Direct eco. By recycling magnets, Isérois MagREEsource can reduce our dependence on China.

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MagREEsource Restores Old Magnets and Reduces Our Dependence on Rare Earths

“95% of the volume of magnets produced in the world comes from China. The extraction of rare earth metals will not be enough to cover the volumes that we need in 2030. Technological dependence on Chinese manufacturers limits the innovative potential of European industries. Faced with these major challenges, MagREEsource is developing a solution that will allow new magnets to be produced from old magnets here in France at a competitive price. Eric Petit, CEO of MagREEsource, continues: “Our goal is to have a plant producing 500 tons of product per year, or 2 to 3% of the market, in four years.”

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Marc Ladre de Lacharrière.  Photo from DL/SV archive

Marc Ladre de Lacharrière. Photo from DL/SV archive

War in Ukraine: “Europe will be the continent that will suffer the most”

The founding boss of the Fimalac group, Marc Ladre de Lacharrière, who will take part in the action of solidarity and health on Wednesday, March 23, in the Ardèche, deciphers the economic situation and the consequences of the war in Ukraine: “Europe, alas, the continent that will suffer the most, its the economy is likely to degrade over a period of time. Conversely, the United States will do better…”

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Photo Sparta / Pierre Jaye

Photo Sparta / Pierre Jaye

Great 2021 for Spartoo

The Grenoble-based group has released its results for the financial year 2021. In line with forecasts, the brand selling shoes and fashion products online and in stores had sales of 213.7 million euros, an increase of 10.3%.

An “important year” for Spartoo’s successful IPO, confirms Boris Saragalya, co-founder and CEO of the group.

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Photo DR

Photo DR

Good results for the Rossignol group

The Rossignol Group announced a very strong growth in its activities for 2022 (+28%). Vincent Wouters, CEO of the Rossignol Group, sums it up: “With the passion of practitioners for the mountains and the very good attendance of ski resorts around the world, the Rossignol Group will grow in all its markets in 2022 (+24% in North America). , a record year, +30% in Europe and +15% in Asia) with strong growth in winter sports equipment (+29%). »

Because of this positive momentum, Rossignol wants to accelerate the transformation of its model, in particular with a 4-season mountain approach.

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Zoom Photo Agency / Michelle Cottin

Zoom Photo Agency / Michelle Cottin

Haute Savoie: partner of Greenweez French skiers

Haute-Savoie-based Greenweez, an online organic retailer, has signed a partnership with the French Ski Federation (FFS) to sponsor the French ski and ski cross teams at the next Olympics. Therefore, the brand, already involved in French skiing with its team of high-level athletes, will be adorning the tricolor suits for next season and all next Olympics.

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Adobe Stock Photo

Adobe Stock Photo

Cotton: why prices are still rising

The conflict in Ukraine has already driven commodity prices up in recent weeks. But cotton prices have soared again to levels that have not been seen for a decade. This is due to unfavorable weather: the United States, the world’s leading cotton exporters, is experiencing a severe drought in the south, at the level of the “cotton belt”, which includes the states of Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia…

Remy Di Gennaro, CEO of Mobilecase, restorer from Isère.

Remy Di Gennaro, CEO of Mobilecase, restorer from Isère.

Isère: Mobilecase updates 60,000 devices a year

Mobilecase, a subsidiary of the Sincrone Group, refurbishes smartphones and tablets. Founded in 2014, the company is based in Isère, in Echirol. “Our vocation,” says Managing Director Remy Di Gennaro, “is the development of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets. Therefore, we partner with recycling companies for their equipment, which we resell on our website ( and on the marketplaces. We have been present on the main trading floors since 2015.”

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Combining color and humor, Les 2 Marmottes' packaging boosted its sales.  Here are two products for children.  Photo DL

Combining color and humor, Les 2 Marmottes’ packaging boosted its sales. Here are two products for children. Photo DL

Haute Savoie: main projects 2 Marmottes

Haute-Savoie, with its unflavored infusions based in Bon-en-Chables, seems to know no crisis. And as proof, the company mentions a 17% increase in its turnover between 2018 and 2021, or 190 million bags sold each year. The infusion company is also multiplying projects.

First, an extension to the main building. Although this first 5,000 m² building was designed in 2013 in Bon-en-Chables, the company, now cramped, is looking to expand the area adjacent to the current site. This, in particular, responds to the desire to double the production capacity of 2 Marmottes.

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Forcalquier: how zChocolat lost everything and regained everything

Exceptional chocolates made in the workshops of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France chocolatiers. Candies are packed in high quality and personalized packaging. zChocolat has become the benchmark for luxury gifts all over the world. But on May 19, 2021, there was a fire that prevented the development of an SME based in Forcalquier. “We have lost everything. We burned out during a period of strong growth,” recalls Mark Segard, general manager of the company. The company remained five months without a turnover.

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