The legacy of Hogwarts is controversial (anti-Semitism, slavery, etc.)

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world video game set in the Harry Potter universe, is slowly being revealed. And some of its story elements are… good. How to say. Controversial.

What would you do if you were in Hogwarts, which you dreamed of as a child? How would you spend your years at Wizard School? Would you like to be a botanist always stuffed in the greenhouse, an animal lover busy looking for the mysterious Kelpie in the swamps, a Quidditch champion who goes nowhere without her broom, a potion maker who stirs the cauldron all holy day?

Which ? You prefer crush the legitimate revolution of an oppressed people with the support of a sympathetic slave?

Surprisingly, not very modern, but the good news is that Hogwarts legacy should make you happy.

Goblin revolution in Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is controversial

As a reminder Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated video game projects at the moment: it the first open world RPG in the universeHarry Pottera franchise that was not yet eligible for a video game adaptation at its peak.

Even though J.K. Rowling’s transphobia makes some people dampen their enthusiasm, Hogwarts legacy is still steadily moving forward towards a release scheduled for 2023 and is slowly revealing elements of its story.

Like what’s it going to take… I’m checking my notes… yes. Suppress the goblin revolution. Okay.

Are Goblins in Harry Potter an Anti-Semitic Caricature?

IN Harry Potterto say that goblins are an unsympathetic people would be an understatement: they are stingy, mocking, unpleasant and even anxious.

They are also a people of hook-nosed, gold-hungry bankers whose designs in films similarity to how Jews are depicted in many antisemitic cartoons.

A goblin from the Harry Potter studios near London.
A goblin from the Harry Potter studios near London.

It has been several years, even decades, several people express dissatisfaction with this choice of character design. Recently, in January 2022, renowned American animator Jon Stewart recalled on his podcast the day he discovered the goblins.Harry Potter :

“It was one of those situations where when I saw it on the big screen, I was sure everyone would be like, ‘Damn, she didn’t put goblins in charge of this damn thing.’ The underground bank of his magic World?!” Except that everyone was in the mode: “Hey, these are wizards.”

The association between these goblins and the antisemitic cartoons is not considered to be voluntary or unanimous; following Jon Stewart’s statement, several members of the Jewish media stated that ” sometimes a goblin is just a goblin “. But in any case, it has been around for several years.

And saw the crystallization of tension around the universe Harry Potter after JK Rowling’s many transphobic antics, nothing less was required for this scenario Hogwarts legacy grind one’s teeth.

Goblin revolution to be crushed in Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts legacy The action takes place at the end of the 19th century, during the last goblin uprising, led by a certain Ranrok, an ally of the dark magician Victor Rookwood (whose descendant, fun factsbecomes a big fat Death Eater).

The hero or heroine he embodies will have to put an end to this revolutionaccording to the official Playstation blog.

Antisemitic cartoons and slavery at Hogwarts: Hogwarts heritage in sauce

“The Last Rise of the Goblins”Yes, because there were others, according to the wiki, which reminds:

“These uprisings may have been caused by the lack of goblin representation on the Wizengamot. [le tribunal des sorciers, ndlr] ; attempts to enslave goblins as house elves; at the end of their privilege to bear the staff; attempts to capture Gringotts by wizards; goblin killings by Yardley Platt [un tueur en série sorcier du XVIe siècle, ndlr]. »

So wait: the goblins are unrepresented, they were almost enslaved several times, they are forbidden to use wands, wizards wanted to rob their bank…

Sorry, but their revolution seems somewhat justified, doesn’t it?

So, Ranrock is not necessarily a left-wing leader of a popular uprising; The Playstation blog says:

“His view of the world is warped by his hatred of wizards, which makes his alliance with Victor Rookwood particularly fragile. Once Ranrok gets what he wants, no one can stop him and the wizarding world is doomed. »

Oh yeah… suddenly a racist wizarding world? Well, maybe not worse if he is convicted? Or maybe it “hate wizards” slightly justified? Aren’t Ranrock and Magneto legal in their fight? I’m asking yes. You have four hours.

But, fortunately, to prevent the uprising of the oppressed people, you can count on the help of a slave that loiters nearby!

House elves in the Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, huh?

Eh yes. Alternative choice of the game development team Hogwarts legacy which is debatable: we can get help from the house elf there — whose name is Dick, not Dobby.

Flick eyebrow game, Dick.
Flick eyebrow game, Dick.

As a reminder, house elves are very powerful magical creatures, but they are enslaved by wizards who use them as universal creatures. IN Harry PotterHermione campaigns for their release, but how Hogwarts legacy takes place in the 19th century, its battle has not yet passed this way.

Therefore, it is not surprising to find house elves there, but some players fear that their slave status is not taken with the seriousness it deservesand that Dick is just another NPC helping the hero or heroine succeed in their mission.

Distrust of the game Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, a symptom of frustration

It’s out of the question to order you to boycott the game, you do what you want, but it can’t be denied thatpart of the community is waiting Hogwarts legacy be especially careful ads, for fear of getting carried away with work that will end up being problematic (remember that leading designer adaptation is a well-known anti-feminist).

Some fans, like here on Reddit, hope these ads teasing a more complex scenario, with a reversal of the situation; maybe we will run into facho Rookwood who is trying to take control of the goblin uprising? One year before release Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacyindeed, it is still too early to make a final decision on its content.

But what is certain is that the scalded cat is afraid of cold water: in view of the disappointments that follow one after another and overshadow the flawless image of the universe that some people had. Harry Potterwe see here real caution on the part of some fans who prefer to wait before lighting.

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