various facts of this March 21st

Mulhouse: two cars burned down

Firefighters intervened shortly before 2:30 am on Monday, March 21, at the intersection between President Roosevelt Boulevard and rue de la Charité in Mulhouse. When they arrived, the commercial vehicle was engulfed in flames, and the fire had already spread to a passenger car. Quenching was carried out using an adjustable nozzle. The police were also on the scene.

Shop “My Universe” robbed

In a message posted on social media on Sunday, the Harry Potter-themed Mon Univers boutique on rue Poincaré in Mulhouse recalls the burglary it was the victim of on Saturday evening, March 19th. While a complaint has been filed and an investigation is ongoing, several fingerprints were taken at the scene, it appears that the perpetrator(s) “stole and damaged some of our trading material”. Therefore, the store is closed indefinitely. The post also indicates that the Ciné-Magique session, scheduled for Friday, March 25, is still “undetermined”. “In addition to the material and economic damage, this is primarily a deep psychological wound that affects the entire team, but we will not let ourselves be defeated! ”, completes the Mon Univers team.

Slightly injured girl

A six-year-old girl was hit by a two-wheeler while she was on Rue Merle in Mulhouse shortly after 4:30 pm on Monday. Slightly injured, she was taken by firemen, accompanied by her mother, to the diaconate foundry. clinic.

bike accident

Firefighters again reached the level of the Burzwiller bridge on Monday shortly after 5 p.m. after a bicycle accident. The 70-year-old cyclist was taken to the Emil-Müller Hospital with minor injuries.

Morschwiller-les-Bas: two wounded and a car on the roof

A traffic accident involving a heavy vehicle and a passenger car occurred on Monday around 14:00 at level RD1066 in the direction of Tann-Mulhouse and before the Morschwiller-les-Bas exit. By the time police, firefighters and the European Community of Alsace arrived, the heavyweight had already left the scene. There were two people in the car, who were on the roof, in the overtaking lane. The first got out by itself, the second, stuck in the cockpit, had to be pulled out. Both the wounded, a seventy-year-old and a sixty-year-old man, were evacuated to the Emil-Müller hospital.

Illfurt: he falls asleep at the wheel, the car is on its side

A traffic accident involving one vehicle occurred this Sunday, March 20, at 8:00 am on the D432 highway in Illfurt, opposite the Sun bar-pub. Returning from work, the driver fell asleep at the wheel. The car swerved to the left and crashed into a stone on the sidewalk. She was on her side after hitting the low wall of the house. Altkirch firefighters took a 32-year-old man from Illfurt to the Emil-Müller hospital. The firefighters of Ilfurt and the gendarmes of Altkirch were also on site.

Huningue: the suction machine is on fire

On Monday, March 21, at about 13:00, a car caught fire on Rue du Reine in Yuning. The car “Renault Scenic”, standing for some time in front of the company “Sigvaris”, was completely destroyed. When they arrived, Saint-Louis firefighters extinguished the fire using a rotating hose reel. In a state of wreckage, this sucker car, which is about twenty years old, was not insured, as confirmed by Bertrand Lac, the police chief of Saint-Louis/Huninge. No information about the origin of the disaster was found.

Chalampe intervention almost four hours after gas leak

A gas leak was reported on Monday at around 12:45 pm at the level of a private house supplied with city gas, located on Chenov Square in Chalampe. A unit specializing in the chemical risks of the firefighters of Mulhouse, as well as the bodies of Ottmarsheim and Chalampe and the gendarmerie, went to the scene. A person was evacuated from the house in question, and a security perimeter of about fifty meters was established around him. The leak came from a propane tank in the basement. The leak was stopped and, given the rather high performance of firefighters, several waves of natural ventilation were carried out. Operations ended around 17:00.

Hindlingen: foal in the pool

The foal, which had apparently escaped from its stable, was found in a private swimming pool on Rue du Tilleoul in Hindlingen this Monday, March 21, just before 5:00 pm. The animal, aged 9 months, was removed from the water by the owners of the premises before the arrival of the firefighters Saint-Louis, Mulhouse and Seppois.

Lindsdorf: money and tools stolen during a robbery

The burglary was noticed on Sunday, March 20 at 17:20 in Linsdorf. This was to be done between March 17th and 20th in a house in the rue de la Foret. The break-in was recorded in a window on the first floor. The house was completely searched, money and tools were stolen. It was the owners who informed the gendarmes of Durmenakh about their return from vacation. An investigation is underway.

Spechbach: breaking into a non-residential building

Another burglary took place at a house on Ilfurt Street in Spechbach between January and March 21, when it was discovered. A break-in was seen in a barn through which one can get into the house. At the moment it is not known if there was a theft, because the owners are not at the place. The house has been uninhabited since 2010. Altkirch’s gendarmes intervened.

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