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The announcement was made on Thursday 17 March 2022 by Fiston Basubi Bahati MP, President of the Republique en Avant political party, on his Twitter account. This warning comes at a time when the so-called revival churches are being mentioned in several scandals, including sexual or conspiracies to harm each other.

“A proposal to close 10,000 revival churches in the DRC will be put forward. They are not bad, but several LEADERS have chosen this PATH to harm, do business, get rich, deceive, abuse other women in the name of Christianity,” he pointed out.

His intention to introduce a bill to the Congolese parliament to close 10,000 revival churches founded in the DRC is motivated by repeated sex scandals against some Christian pastors and singers.

The latest scandal involves Pastor Mike Calambey running into a musician named Zawadi who works for Majaabu Talent, a Christian music organization. Last married woman living in Australia.

In a video that has gone viral, Zawadi visibly returns to the facts with no remorse, with shocking footage of their sexual antics that she would personally film and broadcast. It speaks of a planned coup. According to her, she did not distribute these videos, but sent them to her pastor after confession. And it was the latter that would send them to Majaabu Talent

For his part, Pastor Mike Calambay, in a hospital bed following a stroke, has decided to terminate his contract with Majaabu Talent and then step down from his pastoral duties until further notice.

Creation of special commissions

This scandal, moreover, revives reflections on finding ways and means to combat this kind of action, which casts a shadow on the Congo Revival Churches (ERC) platform, whose president is Dodo Kamba, who, according to some sources, has said that he has no power. in relation to many of these churches whose pastors showed themselves in sex tape. However, the Man of God supports the idea of ​​creating a special commission within the ERC platform, which will be responsible for reviewing the cases of pastors who want to open evangelistic ministries.

For his part, gospel musician Eme Nkanu, who recently sent a message of comfort to his comrade-in-arms Kalambay, is rather campaigning for the National Order of Pastors, one of whose missions will be to determine the behavior of members.

Our role is not to humiliate, but to help

Another story came from Manchester in the UK, where Job Mukadi just didn’t condemn this yet another mistake affecting the Church; but urged everyone to return to evangelical values.

In a post posted on his Facebook page, titled “Scandals: if possible, spare the Church”, this Doctor of the Word reformulated and showed what needs to be done. For him, Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, warned: “There are no scandals; but woe to him through whom they come.” (Luke 17:1).

“If two true children of God are deceived and fall into the sin of adultery or fornication, the first thing they should experience is shame; and all they really need is repentance; it is to rediscover the communion with the Holy Spirit that they grieved,” he continued, before pointing out, “that it is also true that our role is not to humiliate the person who has sin, but to to help him get out of it, get up again.”

Do not use pornography in church

In addition, he sounded the alarm: “But what we do not approve of is the fashionable system of forcing us to consume some kind of oral pornography through social networks. You have sinned together, confess your sin together and leave it! (1 John 1:8-10). Do we need to remember that the purpose of the ministry you have received from God is not to deliberately seduce the Church, but to edify her (Ephesians 4:12).

Respect the holiness of our faith

Finally, he called for respect for the immediate environment, the Church and the holiness of the Christian faith. “Having sinned, having seriously offended the Lord, we do not understand this zeal not to repent, but to seduce the Church, not embarrassed by bold details.” (Ed. note: it is obviously not difficult for him to be indignant at the video in which the singer Zawadi talks about this scandal).

And score: “If the case is made public against your will, and you really want to speak to the public, say repent, ask for forgiveness or help in prayer and not make us indirect witnesses to your immorality. If evil and scandal no longer mean anything to you, then I implore you, by the compassion of Christ, at least to have respect for your own children, for your relatives or for your friends. Have respect for the Church, for our children. Respect the sanctity of our faith. A pity ! A pity ! A pity !

Decisively, without comment. However, in anticipation of the continuation that will be reserved for this bill, the Church of the Lord knows what to hold on to, especially since even Christians have contributed to the spread of these videos like hot cakes on the Internet.


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