A chicken thief is rampant, a lady is chased by a drunken man in a car, repeated accidents … Briefly about various facts from Nièvre

After an accident on Sunday, March 20, in Decize, piste de Moulins, another accident occurred in the city on the same day. This time, in the middle of the day, the driver lost control and crashed into a pole. The driver tested positive for alcohol. He had a norm of 1.1 g per liter of blood. On Monday, March 21, at about 13:00, a new accident occurred on the way to Moulins. Three vehicles are also involved. One of the drivers reportedly lost control before hitting the other two. The slightly wounded man was taken to the Decize hospital.

The car was found burnt out

The Peugeot 206 was discovered by gendarmes near the Marji wastewater treatment plant on Sunday, March 20, around 22:30. Investigations are underway to establish the origin of the car.

cars, damaged plantations… Briefly about the various facts of Nièvre

Burning cars in the field

On Saturday, March 19, at about 8:40 am, gendarmes found three burning cars in a field in Garchisy. In total, a moped, a car previously stolen from Sancohen, and another one from Varennes-Voseulles were set on fire. An investigation has begun.

Siphon trucks

Fuel is expensive, very expensive; The phenomenon is not new. The truck was emptied of fuel at the rest area of ​​Saint-Pierre-le-Moutiers on RN7. The incident took place on the night of Saturday, March 19. When he woke up, the truck driver was unable to start the engine. He was dry. Similar facts took place in Bui on Monday, March 21, where the gendarmes ascertained the theft of 400 liters of fuel from a heavy vehicle.

Car and diesel fuel evaporated from Jimuya garages

During the weekend of March 19 and 20, the garages and technical premises of the municipality of Jimui were visited. The theft was recorded by the gendarmes on Monday, March 21, around 9:40 am. The bandits seized a Renault Express and two canisters of diesel fuel. An investigation has begun.

Stolen electric bike

An electric bicycle was stolen from a residential courtyard in Cones-sur-Loire on Monday, March 21, late in the morning. An investigation has begun.

Genevière Castle vandalized

Damage inside and outside the Château de Genevriere in Chantin-Saint-Imbert was noticed by the gendarmes on Monday 21 March. The windows were broken. This castle, the former Cada of the city, is now owned by the Ministry of Justice. It should house a closed educational center.

The thief of the chicken and the pygmy pig is rampant

An unusual theft was seen in Saint-Pierre-le-Moutiers. Four hens and a miniature pig were stolen from a house (Göttingen). The theft was noticed on Monday, March 21, in the late afternoon.

Accident at the roundabout

The traffic accident occurred in Fourchambeau on Monday, March 21, around 17:30. Two people on a scooter were thrown out of the car after colliding with a passenger car. They were taken to the Nevers hospital for examination.

A woman is being chased by a drunken man in a car

On Saturday, March 19, at about 8 o’clock in the morning, in Nevers, a woman had a funny meeting with a completely drunk man. The man began to prevent her from continuing her journey while she was in the car, and so did he. Frightened, the lady manages to run away and sees that the man is chasing her. She takes over the management of the police station. Once ahead, she steps out to take cover in a building. The man honks his horn like crazy in front of the building before escaping. Upon learning of the incident, the police went in search of the man. Moments later they find him on the street. The man is drunk and makes incoherent remarks. He was placed in a sobering-up station until he came to his senses.

They came back, they make a scandal, the police are watching them

In front of the Xtrem area in Nevers around 10:45 pm on Saturday, March 19, two particularly irate individuals were denied access. The police are forced to intervene in front of the wrath of two people. Finally, they are controlled by drugs. Ten minutes later, two other men find themselves in the same situation. Then the police return, two new losers also had drugs. All of them are fined.

Fire in Nevers

The fire broke out in Nevers on Sunday, March 20, around 15:00 on Boulevard Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny, 9. The fire could have started from a fireplace. There were no casualties, the fire was localized by the fire department of Nievre.

50 speed violations in one day

On Monday, March 21, the national police carried out road checks in Nevers. 50 tickets were issued in one day.

Fraudulent phone theft

Two people stole mobile phones in the same way in Nevers on Monday 21 March. The first flight took place at Villa du Parc. Two men appeared at the front desk and started waving banknotes in front of the receptionist. Putting Nevers’ card on the counter, they took the victim’s phone without his knowledge. The same two men then went to the Fontenoy Cigarette Shop to steal the phone in the same way when they asked to exchange their tickets for others. An investigation is underway to find them.

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