several blocking and filter dam operations on Monday morning

Several operations are scheduled for Monday morning, March 21, to block filter dams by truck drivers, taxi drivers and construction workers, who will require an increase or additional assistance from the government due to rising fuel prices, France Bleu points out.

Bouches du Rhone

Taxi drivers and VTC drivers who have not received specific assistance must march in the hundreds across Marseille, to Bouches-du-Rhone, points out France Bleu Provence. In terms of taxis, the first procession will leave Valentine towards the city center on the A50 motorway, another will depart from Plan de Campagne at 7:30 am to reach Marseille on the A7 motorway, and the last will depart from Porte de Bouc. at 8:30 am Three processions will converge in the Key South area of ​​Miramas. VTC drivers will hold a demonstration in the center of Marseille.


Serious disruptions are to be expected in Duba as the department’s taxi federation has been running a snail from the Franche-Comté TGV station in Oxon to a supermarket in Châteaufarin since 7 a.m., making a loop around Besançon, France Bleu Besançon points out. .


In the north, blockages are planned on the A1 and A23 motorways, according to France Bleu Nord. Road carriers have also already installed filter barriers from 5 am at the multimodal platform in Durge, near Lans, and from 6 am at the Lesquin Regional Transport Center in the Lille metropolitan area. They prevent the entry and exit of trucks. “Thirty trucks in Durge” mobilized “about thirty in Rouen and looks like Lesquin” near Lille, Franceinfo reported on Monday morning. Christophe Caron, manager of a transport company with 15 employees, near Arras (Pas de Calais), founder of the transport association France TPE, which brings together small carriers.. IState assistance of 400 million provided to transport companies, i.e. 1300 euros per truck, does not allow “Don’t refuel the carhe explains. A full truck today costs more than two thousand euros. You lose more money driving a truck than leaving it at the depot.”. Christoph Caron claims “diesel like fishermen. We don’t ask for 50 cents. One euro without tax will be fine. If the tanks don’t drive us out, we’ll try to hold out as long as possible.” he concludes.


In the English Channel, about a hundred independent truck drivers and non-union construction contractors have been working since 5 a.m. on a filter barrier at the Guilbertville junction, between National Road 174 and the A84, and on the road between Saint-Lô and Bayeux. . They block heavy vehicles, but not cars, says France Bleu Cotentin.

Charente Maritime

The checkpoints were set up around 4 am on Monday by truck drivers near Lagor, on the ring road and at the large roundabout below, France Bleu La Rochelle notes. The prefecture of Charente-Maritime warned that, upon arrival in Beaulieu, traffic on the national highway 11, Niort, was also very difficult. She urged to give preference to the secondary network and to avoid the ring road. A filter dam has been installed on the N237 in both directions between La Rochelle and the Île de Ré. The blockade of the Yelo bus fleet also hinders public transport. No bus on lines: 1b, 7a, 8,16, 11 and 13. The rest of the network circulated.

These operations are carried out despite the cancellation of the call for the mobilization of professional motor transport organizations (Otre). They decided to withdraw their appeal last Friday after receiving a €400 million aid for the road transport sector, to which is added a discount of 15 euro cents, excluding tax per liter of diesel fuel or per kilogram of gas that was “sanctuary”in the prime minister’s “sustainability plan”.

The National Road Transport Federation (FNTR) still reserves the option to act and should think about it within a week.

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