Snowflake Launches Data Cloud Designed for Health & Life Sciences

Data Cloud Snowflake announces the launch of its data cloud dedicated to the healthcare and life sciences sectors. With the Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud, healthcare companies have a single, integrated, multi-cloud data platform that breaks down technical and institutional data silos. Thus, medical and research organizations will be able to centralize, integrate and securely share important and sensitive data on a very large scale. Snowflake provides a high level of data and governance security, and its built-in capabilities and extensive partner network enable enterprises to better comply with compliance requirements and comply with industry regulations.

“The Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud can usher in a new generation of innovation for the healthcare and research industry, allowing organizations to take advantage of borderless data access while maintaining strict data compliance. data governance, security and privacy,” said Todd Crosslin, director of the health and life sciences industry at Snowflake. “The entire industry can benefit from this living connected ecosystem to access the data they need, when they need it. Snowflake helps healthcare organizations achieve their goals and achieve better outcomes for patients, customers, partners and their companies.”

Using the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud, clients such as Anthem, IQVIA, Komodo Health, Novartis, Siemens Healthineers, Spectrum Health, and others are using data to improve patient outcomes and patient care, optimize care, and improve clinical and operational indicators. decide. In addition, life sciences companies such as Novartis are using the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud to optimize omnichannel experiences and accelerate time to market while collaborating more closely with their healthcare partners.

“At Novartis, we are focused on reimagining medicine to extend the life of people,” said Loic Giraud, global head of digital delivery at Novartis. “To do this, we need to put data and data science at the heart of everything we do. The Snowflake Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud helps us transform our data into meaningful insights while accelerating our ability to receive, process and share data in a timely manner that would not be possible with other solutions. Snowflake helps us provide our patients with faster access to the medicines they need.”

As part of the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud, Snowflake also offers integrated partner solutions. These technology and industry solutions leverage Snowflake’s unique interoperability and secure data exchange capabilities to connect the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem. Snowflake applications and solutions such as Health Catalyst, Strata, and IQVIA leverage the power of the Snowflake platform to unlock data access at scale for mission-critical processes within and outside organizations, in collaboration with industry partners.

Snowflake Data Market Place partners such as Compile, Equifax, Invitae, IQVIA, PRECISIONxtract, and SameSky Health provide fast access to third-party data sources through data sharing, allowing healthcare organizations and life sciences companies to securely and quickly share critical datasets . in a timely manner, excluding traditional methods of data exchange, copying and moving data.

Technology partners such as Alation, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dataiku,, and ThoughtSpot provide seamless integrations and turnkey solutions so customers can gain deeper insights and take full advantage of power and simplicity. using Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud.

Consulting and service partners such as Cognizant, Deloitte, Infosys, NTT DATA, phData and SDG are building solutions on Snowflake to help their clients maximize the value of data for their business. Solutions from healthcare and life sciences partners focus on priority and industry-relevant use cases such as patient personalization and results-based care.

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are under tremendous pressure to navigate a dynamic and highly regulated environment. Pervasive reliance on legacy technologies, stringent compliance requirements, and a lack of common data sharing models have made it difficult for these sectors to take advantage of available data and information. Increasing medical data, greater use of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics in medical innovation, and the digitalization of the healthcare value chain are impacting the sector. Organizations are in dire need of the flexible, interoperable and secure data solution that Snowflake offers.

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