Spirituality and Religion: A Nigerian Who Seeks Evidence of the Supernatural

  • Nduka Orjinmo
  • BBC News, Ibadan

image caption,

Spectators gathered, but quickly dispersed when they heard Gbenga Adewyn in the market.

Armed with a sharp knife, a megaphone and dressed all in black, Gbenga Adewyn could have passed for a medieval witch hunter, herbalist or urban preacher as he strolled through the city market from Ibadan in southwest Nigeria.

Warning: This article contains details that some readers may find offensive.

Those who were curious enough to approach Gbagi’s market quickly dispersed after hearing his message. “Anyone who can provide proof of the existence of the supernatural, whether it be juju or voodoo magic, will be offered 2.5 million naira (3,563,305 CFA francs),” he announced to several, repeating it in Yoruba and English.

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