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Le Montolivet is an inclusive residential and social project of the association Unapei Alpes Provence, which will be released in 2025 in the 4th arrondissement of Marseille. A project that will contribute to the real life of local residents and the daily inclusion of people with disabilities who will live there.

With the help of the characters Louis, Juliet, Alexis, Maelya and Miriam, discover what “inclusive living” means as you follow the story of a typical morning in MONTOLIVA in 2025.

Iyes, 36 years old. He accompanied the Unapei Alpes Provence for almost 18 years and works for the ESAT association. A few months ago, with the support of his family and professionals who know him well, Michel chose individual housing as part of MONTOLIVET, the association’s new inclusive housing. Here he lives alone in his house, surrounded by many neighbors.

Juliet is a physical education teacher and founded her association in 2012. Having settled in a family home in MONTOLIVA with her husband and three children, she began her activity on the site. Every day it offers various sports activities in one of the rooms open to the area.

His eldest son Alexis is a trisomy 21 carrier. He is an intern at a general restaurant.

Mael lives a few streets from MONTOLIVE. He is an engineer, but his real passion is gardening. He often comes to take part in weekend activities and takes the opportunity to prune the trees in the microforest and water the neighboring vegetable garden plantation. He never leaves without a joyful game of petanque with Louis.

Miriam is a special education teacher. She knows Louis well and helped him a lot in his decision to live alone and become more independent. She regularly comes to visit him and makes sure that everything is in order. At the end of the day, there is often the opportunity to chat in the living room over a small drink. Reglis, Louie’s cat, is always there…

Ordinary morning

Today is 7 o’clock in the morning when Juliet’s alarm rings. She usually wears sportswear to start the day on her right foot, with a few rounds of running in the park. Alexis, his son, is already on his feet and is preparing to start his second week of internship at a restaurant that has opened next door. Last year, he completed his first internship at Santolines, the association’s first restaurant in Marseille. After an experience in the kitchen, this time he learns table setting. It is a real challenge for him, as it is for many people with disabilities who have the courage to face the world of work and who develop real professional appetites and skills. Alexey loves this job. Later, he would like to join a gourmet restaurant.

The area is starting to come alive. Mael lives a few streets from here. He came to pick up his car in the underground parking where he rents a space. He remembers that there will be a permaculture-themed conference tonight, chosen by place-lovers who take advantage of the microforest and support it together on the weekends. The auditorium is open to all residents of the area and hosts many events. This weekend’s “Good Treatment” seminar will bring together young health workers who are housed on site in their designated apartments.

At Unapei Alpes Provence, a day center where people with disabilities come during the day and go home in the evening, there is a busy program for the day: yoga this morning at the gym with Juliet and some neighbors, a cooking class and shopping at La Valentine. Today.

Miriam, a kindergarten teacher, crosses the park and takes the opportunity to greet all the neighbors she meets: the young nurses who live there and work at the Gerontology Center on Avenue Montolivet, colleagues working at the restaurant, neighbors. a neighbor who heard about yoga classes and came for the first time, a young mother who came to give her child to a micronursery and took the opportunity to make an appointment with a doctor…

She comes to Louis’ house and rings the doorbell. What an unexpected pleasure for Ludovik to hear this call and be the one who decides whether to open the door or not; welcome home. He remembers the more collective rhythm of life at home and rejoices in this greater freedom of choice in his new daily life. Today, 45 more people use this type of housing in Montolive and discover all the benefits of a well-supported independent life. It’s 12 noon and Miriam has come to ask Louie to join her friends from the restaurant lobby today.

But the young man has other plans. He invited his cousin to dinner to introduce her to his girlfriend. At 2:00 pm, he will return to ESAT for his work, after packing gourmet boxes for a special Christmas order the first morning. At the end of the day, he will have plenty of time to play petanque with Mael! ” Indeed, Louis thinks, life is beautiful when shared… »

more information:

community project
• Head office of Unapei Alpes Provence and its medical and social activities
• 46 one-bedroom apartments for people with disabilities distributed throughout the project
• 144 housing units for young working people, as well as common areas and support services managed and managed by ADOMA.
• 37 rental apartments managed by CDC Habitat
• ESAT restaurant operated by people with disabilities, open to neighbors
• Gyms and auditorium open to neighbors
• 2 local shops
• 220 places in the basement
• 2,200 m² of green spaces open to residents of the area, including microforest

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Address: UNAPEI ALPES PROVENCE – 26 rue Elzeard Rougier – 13004 marseille.

Unapei Alpes Provence supports 2,000 people with disabilities in the Hautes-Alpes, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Bouches-du-Rhone territories through 62 institutions and services. Through the experience and commitment of its 1400 professionals, the association defends the right of everyone to be an actor in their life. Every day she takes an active part in it, supporting the people entrusted to her in their personal development and their independence. For more information:

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