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The group currently employs over 150,000 people, almost half of them in France.

Credit Agricole (ACA) prices: what is the current price?

The increase in the bonus received by some employees of the bank’s investment branch allows the latter to match the rates charged by its competitors across Europe. In order to retain their best talent, European investment banks are indeed improving their attitude towards the salaries of their employees.

Sources say Credit Agricole is increasing bonus fund for key employees of its corporate and investment bank by about 10%, joining peers in raising rewards to retain talent

It was at the beginning of the month that bonuses for 2021 were revealed to employees, according to people familiar with the matter. This increase came after a static 2020 and increased by 13% at Deutsche Bank AG, 10% at UBS Group AG and up to 30%, 40% and even 50% at Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Goldman Sachs Group.

JP Morgan downgrades stocks

According to the American investment bank, Agricultural loan will not be able to obtain the higher capital adequacy ratios currently required by the market. Although the impact of the war in Ukraine and especially economic sanctions against Russia has not yet been fully assessed, JP Morgan believes that an increase in the dividend payout ratio from 50 to 60% is becoming increasingly unlikely. Therefore, he reduced the target price of Crédit Agricole to 12.50 euros from 15 euros earlier.

Short-term opinion of Crédit Agricole:downward pressure remains strong. Tuesday’s session starts with bearish momentum that could test Friday’s lows at €9.5.

Crédit Agricole shares its view on the medium term: See also: Crypto Dogecoin – AMC Group Accepts Memcoin.Shares of Crédit Agricole benefited from the recovery of the banking sector thanks to the increase in long-term interest rates. ACA shares may rise in the coming quarters.

Long-term opinion of Crédit Agricole: Shares of Crédit Agricole since 2009 have been developing between two extremes: 8 and 15 euros. Negotiations above €15 are needed to reach the pre-crisis 2007 level of over €30.

Opinion on the reasons for the fall of Crédit Agricole shares

Crédit Agricole’s share could be adversely affected by a number of factors. See article: Terra Cryptocurrency Review: Here’s Why LUNA’s Price Soared Today..

  • Loss of market share due to strong competition

  • The ECB’s belligerent message

  • Negative factors in the banking sector

Opinion on the reasons for the growth in the value of shares of Crédit Agricole

A number of factors could positively impact Crédit Agricole’s share. Read also: Dubai now regulates crypto – good or bad for the industry?.

  • Development of its activities in the field of online banking

  • Group digitizing

  • Increasing group profit

  • New financial products

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