked, I counterattacked, and everything was like that..

In the Côtes de Camembert, the only difficulty listed on the course, which had to be overcome three times, Mathis Le Berr had fun playing for points. Since then, he has shown his fellow adventurers that he is up a notch. “I felt that everything was going well, but you have to be careful with the appearance, it’s a little misleading. I knew that Florian was strong, I was able to put him on when necessary. I was in good condition, I was in good shape. I didn’t drive too much last week, I made some juice for Normandy”. Before this extreme tension in the last meters, Florian Rapito was swinging about fifty meters from him. But never once did Lavalois get those few seconds back. “I didn’t think too much, I was at the limit, the cramps were not far away. The finish was favorable for a single person. I have 55 ahead on the plateau, I think Florian was 54, so more tooth, I thought I would put it all in and sum up the line”.


So on arrival it’s a prestigious win, especially considering how. “To have time to reach the end in the 2nd grade is great. Such a gap, he reaches the end one time out of ten “. If this epic was not planned, then Mathis Le Berre did the right thing, violating the plans. “I try to run smarter, there are a lot of tactics. At such a gap, you need to think carefully, maybe you are the strongest … “. Nevertheless, the Breton plunged headlong into an enterprise whose chances of success were limited. “It’s true, I was in front, following the wave, and it formed a curtain, I really wondered what I was doing there.he repeats, laughing. DS asked me if I got up or not, I said no, I’ll try and then see if I can make bonuses and take the jersey”.

And not just any shirt. Vice-champion of France Espoirs is dressed in yellow, in addition to sprints and GPM. “General, it’s always difficult, there are stages with wind, you need to be concentrated all the time. Even with a little lead, the others will try to break my face. The guys will do their job”. The future rider from Arkéa-Samsic will have to face the Continentals over the next few days. “The stage on Wednesday is quite open, and there is also the penultimate one. But there is always a little wind here. Even today we had a slight side wind, you need to be careful.”. It all started by accident, but Mathis Le Berre was lucky. Stage winner and yellow jersey winner, the Tour of Normandy is off to a great start.

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