Municipal Council of Monceau-les-Mines: creation of the cinema “News of Monceau”

This Monday evening, the municipal council continued its consideration of several agenda items regarding the creation of a cinema, which Marie-Claude Jarraud and her team had long announced.

Marie-Claude Jarraud herself presented the project to the municipal council.

Thus, it was recalled that in the municipality of Montceau-les-Mines there is a cinema with 3 screens and 662 seats, located at 13 Rue Ferrer and called “Les Plessis”.

“The current supply of cinemas in the city no longer meets the needs of Moncella residents with dilapidated screens that are not geared to demand and do not meet accessibility standards. Based on this observation, the city has announced a call for proposals on the Digital Territory website to begin construction of a state-of-the-art cinema with 4 screens that can be upgraded to 5 screens located in the crew area. quarters opposite the pier and in close proximity to the pedestrian bridge connecting the heart of the city. we’ve been told.

The purpose of this call for proposals is to put interested operators in competition for the construction and operation of this future facility in the form of a construction lease for a period of 15 years.

This new project will preserve the cinematic appeal of the center of Montceau-les-Mines and will help balance the agglomeration and cultural development of the area within the residential areas of Le Creusot and Montceau-les-Mines. .

The creation of this new cinematic performance venue would fit in with a larger project to develop the Embarkader district dedicated to urban culture.

The location of this future cinema should help revitalize the crew’s living quarters in close proximity to the city center and its shops. It is in line with the area’s urban design to expand the city centre.

The construction project of the cinema complex is estimated at 4 million euros.

In addition, given the interest of such an operation in the development of its territory, the city intends to support the implementation of this operation by allocating a grant in the form of a competition fund in the amount of 350,000 euros for 2022. reserves the right to increase this subsidy up to EUR 1,000,000 by amendment, subject to communication of the final funding plan.

The subsidy will be provided as the work is completed and in the presence of the following supporting documents:

  • Advance payment of 50,000 euros upon signing the contract,
  • 100,000 euros when applying for a building permit
  • 150,000 euros upon presentation of an order for commissioning,
  • EUR 50,000 upon receipt of supporting documents required in accordance with article 6 of this agreement.

Commissioning of the future equipment is expected in the summer of 2024.

The candidate is Cinémas LCM, headquartered on Avenue de l’Europe in Diguan, represented by Régis Faure, President.

Laurent Selves

Our goal today is to complete this file. This decision is no longer acceptable. This is a matter of culture. Go there yes! Fast if possible. We don’t rush people.

There are still many unknowns in this file.

I wish we had information.

Why this particular company and not Panacéa or Rex? What is the shareholder structure of this company?

In 2017, it was about a budget of 4.7 million euros? How much is this number? What are the options for changing this overall budget? You have changed the term of the agreement.

Marie-Claude Jarreau

An old file that you never supported. You told us that you supported the project of the former operator. You prayed and hoped and talked about a project you never supported.

Who are we kidding?

We settled on the city of Le Creusot so that everyone would have their own film offer.

We finally get there. 4 or 5 numbers, we’ll see. In the announcement of projects you have the name of the company

We will not exceed 1 million euros.

voted unanimously

Lowering the site for the construction of a cinema

Guy Souvigny continued talking about cinema with a point about the decommissioning of two sites needed for a film project.

And to explain: “The city of Montceau-les-Mines owns two parking lots of approximately 10,000 m², located in the Equipages area and registered in the cadastre 306 in section AH under numbers 488 and 491.

In connection with the construction of the cinema complex, proposed by the city in the form of a building lease, it is necessary to proceed with the decommissioning and lowering of the level of about 3000 m², the foundation of the future cinema complex, in accordance with the survey document to intervene.

Laurent Selves

I have a comment about the car park and the carnival. The design of the cinema should not lead to parking issues on Saturday mornings, which could be detrimental to the attractiveness of the city. Is it planned to materialize parking spaces for a cinema? We will attempt once again to install a carnival. Finally, the last question is about the gateway and access to that gateway. This book is not listed.

Guy Souvigny

Be sure that it is planned to redistribute part of the site to the pedestrian bridge, as well as parking for a cinema and a market.

It is 3000 m² on the two plots in question.

Marie-Claude Jarreau

There are no topics for it. We have not seen showmen for a long time, that they know that there will be a cinema. Set up according to the program. We’re not completely stupid. We know that right-of-way at engineering structures is regulated. We’ll get there.

Helene Toulon

I wanted to know more about the place. You said that they would watch L’Embarcadère in the cinema. And I wanted to evoke sweet ties. I assume that you have a global project for this part of the city.

Marie-Claude Jarreau

We will install basketball courts around the skate park. We still have objects to install. A square will be created between the Embarcadère and the completely pedestrian cinema. We must work on mobility to cross the channel. The project leader introduces the project.

Synallagmatic promise of a construction lease with suspensive conditions for the construction of a cinema complex

The previous discussion of the construction of a modern cinema with 4-5 screens in the Equipages area and the signing of a financing agreement with the future operator is a project initiated by the city of Montceau-les-Mines.

It is from this point of view that the company will apply for a significant plot of land on this site in order to build a multiplex cinema of four halls extending into 5 halls, which will replace the current cinema “Les Plessis” located at 13 Rue Ferrer. This private the project will be an element that contributes to the life of the Moncelliens and Moncelliens and the revitalization of the city center, especially in the evening. It will adopt an architecture that matches the tone set by the Building Architect of France, DRAC and DDT.

Preferring a location in the city center is not just about taking the easy way out. However, this should be a unique position for an independent cinema that wants to remain a local cinema. This arrangement corresponds to the very strong animation potential of local life, the attractiveness of the city, its cultural and recreational influence. Thus, it is a defining factor in the dynamism of the city center.

The land required for the project will be made available to a company selected in the form of a long-term building lease, under which the tenant undertakes, as principal, to build a multiplex cinema on the land and maintain it in working order. good condition, maintenance throughout the rental period. The lease will be subject to market conditions, according to France Domaine.

Agreement of purpose and partnership for the implementation of promotions and animations aimed at promoting and developing the cinema in Montceau-les-Mines.

Since the acquisition of the Les Plessis cinema by the independent operator Regis Faure, the city of Montceau-les-Mines and said operator, representing Sté du Cinéma Rex SARL, wish to enter into an agreement of purpose and partnership for the implementation of campaigns and activities aimed at promoting and developing cinema in Montceau-les-Mines.

The purpose of the agreement, presented this Monday evening, is to define the terms of the partnership between the city of Montceau-les-Mines and SARL “Sté du Cinéma Rex” in order to achieve goals of common interest related to cinematographic activities.

The objectives of the LLC are as follows:

  • – Receive the Les Plessis classification by Art & Essai from the National Film Center, guaranteeing a varied and quality programme.
  • – Set the ticket price close to the national average and develop a pricing policy aimed at making cinema accessible to as many people as possible.
  • – Develop partnerships with local players: city culture department, associations, merchants, etc.
  • – Offer national education systems in images (kindergartens, schools, colleges, high school students in cinemas) to schools in the city and surrounding areas.
  • – Develop a program and extracurricular activities for youth and the general public.
  • – Take part in the “Les P’tites Canailles” festival organized by the Panacéa association during
  • – Get 3 nights of the People’s Film University season “Ciné Pop!” organized by the Panacea Association.
  • – Television shows (operas, ballets, theatrical productions, etc.)

It was proposed to finance all its activities during 2022 with a total amount of 35,000 euros.

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