Night of the Common Good Unites Benefactors for the Benefit of Local Associations

In search of new, more convenient fundraising channels, philanthropists are starting speed dating, meetings between associations and potential donors. It is this approach that has existed, in particular, since 2017 with the “Night of the Common Good”. It was founded by the social enterprise Obole with the support of organizations such as the Fondation de France (FDF).

Solidarity Auctions at The Salvation Army Charity Night

It was after the unexpected success of the first Night of the Common Good in Paris five years ago (it brought together a thousand people to raise 1 million euros) that Thibaut Farrenck and his team at Aubole decided to systematize these events in order to mobilize generosity. the public to young innovative associations.

“Our company is committed to providing resources to these associations and making them more visible, says Thibault Farrenck. Common Good Night lives up to the expectations of associations looking for new donors. »

Long term surveillance

In each edition, about ten local projects are selected by partners, such as the regional offices of the Fondation de France, and presented at an evening open to all. After passing each speaker, the auctioneer launches lower bids ranging from 5,000 to 100 euros. The promises will then be converted into real donations through the organizers’ web pages and then paid out to the winning structures.

Obole and her partners constantly monitor projects and the use of money. Some of the associations are invited to talk about their project over the next night. Because every year in new cities there are “Nights of the Common Good”. This year there will be about fifteen events mobilized locally by individuals and corporate sponsors, often not yet involved in philanthropic initiatives. In September 2021, Lyon hosted such a Night for the first time, supported by the Fondation de France.

Rigid selection of projects

“Our proximity to local associations has allowed us to identify ten projects worthy of support, says Delphine Allarousse, General Delegate of the Fondation de France Centre-Est. They are supported either for their daily work or for a specific initiative. »

The contribution of the FDF is not limited to just this evening. The selection of projects by its volunteers is the result of a year-long process with the support of the candidates, in particular their presentation, which will last only a few minutes, but which will determine their future.

“In addition to the financial aspect (575,000 euros raised in Lyon), we want to launch a collective philanthropic activity, complete Delphine Allaruss. At La Nuit, we collect donors from all walks of life who have never met before. And we show them what generosity can accomplish. »

Among the winners from Lyon, the Wake up Café association is involved in the successful reintegration of those released from prison. Created by a former prison chaplain from Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), it was beginning to spread to several cities and needed support to set up its premises in the prefecture of the Rhone.

Action not funded by public authorities

“We were supported during the first “Night of the Common Good” in Paris in 2017, says Clotilde Gilbert, who pioneered Wake up Café. The contacts established on this occasion allowed us to open at 15as well as district social integration restaurant Quai Liberté on a barge for the people we help. Also, when we were offered the opportunity to represent us in Lyon, we didn’t hesitate! »

The money raised will be used to improve the reception of prisoners and start preparing them for release, in particular with 170 companies in the country that have committed to recruiting them. “This support is not funded by public policy, concludes Clotilde Gilbert. Therefore, we count on the generosity of civil society during the Night of the Common Good. »

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