Concerts and festivals resume, but at what cost…

The diaries are full of festivals and concerts. However, the pandemic has left footprints that cost organizers dearly and risk hurting the public’s wallet.

The announcement of the Stones’ concert at the King Baudouin stadium hit the headlines both for the event itself and for the price of tickets (between 149 and 589 euros). The producer of the concert explains this indicator with the exceptional appearance and capacity of the stadium. However, after two years of virtual silence The rise in price will affect not only the Rolling Stones concert.

“Compared to 2019, the last normal year for the industry, production costs have risen by 15-25%,” explains Denis Gerardi, organizer of Solidarités in Namur. He points out that the biggest challenge in the event industry right now is find staff.

Lack of staff

Indeed, with a long cessation of cultural activity, those who are called “temporaries” – whether Scene editors or techniques of all kinds are missing.

“All these tech players had to reinvent themselves or leave the profession. Even the training of technicians was suspended due to lack of experience in this field,” says Charles Gardier, organizer of the Francofolies. The lack of specialists explains the complexity find materials and hence the rise in prices, he said. Add to this the problem of access to containersitem that became rare after covid or became available at inflated prices.

Whether it is transportation or electricity consumption, any musical event is very energy intensive.

Who says festival, he says and big food budget. “During the festival, several thousand dishes are distributed. There, too, we encounter companies that refuse to offer or announce price increases due to lack of staff,” adds Denis Gerardi. And beverage vendors are also announcing increases.

Other items of expenditure

Not surprisingly, another very expensive element is energy bill. Whether it is transportation or electricity consumption, any musical event is very energy intensive.

There is also star seal whose upward trend has not been weakened by the pandemic. Denis Gerardi recalls the situation French cultural sector, where they helped the organizers of canceled concerts and festivalswhich allowed them to maintain their cash flow and therefore satisfy the stars’ high royalties. “Some French artists are struggling to understand that the situation is different in Belgium. So we had to give up.”

Finally, the last point sponsorship half-mast with more financially prudent companies and statesmen with empty treasuries.

The price of a good time

No wonder it’s an increase in cost affect ticket prices. Currently, many festival organizers attribute this to the fact that tickets went on sale before there was a real explosion in prices.

“A sharp rise in prices is likely to lead to a drop in attendance.”

Denis Gerardi

Solidarity Organizer

However, ticket prices are rising. Three day pass for Solidarity traded at 64 euros in 2019 against 75 euros this year. Price per day francofolia is 58.5 euros, which is 5 euros more than in 2019, but the price of the four-day pass has been reduced. In comparison, one-day tickets for land of the future range from €111 to €210 compared to €261 to €535 for a three-day pass.

Denis Gerardi warns. “A sharp rise in prices is likely to lead to a drop in attendance.” Because this is the real problem of the sector: public mobilization. The public, which in two years may have changed its habits, saw a culture branded as a hotbed of the epidemic, and saw its portfolio being influenced from all sides.

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