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Until July 31 french cinematheque dedicate exhibition at Romy Schneider. outraged catalog Clementine Derudil, coming out for the occasion Romi book signed by Sarah Biasini and Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, former editor-in-chief First, then Studio. To Huginn and Muninn, La Piscine, an illustrated history of the cult film.
Boulogne-Billancourt with french cinematheque And Jean Gabien Museum Meriel, does Homage to Jean Gabin until July 10 through an exhibition and several events. Exhibition curator and specialist of Jean Gabin, Patrick Glatr is the authorbut delivered that accompanies the exhibition.
Director, writer, playwright and artist Pier Paolo Pasolini would have turned 100 this year. Several books dedicated to him, beginning with René de Ceccatti, who was his translator, with a reprint of his biography Pier Paolo Pasolini as well as With Pier Paolo Pasolini in which the author brings together an extensive collection of his research, articles, interviews and conferences, which he devoted forty years to the poet-filmmaker. Pasolini by Pasolini Pier Paolo Pasolini and Oswald Stack, based on an interview the director gave to journalist John Holliday (pseudonym Oswald Stack) in 1968. All about Pasolini, a collective work led by Jean A. Ghily and Hervé Joubert-Laurencen. After several introductory essays and an extensive annotated biography, the work is structured in an encyclopedic format, from the A in Accatone to the Z in Zanzotto. poetic friendship Pier Paolo Pasolini and Biagio Marine. This volume consists of six unpublished works in French by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922–1975) dedicated to the poet Grado Biagio Marin (1891–1985), published between 1951 and 1970.
08 - Cinema in readings - Pasolini
Sergei Loznitsa Cinema that has stood the test of the world. This collective work, led by Celine Guyer, Damien Marguet, Eugenie Zvonkin, offers the first comprehensive and in-depth study of the work of a Ukrainian filmmaker and offers different points of view and approaches (historical, aesthetic, critical, analytical) through the texts of fifteen authors. Ielectronic book also includes transcription Master Class and meeting with the director.
Truffaut also… IN Cinema lesson, fierce critic laptops returns (in 1981) during an interview on his career as a director ( mistons in woman from to cOhyou). Actually this is not a discovery, François Truffaut was also A man who loved letters. Therefore, we will read with interest Correspondence with writers. 1948-1984.
Between dog and wolf Autobiography of Anthony Delon. ” The actor traces his path from childhood to career through his relationship with his father and his mother’s illness. »
From screen to writing, with two novels, Arena Toura new novel by an actress (artist and photographer) Annie Duperet and The last life of Julia B. directed by Régis Warnier.
Movie screenings. Our wounded brothers Elier Cistern, Vincent Lacstayinspired delivered from Joseph Andras on a forgotten topic, the story of 30-year-old Fernand Yveton, a communist and anti-colonialist worker who was executed, for example, by guillotine in Algiers on February 11, 1957. In 1986, historian Jean-Luc Einodi wrote on the subject For example. Fernand Yveton case, investigation. The Black Book of Agriculture Isabelle Saporta was one of the inspirations for Frederic Tellier for Goliath. Kale my love Ge Beatrice Huret (from her own story), inspired by they are alive oneuh feature film by Jeremy Elcaim as director.
My wife’s story Ildiko Enyedi, pulls from novel namesake of the Hungarian author Milan Fust,
Parallel to Notre Dame is on firetwo pounds, Notre Dame is on fire, the film’s logbook, Jean-Jacques Annaud and Stephan Budsock and Night of Notre Dame from those who saved her written by the Paris Fire Brigade and Romain Hubert.
08 - Cinema in Reading - Cover
As for magazines and magazines…
sofilm found Takeshi Kitano! Or, more precisely, they moved to Tokyo, to those places where the “godfather” Kitano, who led two careers at the same time, was passing by: Beat Takeshi on TV, Takeshi Kitano on the movies. IN summary as well as interviews and meetings with Anita Rocha da Silveira, Brazilian Director Jellyfish, Georges Demetro “M.sister Boom-boom”, “Mr. Explosive” of French cinemaSais, Pascal Tagnati, director comet, Matt ReevesBatman) and Jacques Doillon on the occasion of the release of his first four youth films.
This month of March Positive No. 733 fromInterested in exceptional directors Kira Kovalenko, Ildiko Enyedi, Clio Barnard and Maggie Gyllenhaal. The magazine also offers reflections on the latest work of Sergei Loznitsa. She also returns to the first four films of Jacques Doillon. File of the month Opening Film: Main Role gives the floor to three filmmakers (Arthur Harari, Julie Ducournot and Xavier Legrand) before an anthology of ten unique discoveries…
Always a lot of interviews on the program movie teaser, starting with Matt Reeves and Greig Frazier (supervisor) Batman dui on the cover of #110. But also Joe Wright, his actor Peter Dinklage and composers Aaron and Bryce Dessner for the musical Cyrano G‘by Edmond Rostand, Kenneth Branagh (Belfast), Frédéric Tellier and his screenwriter Simon Montairou (Goliath) or even Anders Thomas Jensen (Riders of Justice came out on VOD, alas). Finally, the monthly considered three aspectshellish deeds, three Hong Kong thrillers that are the subject of theatrical release in a restored version.

CiaoViva - Maigret Gino Cervi
Maigret on Pigalle – Gino Cervi – Poster – Photo credit: Rights reserved

Away from the shootingAmbulance First even sat next to his driver (Michael Bay) and took the opportunity to chat. Opportunity to talk about your new blockbuster and take your pulseentertainment Hollywood. But the star of it °527 as well asst bien Pierre Ninet, on the poster Goliath and on the coverf. In parallel with his portrait and his interview, Frédéric Tellier reveals the secrets of making the film. For commentary film, This is Adele ExarchopoulosI do not care) which sticks to it. in Focus dedicated Commissioner Maigret and the case/investigation is focused on Big Industry Questions 2022 and attempts to sum up the evolution of cinema.
Is Hollywood still dreaming? (Teenage fantasies, reworked imagery) is the subject of the file No. 785 from Cinema laptops. Two films of the month: feathers Ge Omar El Zohairy (+ maintenance) and Bruno Reidal Vincent Le Port (+ interview). In addition, the magazine also met with Jacques Doillon and paid tribute to Monica Vitti.
#38 of Seventh Obsession heavily dedicated to Tim Burton and his gothic and marvelous universe. The editors met Alain Guiraudis (Come I’ll take you there)Anita Rocha da Silveira (b.jellyfish) and became interested Great silence Ias well as Western film Sergio Corbucci with Jean-Louis Trintinnan and Klaus Kinski who stands out in halls.
Checked and fixed corresponds to the spirit of the times and its #14 dedicated Election campaign in pictures (how cinema and television perceive democratic life). it’s about elections in Francebut also in the US and around the world.
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Clips or trailers:

Swimming pool Jacques Dere
Accuttone Pier Paolo Pasolini
mistons François Truffaut
woman next door François Truffaut
Of our wounded brothers Elier Cistern
Goliath Frederic Tellier
they are alive Jeremy Elkaim
My wife’s story Ildiko Enyedi
Notre Dame is on fire Jean-Jacques Annaud
jellyfish BUTNita Rocha da Silveira
comet from Pascal Tagnati
Batman Gand Matt Reeves
Young director Jacques Doillon
Loose seams from Kira Kovalenko
Ali and Ava Clio Barnard
Lost daughter Maggie Gyllenhaal
Cyrano Joe Wright
Belfast Kenneth Branagh
Riders of Justice from Anders Thomas Jensen
internal affairs Andrew Lau and Alan Mak
Ambulance Michael Bay
I do not care Julie Lecustre and Emmanuelle Marret
feathers Omar El Zohairi
Bruno Reidal Vincent Le Port
Come I’ll take you there from Alain Guiraudie
Great Silence Gand Sergio Corbucci.

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