Presidential Election 2022: Fevade presents 15 proposals for digital, efficient and more responsible trade in the service of the economy, employment and the French people.

Paris, February 24, 2022


Presidential Election 2022: Fevade presents 15 proposals for digital, efficient and more responsible trade in the service of the economy, employment and the French people.

Fevad, the federation of e-commerce companies, has brought to the attention of presidential candidates its proposals for digital, more efficient and more responsible commerce.

With a growth of 15% during 2021 and a turnover close to 130 billion euros, the importance of online trading in the dynamism of the national economy can no longer be proven. E-commerce is a deep fundamental movement that permeates the French economy and society in general, and includes many other activities, from logistics to distribution. E-commerce has shown its full usefulness during the health crisis, it offers undeniable benefits for all traders, especially SMEs/VSEs.

To support global trade policy decision makers, Fevade formulates 15 key proposals to address the major challenges of e-commerce in France in a renewed economic and social context. These offers revolve around 5 main axes:

  • IMPARTIALITY – Creation of an appropriate regulatory framework to support business development in France
    • Stabilization of the national regulatory framework in line with European legislation
    • Guarantee fair application of the rules to players operating on the European market, regardless of their country of registration.
    • Conduct a shock simplification of the rules as part of future legislation
  • COMPETITIVENESS – Maintain and develop the competitiveness of our ecosystem
    • Implement an additional tax amortization system for all digital transformation investments made by retailers or expand the scope of the Research Tax Credit.
    • Create an inter-ministerial “trade” delegation or introduce a system of sectoral strategic trade committees
    • Cancellation of preferential duties of postal terminals for deliveries from China within the framework of the Universal Postal Union
  • CSR – Escort and support companies for sustainable and responsible e-commerce
    • Encourage consumption of circular economy products
    • Support the transport/delivery sector in the transition to the environment
    • Reducing the environmental impact of e-commerce warehouses
  • USE – Support the transformation of skills, promote employment in our regions
    • Promote the acculturation or transformation of employees by creating and strengthening special continuing education programs.
    • Integrate digital technologies into national education programs from an early age and throughout schooling, in particular to train young people in talent-starved professions.
    • Facilitate trade in a sector that provides skilled and sustainable jobs, in particular short-term trade.
  • DIGITALIZATION OF TRADE – Act in favor of the digitization of all participants in French trade, especially local shops, VSE-SME.
    • Continue and strengthen financial support for the digital transformation of local enterprises by expanding the Digital Transformation Assistance Verification operation and/or introducing a tax credit for the digitization of VSE and SME.
    • Establish a special body to strengthen the coordination of the digitalization policy of companies responsible for diagnostic missions, funding, support and achievement of performance indicators.
    • Supporting local governments in deploying local solutions to help with digital transformation and providing various existing solutions aimed at promoting short circuits and local trade, in particular through the Banque des Territoires.

These proposals are the result of the careful work of the Fevad Companies, a group of responsible and dedicated professionals, called upon to participate fully in the collective debate about the future of trade in the service of the economy, employment and the French people.

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About Fevada:

The Federation of Electronic Commerce and Distance Selling now unites more than 750 companies. It is a representative organization of the e-commerce and distance selling sector. Fevad’s main mission is to collect and disseminate information to improve knowledge of the sector and to promote the sustainable and ethical development of distance trading and e-commerce in France. To learn more: / Follow us on Twitter: @FevadActu and on LinkedIn.

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